Digital Marketing Manager Job Description Example

Digital Marketing Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Digital Marketing Managers ensure total responsibilities for a firm’s marketing activities online.

Digital Marketing Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Digital Marketing Manager Do?

A digital marketing manager is an individual with the major responsibility to handle the digital or online marketing activities of a firm.

His/her job description involves generating needed information and updating his/her organization’s website.

The digital marketing manager should be knowledgeable in website management. He/she should understand programming and be able to work on a number of programming languages that will be required for the promotional goals of the company on the Internet.

The manager should understand how search engine optimization (SEO) works and its impact on a business.

Search engine optimization helps to make a website search engine friendly, and this can help push the website to the front page of major search engines.

Aside understanding how SEO impact a business, the digital marketing manager should also know how to make his/her company’s web content search engine friendly.

He/she should be a team leader and should be available to provide help to members of the team when needed.

He/she will take up the role of the digital marketing director most of the time and should therefore have leadership qualities to be able to carry along other members of the team towards achieving top line service delivery.

Needless to say, the digital marketing manager should be Internet savvy and should be on the lookout for new ways of promoting the image and services of his/her organization through the Internet.

He/she should be able to harness opportunities on the Internet and the social media to promote his/her company’s goods and services.

The manager would naturally have so many tasks on his/her hand, however, he/she is expected to complete them within deadlines.

Consequently, he/she must be able to work under stress, as well as multitask.

He/she should be a good communicator, since he/she will have to relate with members of staff in his/her immediate department and all other members of staff in the communication section of the organization.

The digital marketing manager is expected to be one of the principal decision making individuals in the organization.

His/her work description also involves planning and execution of most of the Internet marketing strategies of the organization.

He/she reports to the director quite alright, but certain circumstances may prompt him/her to take certain decisions without the ratification of the superior officer.

Digital Marketing Manager Job Description Example

The following job description example shows the duties and responsibilities digital marketing managers are usually expected to perform on daily basis in most organization they are employed:

  • Research various technologies and review them towards their inclusion in the organization’s business promotion plan
  • Evaluate competitors’ data, market conditions, and customer research, towards improved service delivery
  • Plan and control budget analysis of all departments
  • Improve on conversion, content, design, and usability of the company’s website
  • Manage any redesigning and updating needs of the company’s website
  • Handle online product and brand campaign towards raising more brand awareness
  • Oversee all marketing strategies of the company as regards social media campaigns
  • Use PPC, SEO, paid survey, and a host of other techniques to improve on the popularity of the company and its online presence
  • Manage and develop the company’s digital marketing campaign
  • Track the marketing improvement and campaign rate and be ready to make necessary improvement in digital marketing campaigns of the company
  • Devise workable strategies to improve on traffic on the company’s website
  • Communicate company’s rules to newly employed staff in the digital marketing department
  • Participate in company’s training and orientation of newly employed.

Digital Marketing Manager Resume Preparation

Are you seeking a new job as digital marketing manager? If you are, then you will need to prepare a good resume and send to employers.

Employers or hiring managers usually request resumes from applicants so they can see if the applicant has the required attributes and experience for the job.

To show you have the needed experience for the role, the sample job description presented above contains the right information to be used in making the job experience section of the resume that gets employers’ attention.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Digital Marketing Manager Role

To be considered for hiring, most employers usually require the following skills, abilities, and knowledge from applicants vying for the role of digital marketing manager:

  • Bachelor’s degree in communication, marketing, or other related field
  • Membership of professional bodies and years of experience will be added advantage
  • Possess experience with affiliate programs, SEO, and PPC, and the ability to manage them towards improving company’s digital marketing efforts
  • Possess very strong understanding of recent online best practices, strategies, and marketing concepts
  • Possess reliable experience in social media marketing and how to harness the medium to grow the business
  • Ability to handle email marketing, PPC and SEO; and good understanding of how to utilize them to grow the company
  • Possess good communication skill, both verbal and written
  • Possess leadership qualities
  • Ability to carrying out multiple tasks at the same time without losing concentration or making errors
  • Ability to work accurately and under pressure
  • Ability to work with little or no supervision.

Advancing your Digital Marketing Manager Career

Are you a

  • Digital marketing manager needing to move your career higher?
  • Someone in a different career looking to move into the high paying digital marketing field?
  • A fresh graduate looking to build a successful digital marketing manager career?
  • A student interested in the digital marketing manager career?

If you are any of the above, then you will need to acquire the right knowledge and skills to achieve your digital marketing manager career goal.

See the training courses you can take to gain the skills and knowledge to succeed in your digital marketing manager career:

>> Digital Marketing Certification Course
>> Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s Course

Digital Marketing Manager Skills for Resume

You need a strong resume to give it a better chance of being read by prospective employers, and to secure an interview appointment for you.

One of the things that make a good resume is a powerful skills section, which highlights the skills you have developed that are vital for achieving successful execution of the job.

To write a great skills section for the digital marketing manager resume, you can apply the above stated qualities usually required by employers when hiring for the post.

How did you find our job description for the digital marketing manager role? Please make your comment below. Do also share your job description or experience working as a digital marketing manager if you have it. Thanks!