Assistant Marketing Manager Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Assistant Marketing Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Assistant Marketing Managers may be assigned the responsibility of overseeing the work of marketing teams.

Assistant Marketing Manager Job Description Example

What Does an Assistant Marketing Manager Do?

The assistant marketing manager job description involves carrying out tasks such as product promotion, market survey, and analysis of industry data under the guidance of the marketing manager, which cumulatively contributes to their company’s profit maximization and increased patronage.

Assistant marketing managers support marketing activities through the planning, organization, and implementation of market research to obtain data that gives information regarding consumer preferences and market trends.

They interpret data obtained from market survey to produce results which are useful in identifying a target market or in determining the demand for a product/service.

They also possess full knowledge of a company’s targets/values and employ this knowledge in product marketing operations.

Usually assistant marketing managers are responsible for contacting potential customers through cold calls, emails or home visits in order to create awareness for products and improve sales.

They establish good rapport with clients and ensure customer relationship is maintained to reduce clientele attrition.

As part of their duties, assistant marketing managers provide support to their senior managers in the development of pricing strategies; they help them carry out studies to determine product/service price most affordable to consumers and profitable to company.

Their work description also involves overseeing the activities of marketing teams to ensure designated tasks and set targets are achieved.

They also conduct surveys to determine consumer reception of a new product usually by analyzing product features, market trend, and price.

Assistant marketing managers are in charge of writing press releases and statements for promotion of products on media channels.

They bear the responsibility of organizing promotional events or advertising as part of marketing strategies.

They also prepare and present regular reports to superiors on marketing activities and results of implemented plans.

In fulfilling their role, assistant marketing managers oversee the design, editing and publication of promotional materials, such as flyers and advert posts.

They maintain record of proposals and accounts, and occasionally attend seminars and conference to improve on existing knowledge.

The assistant marketing manager job position basically requires a Bachelor’s degree in any field of study, most preferably in marketing, business studies, finance, and other business related disciplines.

The qualities necessary for success on the job include communication skills, team work skills, and organizational skills.

Assistant Marketing Manager Job Description Example/Template

The role of an assistant marketing manager in providing support to achieving the departmental goals cannot be overemphasized.

The assistant marketing manager job description example below shows major duties and responsibilities that makes the role so crucial in the marketing department of most firms:

  • Plan, organize, and implement market survey to obtain data that provides insight to market trends and consumer requirements
  • Interpret data obtained from market research/survey to produce results useful in taking effective business decisions
  • Carry out demographic surveys to identify potential customers
  • Contact potential customers through emails, calls, and home visits to create product/service awareness
  • Employ knowledge of company goals in carrying out marketing operations
  • Establish good working relationships and rapport with clients to ensure continued patronage and minimal consumer attrition
  • Support marketing managers in the development of pricing strategies to set suitable prices for products
  • Oversee the activities of marketing teams to ensure assigned tasks and set goals are achieved
  • Conduct surveys to determine possible reception of a new product by a target market
  • Write statements and press releases for the promotion of product/services on media channels
  • Prepare and present regular reports to management on the results and activities of marketing teams
  • Oversee the design and publication of promotional materials such as ad posts and flyers
  • Attend seminars and conferences to improve on existing job knowledge
  • Monitor the performance of products in the market to modify marketing strategies where necessary.

Assistant Marketing Manager Resume Preparation

Are you looking to create an assistant marketing manager resume? If so and have had some work experience, then the duties and responsibilities of the position listed in the sample job description above can be useful in completing the work experience section of the resume.

The work experience section of your resume, which shows employers the functions of an assistant marketing manager that you have done previously, is an important part of the resume to include as most employers for this role love to have someone with the right experience for the job.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Assistant Marketing Manager Job

If you are thinking of working as an assistant marketing manager and are wondering what employers’ qualification requirements are, you can now find them below:

  • Education and Training: To become an assistant marketing manager, you require a Bachelor’s degree in any field of study; however, marketing, business studies, economics, and other business related disciplines are mostly preferred. Having certifications from recognized bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing increases job prospects
  • Communication Skills: One of the essential qualities required in promoting a product and convincing clients to make purchases is the ability to communicate
  • Teamwork Skills: Assistant marketing managers are adept at working with marketing teams and other departmental heads to achieve a common goal
  • Organizational Skills: Assistant marketing managers are able to plan, organize, and implement marketing strategies to boost sale and product awareness.

Assistant Marketing Manager Skills for Resume

Here again, if you are making a resume for the role of an assistant marketing manager, you can use the above information to create its skills section.

With the skills section, you will be able to show employers that you have the required qualities to be effective in executing the work description that will be handed to you.

Therefore, if you have the qualities that employers usually require for this role (shown above) it will be beneficial to highlight them in your resume, as it will get their attention more.


The assistant marketing manager job description entails various responsibilities. Knowing these by individuals desiring a marketing career will help them in preparing for it and succeeding on the job.

The assistant marketing manager job description template provided above will also help recruiters find capable hands for the role, and to design suitable work description for newly hired assistant managers in charge of marketing.

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