Manufacturing Team Leader Job Description Example, Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

By | December 27, 2014
Manufacturing Team Leader job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Manufacturing Team Leaders motivate members of the team to harness their potentials to succeed in their projects. Image source:

Manufacturing Team Leader Job Description Example

A manufacturing team leader is an expert in manufacturing activities such as processing and packaging of materials for production.

The job description of manufacturing team leaders involves motivating members of the team to harness their potentials and work harder for the execution of projects.

Their roles in a manufacturing team also entails assigning tasks to team members and giving them specific directions and procedures to follow in carrying out assigned tasks.

They monitor team members in the course of their work and ensure that they comply with the standards of operations obtainable in the establishment.

They are responsible for providing leadership for the team involved in manufacturing.

Every manufacturing project requires the supervision of a skilled and experienced person to guide the team in ensuring production efficiency and quality; and that is where the manufacturing team leader comes in.

He/she exhibits great leadership skills by showcasing knowledge and skills to the team members, giving them direction to go about their tasks and duties on the job.

The leader sometimes takes the wheel and shows his/her team members practical ways to execute difficult tasks.

This gives the team members a clear direction of how to tackle such tasks on their own in the future.

The team leader recognizes the contributions of every team member and encourages them to work together in harmony, sharing ideas and maintaining good relationships in the execution of production tasks.

He/she places the safety of the team members in high esteem and educates them on safety tips and procedures to adhere to during manufacturing process.

He/she also enlightens them on how to handle emergencies that may arise in the course of work, and ensures that the manufacturing site is free of any form of danger, and is safe for team members to do their job.

As part of safety measures, the leader also ensures that all workers have protective gear and clothing before going to site to work to safeguard themselves against production hazards.

Example of a Manufacturing Team Leader Job Description

Below is an example of the manufacturing team leader job description. It consists of key duties individuals holding the position are usually required to complete by employers in many manufacturing firms.

  • Monitor workers on site during production activities to ensure adherence to ethics and safety procedures
  • Evaluate manufacturing equipment for safety and functionality
  • Ensure that products and goods manufactured meet quality standards obtainable in the industry
  • Motivate workers to enhance production quantity and at the same time maintain high production standards
  • Check finished products to ensure quality, and that industry standards are met before they are declared ready for use
  • Keep records of workers performance
  • Keep records of equipments, budgets, deliveries and supplies, and make them available to management for evaluation
  • Create work schedule for workers and ensure that they strictly adhere to it; take attendance to ensure regularity and promptness of workers to duty
  • Work as middleman between workers and management to create healthy communication
  • Develop production schedule for the execution of projects in a timely manner
  • Ensure that work materials are present as at when needed.

Manufacturing Team Leader Resume Preparation

To prepare a resume for the team leader involved in manufacturing activities, the information contained in the sample job description above can be useful in writing the employment history section of the resume.

The duties and functions stated above for the position can be adopted and modified to write the true job history or professional experience section of your resume as it is also called.

Required Attributes and Qualifications for the Position of Manufacturing Team Leader

Here are some of the key requirements most employers usually require that aspirants for the position of team leader of manufacturing should have to be hired:

  • Good physical fitness
  • Basic mechanical works experience
  • Must be safety cautious
  • Ability to give directions to team members
  • Have good time management skills
  • Possess strong interpersonal skills to relate with all members of the team.

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