Top 20 Resume Objectives for Hair Stylist Positions

By | August 15, 2023
Resume Objectives for Hair Stylist
With a compelling objective statement, you can boost the effectiveness of your hair stylist resume.

Top 20 Resume Objectives for Hair Stylist Positions

If you are writing a resume objective or summary for a hair stylist position, you need to make it very compelling to ensure that the recruiter/employer gets into the resume or CV and read all what you got to offer.

Your chances of being invited to an interview where you will have the opportunity to prove to the employer/recruiter that you are the hair stylist that they are looking for are brighter if you can get them to get into your resume and take the time to actually read it.

You can achieve this goal by starting your hair stylist resume or CV with a powerful career objective statement.

If you are looking for how to craft an irresistible hair stylist objective for your resume, this post will be your reliable companion.

How to Make a Great Hair Stylist Resume Objective that Takes the Employer In

To make a very attractive resume objective or summary statement for a hair stylist position that takes the employer/recruiter in, you need to know what exactly the employer/recruiter wants for the role.

If you have this knowledge and are able to show in your objective statement that you have what they need for the hair stylist position, you can be sure that they will look properly at your resume and take the time to read it to the end.

So, how do you know what the recruiter/employer wants for the hair stylist job?

This is easy to get, it’s in the hair stylist job description and requirements which the recruiter/employer publishes.

Employers/recruiters will usually publish the job description and requirements for the vacant hair stylist position to help interested individuals to learn about the job and decide if they qualify to apply for it.

So, what you do is to study the documents and learn about the duties and responsibilities of the hair stylist position as well as the qualities, experience, and other requirements the recruiter/employer wants the successful candidates to have to qualify for hiring.

With this information about the hair stylist job, you can craft an objective or summary statement for your resume that projects you as one with the right competence, qualities, and experience to excel on the hair stylist position.

Here are some good examples to help you quickly learn how to make an effective resume objective for any hair stylist position you are interested in:

Best 20 Resume Objective Examples for Hair Stylist Positions

  1. Highly organized individual interested in a Hair Stylist position with RiverWoods, bringing the abilities to shampoo, cut, dye, and style hair; work with razors, trimmers and other implements to achieve desired looks; and give client advice on how to maintain a hairstyle and look. Also coming with High School Diploma, state license from the State of NH, knowledge of hairstyles and trends, as well as knowledge of chemicals for hairstyles and techniques.
  2. Experienced, talented and highly organized individual seeking a Natural Hair Stylist position with Book a Birdie. Coming with valid cosmetologist license, curly hair specialist certification, and knowledge of current trends and techniques. Also bringing valid DLand car insurance, 5 years of natural hair stylist experience, as well as profound ability to maintain health and integrity of clients’ hair at all times; deliver full Birdie experience, and consult with client on styling and product choices.
  3. Certified Hair Stylist with strong ability to cut hair for an immediate customer base; work flexible schedules; and learn latest trends and advanced skills. Desirous of a Hair Stylist position with The Atlantic Club to bring attention to detail, demonstrated great customer service and communication skills, professional image, and ability to work a consistent schedule with flexibility in business.
  4. Highly talented and motivated Hair Stylist, seeking a position at Navy Exchange Service Command to provide complete hair care services to clients, check clients’ scalp and hair for disorders, consult with clients on matters pertaining to their hair care needs, maintain combs in solution, and sanitize equipment in chemical or physical agents. Also bringing a degree from an accredited school of cosmetology, a valid U.S. State License, as well as ability to use both arms and hands, and frequent standing, reaching and light lifting.
  5. Looking for the position of a Hair Stylist with Head Start to develop friendship, express creativity, grow through industry-leading education, and take advantage of product and tool discounts to help maximize skills and creativity. Also coming with five years of experience performing clipper cuts, color melting, and basic cuts to keep clients’ brows on point.
  6. Individual with strong reasoning ability looking to contribute huge experience on the Hair Stylist job at Drybar Holdings LLC. Coming with valid cosmetology license from the State of California, remarkable styling and finishing skills, exceptional service, strong communication skills, and ability to work with and be a part of a team. Also coming with profound ability to consistently perform amazing blow outs on clients, provide an exceptional client experience, and meet schedule requirements.
  7. To obtain the position of Hair Stylist with Bubbles Salons to leverage the abilities to design personal hair solutions for each client, and provide education and consulting to clients regarding the best home care solutions to use in maintaining their new look. Also coming with passion for hair styling and love for people; desire to continuously improve and willingness to learn; strong interpersonal, oral communication and listening skills; as well as ability to be flexible and adapt to business needs.
  8. Energetic individual with five years of experience working in a hair stylist position, seeking employment with Troon Golf as a Hair Stylist to perform various services, including cuts, colors, and styling. Also bringing certificate from a technical school; current Cosmetologist license; and ability to incorporate safe work practices in job performance, maintain professional service-oriented demeanor, and keep records on patrons for future visits.
  9. Talented individual seeking a position with Hairclub as a Hair Stylist with abilities to utilize specialized hair cutting, coloring and styling skills; and work with a team of professionals to transform client’s dream of restoring their hair and changing their lives. Also bringing current active cosmetology state license, strong technical skills, active listening skills, and persuasive selling techniques to educate and encourage clients.
  10. Looking for the position of a Hair Stylist with La Bella Spa to perform all salon treatments, practice all treatment protocols and rituals, and interact cooperatively with other spa team members. Also coming with valid Cosmetology license, experience with all salon services, excellent communication skills, good organizational skills, and good sense of time and humor.
  11. Creative and problem-solving professional desirous to join a group of professionals at Lutheran Home and Harwood Place in the position of a Hair Stylist. Coming with exceptional Customer Service, current State of Wisconsin Cosmetology license, three years of experience working as a stylist with seniors in a long term care, and good interpersonal and time management skills.
  12. Seeking a Hair Stylist job at Presbyterian Manors of Mid America with abilities to consult with residents on stylistic options for their hair, listen to residents’ needs to determine their preferences, and adhere to beauty shop safety and cleanliness standards. Also bringing High School diploma, a valid Cosmetology license, previous experience as a hair stylist, excellent interpersonal skills, physical stamina, good verbal communication, and creative mindset.
  13. Individual seeking a Hair Stylist position at Supercuts where the ability to cut, clip, color, highlight, and do facial waxing will be utilized. Also coming with current state cosmetology license, five years of experience working as a hair stylist, flexibility at work, good relationship with fellow team members, excellent verbal communication skills, and good time management skills, as well as strong organizational skills.
  14. An enthusiastic individual desirous of an Entry Level Hair Stylist position with Embassy Suites to provide accurate information about salon products; utilize, maintain, and conduct inventory of supplies and products; maintain cleanliness of work area; maintain records as required by federal, state, local, and company regulations; respond to guest inquiries and requests; and resolve guest service in a timely, friendly, and efficient manner.
  15. Individual with strong ability to learn fast interested in the position of a Hair Stylist at Famous Hair to provide hair services to members and their guests; perform hair services such as shampoo, men and children haircuts, straight razor face shave, and beard and mustache trims; as well as maintain a clean, safe and sanitary work environment. Also bringing current SC Barber license, 5 years of experience, and excellent attention to details.
  16. Highly trained individual seeking to work in a Hair Stylist position with St. Andrews Country Club to generate product sales and future appointments bookings, provide courteous guest service to all members and guests in an energetic, enthusiastic, motivational, and professional conduct. Also coming with current Florida State Cosmetology License; 5 years of experience in an upscale salon, country club, hotel and spa setting; and knowledge of all spa and salon services.
  17. Talented individual seeking a position with Gene Juarez Salon & Spa as a Hair Stylist, to apply profound ability to shampoo, rinse, condition hair and scalp; style hair applying hot tools and other products; and assist in salon operations such as front desk, dispensary, and spa when necessary. Also coming with active Washington State Cosmetology License, active listening skills and high attention to detail, and clear verbal and written communication skills.
  18. Team oriented individual eager to work at Regis where exceptional ability to create web applications using primarily PHP, implement web applications using primarily C++ and Java, build report interfaces and data feeds, as well as code high-volume software using primarily C++ and Java will be applied. Also bringing 3 years of experience with Perl, Java, PHP, Python, and C++; and demonstrated software engineering experience from previous internship and work experience.
  19. Active individual with huge hair stylist skills and abilities to provide professional, quality hair treatments and services for salon guests; maintain an extensive knowledge of products; and participate in regularly scheduled salon meetings and cross-training opportunities. Longing for a Hair Stylist position at Signature Salon, bringing a cosmetology program certificate and license; flexibility to work weekends and evenings; and excellent client service, communication, and organizational skills.
  20. Safety conscious individual with high level of skills and experience. Desirous of a Hair Stylist position with Hair Cuttery, to bring current cosmetology and barber license applicable to state requirements, exceptional customer service skills, and passion for people. Also bringing strong ability to work on evenings, weekends, and holidays and show technical skill-set in terms of layered cuts, clipper cuts, and basic color application.


To increase your chances of getting hired for the hair stylist position that you are seeking, you need to get the recruiter/employer to read your resume or CV.

You need to have a very persuasive career objective statement in your hair stylist resume to achieve this.

This post provides valuable ideas, including resume objective examples that you can learn with and apply in creating an effective objective statement or summary for your hair stylist resume.

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