20 Top Resume Objective Examples for Paralegal Position

By | August 15, 2023
Resume Objective Examples for Paralegal
You can greatly increase your paralegal resume’s chances of being read by having a compelling objective statement.

20 Top Resume Objective Examples for Paralegal Position

If you are making a resume or CV for a paralegal position, you must pay attention to your objective statement because it can determine if your resume will be read or not.

And it is important that the recruiter/employer reads your paralegal resume or CV for them to learn about your competence and the value you are bringing to their organization.

This will help them to make the choice of inviting you to an interview and eventually hiring you for the paralegal position.

Having a compelling resume objective statement can significantly help make the recruiter/employer to be attracted to reading the whole of your paralegal resume.

This post will help guide you to writing an effective paralegal objective statement for your resume and increase your chances of getting hired.

How to Make a Great Paralegal Resume Objective Statement that gets you the Interview

To make a great resume objective statement that gets you the desired interview for a paralegal job, you need to know what exactly the employer wants for the position.

Once you know the skills, abilities, experience, training, etc. that the employer/recruiter wants the successful candidate for the paralegal position to have, then you will be able to create an objective statement that presents you as the best fitted person for the role.

To learn about the available paralegal job, including the requirements that prospective candidates must meet to be accepted for hiring, you need to study the job description and requirements published by the employer/recruiter.

These documents will reveal the duties and responsibilities of the paralegal position and the qualities the candidate they are looking for should have, including the skills, experience, education, abilities, to succeed on the job.

For your paralegal resume objective to make a strong impression on the recruiter/employer, you will have to highlight some of your best qualities that match what the employer requires.

You should also show in your objective statement that you understand and are capable of performing the paralegal duties and responsibilities that will be assigned to you.

Writing your resume objective statement this way will certainly cause the recruiter/employer to give your paralegal resume some attention and get inside to read all parts of it.

Would you like to see some good examples of paralegal resume objective statement to study and learn how to quickly make yours? If yes, then see below:

Best 20 Resume Objective Statements for Paralegal Position

  1. An enthusiastic individual desirous of an Entry Level Supervisory Paralegal position with ARK Solutions, to direct and supervise the work of paralegals and other support staff, arrange for access to appropriate DOJ libraries and other legal research facilities, and coordinate with other Contractor support components. Also bringing paralegal certificate, 5 years of experience as a Supervisory Paralegal, familiarity with DOJ office environment, good organizational and communication skills, and ability to consistently deliver highest quality work under extreme pressure.
  2. Highly trained individual seeking to work in a Paralegal position with State of Illinois, coming with knowledge, skill, and mental development, and completion of four years college in pre-legal, statistics, and English. Also coming with working knowledge of precedent cases, search procedures, and writing style, as well as format and vocabulary appropriate of the subject matter.
  3. Talented individual seeking a position with US Department of the Treasury as a Paralegal with ability to assist STA/ lead attorney in managing the trial team, and in monitoring work assignments, leave dates, etc. Also bringing a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited University recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Citizenship, 3 years of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-07 grade level in the Federal Service, and skill in providing services to a trial attorney before the United States Tax Court.
  4. Team oriented individual eager to work as a Paralegal at Department of Human Services, to provide legal assistance of substantial difficulty to attorneys in the Child Advocacy Section, legal research, case management, and general and specific paralegal support. Also coming with a 2-year Associate degree, 5 years of paralegal experience, and extensive knowledge of legal principles and concepts.
  5. Highly talented and motivated Paralegal seeking the position at US Department of the Army to monitor and ensure the post-trial processing time of all court-martial cases, serve the appellant with the appellate decision and other legal documents required by appellate courts; serve as a Paralegal Specialist in the Military Justice Division of the Fort Campbell Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, and analyze legal issues involved to determine the appropriate records and data needed to properly process all post-trial actions.
  6. Hopeful to gain employment with The Office of the District Attorney as a Paralegal to answer phone calls, assist the public, type correspondence, prepare legal documents, prepare files, assist victims and witnesses understand and prepare for court, and gather information to assist in the prosecution of cases. Also coming with knowledge of court system and procedures, legal terminology, as well as victims and witnesses; skill in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint; and a High School diploma and ability to interview to elicit information from victims and witnesses to assure appropriate services.
  7. Looking for the position of a Paralegal with Career Training Concepts, Inc. to examine, prepare, and process a wide range of technical legal documents; and develop tables of contents and indices to brief in accordance with established format. Also coming with 5 years of experience in a professional office environment, a Bachelor’s degree, good communication skills, and an ability to answer inquiries regarding case-related information as maintained in the database.
  8. Creative and problem-solving professional desirous to join a group of professionals at Forfeiture Support Associates in the position of a Paralegal. Coming with paralegal certificate, 5-year paralegal experience, knowledge of forfeiture law, excellent communication skills, strong organizational and prioritization skills, experience with the Microsoft Office suite of applications, and ability to work in a team environment and assist attorney in reviewing case material.
  9. Seeking a Paralegal Assistant job at US Department of the Air Force where the ability to negotiate and settle cases, recommend cases be forwarded to the U.S. Attorney, and perform other legal and administrative duties in support of the Medical Cost Reimbursement program will be utilized. Also coming with a Bachelor’s degree, 3 years of experience, including experience in conducting legal research to identify regulations and guidance, and excellent computer skills.
  10. Highly organized individual interested in a Paralegal position with US Department of Justice, bringing ability to provide assistance to attorneys in trial preparation and discovery; maintain calendar of assigned active cases; and assemble and organized files and records materials for disposition and transfer to records depository. Also coming with 5 years of specialized experience, experience processing legal documents, and a Bachelor’s degree from an accrediting institution recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.
  11. Individual with strong reasoning ability looking to contribute enough experience in the Paralegal job at The New Jersey Civil Service Commission. Coming with ability to perform a variety of case related duties, assist with drafting and filing applications, and gather and maintain confidential client contact information. Also coming with a Bachelor’s degree, a client service mindset, attention to detail, experience using various computer systems, as well as excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  12. Talented individual seeking a position with US Department of the Navy as a Paralegal with ability to provide direct paralegal assistance to attorneys handling sensitive matters, keep calendar of required filings and due-dates in case of load of active cases, and provide a variety of legal support and complete technical work. Also bringing 5 years of specialized experience, a Master’s Degree from an accredited university, and ability to perform legal research.
  13. Individual with strong ability to learn fast interested in the position of a Paralegal at US Department of Homeland Security to develop, organize, and maintain criminal file materials and files of research aids; analyze and prepare documents for supportive evidence of a legal case; and track and assign legal dockets. Also bringing 3 years of specialized experience, a Bachelor’s degree, and ability to provide basic assistance in a legal office.
  14. Safety conscious individual with high level of skills and experience. Desirous of a Paralegal position with Forfeiture Support Associates, to bring a High School diploma, Legal Assistant and Legal Secretary experience, excellent oral and written communication skills, attention to detail, strong organizational and prioritization skills, experience with the Microsoft Office suite of applications, proven commitment and competence to provide excellent customer service, and ability to work in a team environment.
  15. Experienced, talented, and highly organized individual seeking a Paralegal position with State of Washington Dept. of Health. Coming with experience in the regulation of professions, demonstrated knowledge of the Uniform Disciplinary Act (RCW 18.130), the Washington Administrative Procedure Act (RCW 34.05), and ability to provide direct legal support to the staff attorneys and prepare legal review of specific cases with readily identifiable legal concepts.
  16. Individual seeking a Paralegal position at US Department of Health and Human Services with ability to gather legal information for appellants, attorneys, and judges; communicate legal hearings processes, procedures, and results; and provide complete and legally sound records management. Also coming with a High School diploma; 5 years of experience, including volunteer work done through national service programs, as well as ability to provide administrative and legal assistance with Medicare appeals.
  17. Active individual with huge paralegal skills and ability to proofread draft document, add legal citations and cite check existing citations, and ensure legal references. Longing for a Paralegal position at CACI, to bring 5 years of Federal Litigation experience, a paralegal certificate, and excellent written and oral communication skills, and basic legal knowledge.
  18. Certified Paralegal with ability to support the Criminal and Civil Division under the program and technical guidance of the Criminal and Civil Supervisory Legal Assistant, prepare a range of legal documents and correspondence in final format, and assist attorneys in preparing for court. Desirous of a Paralegal position with KATMAI, and coming with a High School Diploma, 5 years of relevant experience, general knowledge of office procedures and standard support processes, experience using Microsoft Office 7, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and strong organizational skills.
  19. To obtain a position with Amazon.com Services LLC as a Paralegal to leverage the ability to support the rapidly growing Amazon Web Services (AWS) business selling to the public; coordinate the execution of agreements; provide front line support for the AWS World Wide Public Sector Legal team; track documents and other legal and administrative matters with the business groups. Also bringing a Bachelor’s degree, 5 years of experience as a Paralegal, and strong written and oral communication skills.
  20. Energetic individual with five years of experience working in a Paralegal position, seeking to apply exceptional administrative skills and knowledge of the judicial process. Coming with ability to schedule hearings and case events while taking multiple scheduling conflicts, caseload requirements, and preferences into consideration. Also bringing a High School diploma, 5 years of experience as a paralegal, and a two-year degree in Paralegal Studies, and 3 years of legal office experience.


If you want to increase your chances of getting your desired paralegal job, then you must ensure that your resume or CV begins with a captivating career objective statement to get the recruiter/employer to read every part of your resume.

Your chances of being called up for an interview and given the paralegal job are brighter if your resume/CV is read.

This post provides valuable ideas and examples you can apply in creating a resume objective for a paralegal position that can get the employer/recruiter’s attention to dive into the body of the resume.

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