Executive Team Leader Job Description Example

Executive Team Leader job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Executive Team Leaders pull all team members together in achieving a predetermined goal.

Executive Team Leader Job Description Example

What Does an Executive Team Leader Do?

The primary responsibility in the job description of an executive team leader is the coordination and steerage of a group of individuals (team) towards the attainment of stated goals.

The executive team leader does more than just direct the affairs of a team. The role is often accompanied by diverse responsibilities that differ from one organization to another.

However, irrespective of the size or nature of the organization, the duties of the executive team leader often hover around assembling a team, coordinating the activities of the team and managing resources to ensure that targets are met.

It is his/her role to ensure that the actions of his/her team align with the decisions of the top management.

In a similar fashion, he/she acts on the interest of his/her team to make sure that the decisions of the top management are not detrimental to the work environment of his/her team members.

He team leader is expected to assist the human resources department in the recruitment or selection and training of his/her team members.

He/she creates work schedules, delegates each member of his/her team to accomplish particular tasks(s); assesses team and individual performances, motivates team members, and communicate progress to senior managers.

An executive team leader is expected to be a great communicator as he/she is the information conduit between the top management and the members of his/her team.

He/she must establish and maintain a constant line of communication between the the parties involved in decision making and implementation.

He/she is to make sure that information flows freely but not without being filtered. He/she must carry out periodic performance assessment and issue resolution to keep the team motivated. In addition, individual contributions must be recognized.

Being the link between the senior management and the team members, much is expected of the leader.

Therefore, the job comes with its share of stress – physical as well as psychological.

In return, it is usually very rewarding as employees in this position are often well compensated.

Also, the job comes with some degree of independence as the individual who works in this capacity is the one in-charge of making decisions for the team.

To this end, an employee occupying this position must possess some fundamental skills.

To succeed in executing the work description for this role, leadership skill is of utmost importance.

The leader must be able to guide and coordinate activities of his/her team members.

He/she must be able to monitor their performance and strive to keep them on track.

Additionally, he/she ought to be educated. A degree in human resources or management related discipline may also be necessary.

Executive Team Leader Job Description Example

The executive team leader carries out a number of functions to achieve the goal of effectively coordinating a team.

The following is an example of the kind of job description, consisting of major duties, tasks, and responsibilities normally performed by people employed into this position:

  • Assist the HR team is hiring, selecting, and training of team members
  • Schedule and assign tasks to team members according to their capabilities
  • Coordinate the activities of team members to ensure compliance with the organization’s goal
  • Communicate the ideas and stipulations of the senior management to the team
  • Monitor the progress of projects assigned to the team and the performance of each member
  • Ensure smooth day to day operation of the team
  • Prepare reports on the level of progress of the team in accomplishing task assigned to them
  • Distribute reports to appropriate stakeholders and personnel
  • Motivate the team by rewarding or congratulating its members for any milestone achieved
  • Encourage and reward individual creativity
  • Resolve any issue that may hamper the progress of the team
  • Ensure that the team remains disciplined and focused
  • Call for and preside over meetings with team members at regular intervals
  • Organize meeting with members of the top management and other important stakeholders
  • Ensure that deliverables are in accordance with stipulated requirements – cost and time
  • Work and maintain good communication with other managers to ensure assistance from other departments when necessary
  • Obtain materials and finance needed for the team to accomplish tasks assigned to it
  • Record and document all costs incurred in accomplishing each phase of a task
  • Record and document milestones achieved
  • Establish and maintain good relationship between the team and senior management.

Executive Team Leader Resume Preparation

The work experience is an important piece of information to be included in a resume to make it more appealing to prospective employers.

To prepare this section for your executive team leader resume, the above job description sample can be used.

The duties and responsibilities of the position that it highlights can be modified to suit your experience on the job in making the section. You can learn how to make the work experience section and others from the previous What Make a Good Resume post.

Requirements – Abilities, Skills, and Knowledge – for Executive Team Leader Job

Individuals vying for the position of executive team leader need to have the following skills, knowledge, and abilities to win the heart of employers and to excel on the job when hired:

  • Firstly, an executive team leader requires a good degree in human resources or management to be able to handle the responsibilities that comes with the position. Also, certifications in project management may also count since it would enable him/her to have a vast knowledge of planning, scheduling, and executing projects
  • Secondly, vast years of experience in management environment and participation as a member of management teams would also prove to be very important in handling the challenges involved in this role
  • He/she must be emotionally mature and disciplined to be able to keep the project and the team on track. He/she should be easily accessible but must draw a limit and make sure that instructions are followed to the later
  • Exceptional leadership and decision making skill is imperative as his/her team and the management would be relying on his/her decision making skills a lot
  • Other necessary qualities include but not limited to good business acumen, communication skills, and team building skills.

Executive Team Leader Skills for Resume

You can make a strong skills section for your executive team leader resume by using the above qualities, which make a good impact on employers.

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