Accounting Administrative Assistant Job Description Example -2

By | September 3, 2023
Accounting Administrative Assistant job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Accounting Administrative Assistants perform accounting and administrative tasks for management. Image source:

#2: Accounting Administrative Assistant Job Description Example

What Does an Accounting Administrative Assistant Do?

An accounting administrative assistant performs the role of managing accounting and administrative tasks for management.

The accounting administrative assistant job description include accounting and communication duties, and organizing daily office activities.

He/she will require conventional formal education and training in clerical operations, accounting and communications.

The major duty of accounting administrative assistants is to work as and render support for the accounting unit of an organization.

Their routine activities may involve filing, organizing appointments, faxing, handling daily office line up, supporting visitors and responding to phone calls.

Supplementary administrative duties expected of an accounting administrative assistant may also include performing specialized tasks, organizing the office, and overseeing other personnel in the office.

He/she is performs accounting roles such as handling checks, organizing financial records, coding documents, designing and submitting tax forms, as well as handling inventory records.

The accounting administrative assistant will be required to possess outstanding skills in typing, math, time management, communication and imperatively have an outstanding mastery of spelling and English grammar.

He/she gives reports to the account supervisor, and is in charge of preparing intricate corporate monetary statements, offering monetary analysis to the superior management team and offering guidance to subordinate accountants.

Accounting Administrative Assistant Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The accounting administrative assistant will be expected to perform the following duties, tasks, and responsibilities in the job description example shown below:

  • Safeguard bank deposits, as well as post deposits until billing and time procedures are accomplished
  • Assist in handling monthly organizational payroll remittances, financial statements, and reports
  • Itemize, regulate checks, and pair purchasing documents
  • Harmonize payables and carry out maintenance on all payable issues
  • Organize meetings, as well as update accounting and business records
  • Generate precise and constant administrative and general financial detail packages in firm compliance with stated procedures for the senior management every month
  • Offer financial review, analysis and assistance to internal departments and management taking into consideration the interests, giving an account of issues, and offering variance explanations
  • Organize analysis, evaluate and harmonize corporate benefits and salaries every month
  • Manage monetary packages with deliberations on variances with executives for their reassessments within the targeted deadlines
  • Offer assistance with monetary support to corporate departments and supervise financial risk affiliated with administrative and general expenditure
  • Supervise expenditure on projects and prepare expenses as it concerns IT software enhancement projects
  • Accomplish complete end of the month reconciliation and input accredited payables and print checks
  • Work out expenditure of personnel and aid the maintenance of overtime and vacation schedules.

The job description sample above can be employed in writing a resume for seeking available administrative assistant position in an accounting office.

Accounting Administrative Assistant Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success 

The administrative assistant will be obligated to possess the following abilities, aptitude and qualifications to be eligible to perform mandated tasks:

  • A certificate of post secondary education, such as associate degree, exclusively in accounting, office administration, or other relevant appropriate branch of study
  • Work experience in account payable and bookkeeping setting for at least three years
  • Exhibit self motivation and steadfastness
  • Should display proficiency in finding resolutions to problems
  • Outstanding knowledge of specialized industry accounting principles.

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