Digital Marketing Executive Job Description Example

Digital Marketing Executive job description duties tasks and responsibilities

Digital Marketing Executives coordinate digital marketing projects for companies.

Digital Marketing Executive Job Description Example

What Does a Digital Marketing Executive Do?

A digital marketing executive is responsible for overseeing the digital marketing activities of a business organization.

He/she is a specialist in digital marketing, with a job description that entails managing the analytical team of the organization.

He/she oversees the online and digital techniques undertaken by the organization, with all digital analytical plans beginning and ending on his/her desk.

The digital marketing executive’s role also involves lead conversion, brand building, communication, and lead qualification.

It also involves promoting the online image of the organization in order to improve on profit making.

The work description of the digital marketing executive also entails the execution of campaigns and marketing projects.

He/she is involved in impact analysis, digital performance measurement, and various media campaigns of the organization.

He/she oversees the collateral distribution, creation and ideation activities of the organization.

He/she also attends to the search engine optimization activities of the company and must stick to SEO on continuous basis since this is the secret to Internet marketing dominance.

Other duties and responsibilities of the digital marketing executive include carrying out social media marketing functions for his/her company where he/she is expected to bring his/her experience to bear on the execution of the company’s social media efforts.

The executive should be able to create and implement online marketing campaigns based on email and SMS.

The organization usually depends on him/her to review its website and to also undertake active management of all online assets.

The individual who works in this role should have passion for attaining new heights and learning new ways of marketing his/her company’s business online.

Deadlines are usually attached to many of the digital marketing tasks and the executive should therefore be able to deliver on deadline.

The digital marketing executive needs to possess very strong online marketing skills and should be able to carry out copywriting and social media marketing.

Additionally, he/she should have good understanding of branding to improve on the perspectives of the general public on his/her company’s image.

The executive should be goal oriented and be a good communicator. While he/she may be the most senior staff member in the digital marketing department, he/she should still be able to carry every other member of staff in that department along.

He/she should be a team leader and provide a helping hand to other members of staff in performing assigned duties; this encourages lower ranking staff and improves on their job performance.

Some organizations do provide training to their digital marketing executives upon employment, where, in addition to other things, they are properly informed about what obtains in the digital marketing field.

Needless to say, the digital marketing executive should be aware of latest developments in the industry and should be Internet savvy to understand latest trends in online marketing.

He/she should know how to engage various social media outlets, like Facebook and Pinterest to promote the business goals of his/her company.

Digital Marketing Executive Job Description Example

Working as a digital marketing executive will see you performing a number of roles that cut across presenting your company’s brand on various digital platforms.

Here is a job description example that lists the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities to expect to perform as a digital marketing executive with most organizations:

  • Manage all social media activities of the business organization
  • Oversee the duties and tasks of digital marketing assistants
  • Take part in the recruitment and training process for new members of staff in the digital marketing department
  • Monitor the social media activities of competitors and bring improvement to the activities of the organization towards gaining more online popularity
  • Monitor all email newsletters and websites of competitors to have an idea of what they do and how to improve
  • Liaise with the commercial and marketing team members of the organization for proper promotional monitoring and opportunities
  • Develop and distribute email newsletters to all concerned
  • Update on consistent basis, the websites and online activities of the business organization.

Digital Marketing Executive Resume Preparation

Having a good resume will help you get an interview appointment easier, where you will have the opportunity to sell your skills as a digital marketing executive better to employers.

Writing a good resume entails completing the various parts of the resume with the right information.

For example, to prepare your resume’s job experience section, the sample job description shown above provides the duties and responsibilities of a digital marketing executive, which are appropriate in creating that section.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Digital Marketing Executive Role

When applying for a digital marketing executive job, you will probably be required to meet the following abilities, knowledge, and skills, which employers believe will make a better performing executive:

  • Education: Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field
  • Years of working experience in relevant field is an added advantage
  • Posses proficiency in Microsoft office package uses
  • Ability to plan and manage time
  • Possess very strong communication skills
  • Ability to use various CRM and CMS systems
  • Ability to work together with any email provider
  • Ability to handle various forms of social media campaigns
  • Possess experience of working in a team
  • Possess leadership qualities
  • Ability to pay attention to details.

Digital Marketing Executive Skills for Resume

Another important section of a resume is the skills section, where you need to highlight relevant skills you have acquired that will enable you to succeed on the job.

To write and make this section highly compelling, the above stated required skills and attributes for the position can come very useful.

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