What Jobs can you get with a Communications Degree?

By | September 7, 2023
What Jobs can you get with a Communications Degree?
Several jobs and career path are available to communications degree graduates.

This post provides detailed information on some of the best jobs you can get with a communications degree, including the duties they commonly perform and the salaries they earn.

Are you planning to take a career in the communication industry but want an answer to the question: ‘what jobs can you get with a communications degree?’ which a lot of students usually ask before taking the course?

If you are, then you will find this post useful.

You will discover a number of jobs that you can do with a communications degree. Whether it is an Associate’s or Doctorate degree that you have, you can find exciting and rewarding career to go into.

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Why Communications Degree?

We live in a world where the efficiency and effectiveness of our numerous daily activities rely greatly on how we pass and receive information.

It is vital to note that the information we possess, how we receive and pass it on, plays an essential role in human sociality.

Communication as the process of relaying and receiving information over time has undergone various transformations and improvements; man has moved from prehistoric form of communication consisting of grunts and signs to adopting the use of spoken language.

Language as a mode of communication has significantly improved the clarity/precision of relayed information, providing an avenue for not just basic interaction but for the expression of an emotional state such as fear, excitement, and humor.

Communication mediums have also seen considerable improvements transiting from an era of giving verbal public announcements to sending mails, broadcasting on radio/TV, sending emails, and having video chats on Skype.

Communication continues to remain an essential part of human life as it finds application in building relationships, performing business transactions, and imparting knowledge and general expression of ideas.

The role communication plays in our society has stayed unchanged if anything improved which is why numerous professionals regardless of their area of expertise go through forms of communications training.

The vast field of communications harbor experts specializing in various aspects, such as journalism, counselling, writing, marketing and public relations.

A communications degree is one of the few disciplines which translate to careers in other fields, such as business, history, psychology, and engineering.

Communication occupations are among well-paying jobs with an annual median pay of $53,530 according to a recent US BLS report.

This has apparently contributed to the popularity of a communications degree as 20th most popular college degree in the US as published by Matchcollege.

Pursuing a career in the field of communication requires formal education in an information/communication related discipline.

What can you do with Communications Associate’s Degree?

An Associate’s degree in communication provides exposure to theories of language and an understanding of the effect of communication.

With a communications Associate’s degree, you can go for further Bachelor’s studies or qualify for jobs such as:

  • Public Relations Assistant: They work with a public relations team to ensure the dissemination of information to the public. They specialize in the writing of press materials, such as speeches and statements. They carry out research and strategize on the best medium for information discharge; they employ social media and announcement to reach out to their target audience. They are estimated to earn as much as $56,770 according to BLS statistics as salary for public relations specialist.
  • Proofreader: Their duties involve checking manuscripts or written documents for grammatical and spelling errors. They read through materials to identify typographical errors and blunders and then note it for editors to correct. They work for authors, writers, and publishing and newspaper companies to ensure printed materials are error-free. They earn up to $31,360 as annual salary. See detailed proofreader job description.
  • Advertising Sales Agent: They are responsible for the promotion and consequent sales of a product. They identify potential customers and convince them with proper explanation and marketing skills to purchase a product. They maintain communications with clients and customer base. See detailed advertising sales agent job description.

To increase job prospects and earning potential, it is recommended to obtain a Bachelor’s degree.

What can you do with a Communications Bachelor’s Degree?

With a baccalaureate in communication, graduates can get job positions as:

  • Interpreter/Translator: Their duties entail converting information in one language to another one. They provide clients with services, such as reading and writing interchangeably from one language to another. They are estimated to earn salary of up to $44,190 annually.
  • Journalist: They specialize in the research, writing and reporting of events and issues as concerns the public. They carry out reviews, surveys, and interviews to obtain information that is broadcast on radios, TV and newspapers. They earn a median annual salary of $37,720.
  • Technical Writer: With excellent writing skills, communications major can go on to become writers whose duties involve the preparation of journals, manuals, and documents to communicate technical information, especially as pertains to a product. They work with clients to ascertain product details as well as intended ideas for a product. They use images and charts to provide a user-friendly document that gives a complete product detail and instruction. They are projected to earn $70,240 annually. See detailed technical writer job description.
  • Market Research Analyst: They specialize in the study and monitoring of market conditions in order to ascertain sales performance of a product/service. Using data obtained from their survey, they provide professional recommendation to clients on high demand products, estimate price and target market. They earn up to $60,300 annually as salary.
  • Broadcast Technician: They work in radio or television broadcasting service companies where they operate broadcast equipment as well as monitor the clarity of a broadcast. They generally maintain radio and televising equipment to ensure a seamless broadcast.

Opting for advanced degrees in communications will present you a platform for a wide range of job opportunities and careers with exciting pay.

What can you do with Communications Master’s or Doctorate Degree?

A Master’s/Doctorate degree in communications qualifies one for job positions as:

  • Media Analyst or Critic: They are responsible for the evaluation of arts, food, music, and literary compositions. They offer professional assessment of an idea, action or product in a way that fosters improvement. See detailed media analyst job description.
  • Political Analyst: They raise awareness of issues concerning education, amenities, and public policies. They conduct research as to how political decisions and events affect the masses, and then make their results known thus providing a yardstick that guides the decisions of government. See detailed political analyst job description.


A communications degree provides a platform for job prospects in diverse fields. This makes it very valuable as you can get several jobs with lucrative career prospects with it.