Construction Worker Job Description Example

By | August 28, 2023
Construction Worker duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Construction Workers carry out various duties in ensuring the timely completion of projects.

Construction Worker Job Description Example

What Does a Construction Worker Do?

The job description of a construction worker generally entails carrying out construction projects, including road, building, bridge making, and other similar projects.

Though all construction workers perform the similar function of completing physical tasks associated with construction projects, the specific responsibilities of any construction worker is dependent on the type of project being done by the company he or she works with.

In most projects, the duty of the construction worker starts with clearing of the site in preparation for the commencement of the project.

This process may include removal of debris, stomping, and removal of hazardous materials or chemicals.

After the preparatory stage, the construction worker may assist the procurement team in transporting materials to the site where the construction work will take place.

His/her role also involves assisting in loading and unloading of construction materials.

In addition, he/she is to count the quantity and quality of materials supplied to ensure compliance with the details on the invoice.

He/she is expected to assist sub-contractors or tradesmen in discharging their duties at the construction site. This may include assisting bricklayers, carpenters, and roofers.

He/she is expected to erect concrete forms, ramps, and scaffolds. The construction worker also performs drilling and blasting operations.

In cases where the construction site worker is good at interpreting plans and sketches, he/she may be required to assist in the explanation of project plan in the absence of a senior colleague.

The work description of a construction worker also entails mixing of cement, sand and stone accurately, and pouring grout, asphalt, and concrete, as well as smoothing out poured concrete using finishing tools like trowels and shovels.

He/she may be assigned to direct vehicles coming into the construction site or to control traffic around the site by putting up traffic signs.

A construction site worker may be required to move heavy objects or materials using cranes, forklifts, and pneumatic hammers.

He/she is also expected to carry out simple maintenance of construction tools like saws, grinders, forklifts, etc.

The duties and responsibilities in a construction worker’s job description may also include erecting walls and base cabinets, as well as installing floors and shingles.

He/she may also be responsible for installing drain pipes, sewer pipes, and electricity wires and extensions.

The position of construction worker involves a great deal of physical strength. So, the most important quality expected of an individual seeking this role is stamina to withstand hard labor tasks and to carry heavy materials.

The worker must be proficient in handling tools and machines used in construction. Also, ability to understand verbal and written instructions including blueprints is essential.

In addition to all these skills, he/she must be a good team player with outstanding agility, ability to learn quickly, and multitasking skills.

Lastly, depending on the level of construction projects undertaken by the employer, a construction worker may be required to possess a minimum academic qualification of high school diploma plus training in construction safety procedures.

Construction Worker Job Description Example

Below is an example of a construction worker job description, consisting of typical tasks, duties, and responsibilities of individuals who work in that position:

  • Prepare construction site for project commencement, which include clearing of debris and stomping
  • Demolish existing structures, excavate the debris, and remove hazardous materials and chemicals
  • Assist the procurement team in transportation of materials to the construction site
  • Assist in loading and unloading of construction materials
  • Assist subcontractors and tradesmen such as bricklayers, roofers, and carpenters
  • Erect concrete forms, scaffolds, and ramps
  • Mix cement, sand and stone accurately, and pour concrete, grout, and asphalt
  • Interpret project blueprints and sketches
  • Smooth out poured concrete using finishing tools like trowel and shovel
  • Move heavy objects and materials using cranes, forklifts, and pneumatic hammers
  • Erect walls and base cabinets, as well as install floors and shingles
  • Install drain pipes, sewer pipes, and electrical fittings.

Construction Worker Resume Preparation

To make a resume for the construction worker job, the sample job description provided above consists of the functions of the position that can be used in creating the resume’s work experience section.

If you have worked as a construction worker and are making a resume, you are free to adopt contents from the above sample work description in making the job experience part of the resume, which emphasizes your ability to do the work excellently.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Construction Worker Role

Below are typical skills, qualities, and qualifications employers expect of a construction worker:

  • Knowledge of construction procedure: Any employer hiring a construction worker does so with the expectation that the applicant is knowledgeable about construction procedures. Though there is always room for learning and improvement on the job, however, background knowledge of how to perform basic construction duties is compulsory
  • Physical strength: Working as a construction worker requires a lot of physical strength and stamina to be able to lift heavy loads and stand for a prolonged period, and even handle strenuous tasks
  • Communication: Ability to communicate effectively is a vital quality expected of a construction worker. He/she must be able to understand and follow instructions, as well as be able to communicate fluently with seniors and subordinates
  • Multitasking and team play ability: Working as a construction worker involves performing numerous functions simultaneously. Therefore, he/she must be able to multitask. Proficiency in more than one area of construction is often desired by employers. In addition, he/she must be able to work hand-in-hand with other workers to ensure tasks are accomplished simultaneously
  • Education and training: Hiring managers generally prefer construction workers with at least high school diploma to ensure they can read, write, and understand written instructions. Training or basic knowledge of construction safety procedures is also very important
  • A construction worker must be proficient in handling tools and machines used in construction projects, including saws, hammers, and sometimes cranes or forklifts.

Construction Worker Skills for Resume

The above construction worker skills and qualities can be used in making the skills or competence section of a resume for the position.

Employers usually like to see the skills and qualities you are bring to the site if hired as a construction worker.

Therefore, getting the above skills and qualities, which hirers generally require, and highlighting them in your resume, will make it stronger in appealing to employers.


Construction workers perform various functions that make their contributions at construction sites invaluable.

Learn what construction workers do from the job description provided in this post and increase your chances of succeeding on the job if you are thinking of picking up the job.

The work description will also be useful to you if you are looking to hire the best construction worker that you can get, as it can serve as a guide in your recruitment process.