Best 15 Ways to Overcome Low Confidence

By | August 15, 2023
Low Confidence
Don’t be hampered by low confidence, you can overcome it.

Best 15 Ways to Overcome Low Confidence

This post provides exhaustive information on how to overcome low confidence, to enable you unleash your full potential and achieve your goals in all areas of your life.

The results of low confidence are always negative if not damning. Someone running low on confidence will always struggle to make out something positive in whatever they do because there is this aura of negativity and disbelief they will have to battle with all the time.

If you are ready to learn what you need to do to overcome low confidence and become more successful in your job, career, business, relationship, etc., here are valuable tips to apply:

Best 15 Ways to Overcome Low Confidence

  1. Be with the right people

The kind of people you surround yourself with will always play a key role in what happens to and with you both now and in the future.

If you are low on confidence, it is possible that your friends suffer the same fate as you.

So look at your friends and know what’s up with them.

If you are low on confidence, it is necessary that you surround yourself with people that are high on confidence.

If you surround yourself with positive people, their positivity and positive mindset will rub off on you and you will see your confidence rise in no time.

In your friendship with people, don’t attach sentiments in any way.

If your friends cannot help you overcome low confidence, then there is no need to hide the fact that they are not the right people for you.

This is the truth and you need to do the needful.

2. Discover yourself

One of the things that contribute to low confidence is when you have not discovered yourself.

Self-discovery is one of the most potent ways to battle low confidence.

You need to find out who you are and what makes you unique as a human being.

First thing self-discovery will teach you is that you are unique in yourself.

This is one reason people tend to fall into the valley of low confidence which in most cases lead to depression.

Understand that no two human beings are exactly the same.

Your uniqueness means that you have some unique qualities which are what you need to be happy and successful in the nearest future.

When you discover yourself, you will cease to envy or copy others.

Learning from others is good but trying to be like anyone else is a bad idea.

3. Identify areas you need change

Your areas of deficiency could be a valid reason why you might fall into the valley of low confidence.

Nothing weighs you down more than your inabilities.

So this could be one of the reasons you find yourself low on confidence most of the time.

However the good news is that you can still work on your weaknesses.

When you discover your area of need, you should not be sentimental about it.

Go all out and ensure that you bring an end to recurrent weaknesses that seem to weigh you down.

Then you can proceed to finding ways to end those niggling weaknesses.

First, you have to be truthful to yourself that you need help in whichever way you have discovered you need help.

If you think you don’t need help then you can never seek for help.

4. Don’t compare yourself with anyone

One thing is sure and that is the fact that we all are uniquely different. This is what makes us think differently, see things differently, and do things differently.

So, you have to understand this fact and apply it to your daily living.

In the light of this, it is not a good idea to compare yourself with another person.

It is unwise and uncalled for.

Comparing yourself with anyone else out there is an indication that you are not grateful for your uniqueness and inherent abilities.

There is nothing wrong with you learning from others or having role models both in your personal life, work life, etc. but it is out rightly bad when you want to be like someone else.

This could lead you to experiencing low self-confidence if you are not meeting up.

5. Say good things about yourself

Nothing is as powerful as what we say to ourselves. There is nothing that can build your confidence more than telling yourself positive things, not necessarily because things are going your way, but because you need to keep your confidence high.

Avoid channeling derogatory words to yourself.

Even when you make mistakes, there is absolutely no need for overly attacking yourself through unnecessary words.

This could harm your confidence and make you go into your shell.

So, speak well about yourself and build your confidence.

When you speak well about yourself, you will be able to stir up your brain to think more proactively and positively.

6. Nurture yourself

Nurturing yourself is another way to get out of the shadow of low confidence.

Nurturing yourself means improving yourself on daily basis.

This is important because, if you fail to improve yourself always, you may continually battle with low confidence, especially when you see someone doing better than you.

You have to be proactive in learning.

Don’t just rely on unconscious learning where you never planned to get some knowledge.

You have to ensure that you are intentional in your learning process.

Make out time and improve in whatever you do.

This will go a long way to helping you overcome low confidence.

You don’t get tired of learning.

How fast you can learn and how steadfast you are in learning could determine how fast you can deal with low confidence.

So, be active in learning and be intentional about your learning process.

That is what nurturing yourself entails.

7. Be goal oriented

People you see that are doing well in whatever field of life you can think of are people that are goal oriented.

No one gets to the pinnacle of success without first setting out goals which defines their lines of actions and defines what is necessary and what is not necessary.

When you see people doing better than you, you may be pushed to fall into the trap of low confidence if you don’t know their secrets.

Their secret may be that they were able to set goals for themselves and were able to achieve the goals. That boosted their confidence.

Same applies to you, if you want your confidence to get sky-high, then set and achieve your goals.

First step is to set the goal you want to achieve and set out to achieve it.

Believe it that when you are able to achieve your goals, you will no longer struggle with your confidence.

8. Give help

There are some people that have wrong notion about help. Some believe that they should always be at the receiving end of every help.

How about being at the giving end, this sure makes a whole lot of sense and makes the world go round.

When you give and see someone else happy because of what you did, the feeling that you have can help bring you out of depression, frustration, and low confidence.

It can give you happiness in return and a sense of satisfaction.

This is one of the things you need to do to overcome low confidence.

Giving help goes beyond money. Your time and advice can go a long way to making someone’s day.

When you give help, karma as we know does not forget.

It comes back to you at a better time and in a better way, and that will do your self-confidence a world of good.

9. Try something new

Starting a new adventure is a good way to relax your mind when battling with low confidence.

Let the adventure be a good way of reassuring yourself that you are still good enough despite the setbacks you might have experienced, for example in your job.

Make the adventure a competitive one. Making it something worth doing and give your best to it.

When you win, it could boost your confidence to do better in whichever aspect of your life you are witnessing low confidence.

Always be interested in doing something new.

It is also important to know that being bored with what you do is one of the causes of low confidence.

Try something you are not used to and make out something out of whatever you do, whether in your regular job or something else.

10. Do the things that make you happy

Yes this is true and important. Doing what makes you happy is one way to get out of the valley of low confidence.

So many people are low on confidence because they are forced to do what does not make them happy, thereby hindering their progress.

When you do what you don’t enjoy doing, progress becomes difficult and any little mistake can overthrow your confidence totally.

This is not to neglect the place of versatility in life and work but doing what you love doing is the primary thing you should consider doing.

There should be a balance between doing what you love as your primary source of confidence and versatility as a secondary source of confidence.

Misplacing either could topple your confidence in no time. So do what gives you joy.

11. Put your skills and strengths to work

Skills are very important to every facet of life you can think of. There is no time your natural and learned skills will not help you become relevant in life.

In accomplishing your set goals, your skills need to come to play at all times.

Working with your skills brings you closer to your promise land faster than you can imagine.

In addition to your skills, you need to apply the principles of hard work.

Though it may seem difficult and initially likely not to pay off but you have to keep doing what you know how to do best.

When you build consistency, then your confidence will not go low easily.

You have your natural strengths/skills, combining them with hard work will make a good combo.

This combo can help sustain your confidence for over a long period of time.

In the absence of these two factors, there is no hope for your confidence coming up.

12. Discard fear of failure

It is said that anyone who has not failed before has never tried something new.

Every day, this statement continues to validate itself in all aspects of human endeavor.

Initial failure is always the hallmark of doing something relatively new.

So knowing this, you should not be afraid of trying something new neither should you fear failure.

It is normal and you should not be afraid of either of them.

Initial failure is normal but with constant learning and improvement, you can do better in your subsequent attempts.

So, with fear of failure you will not see any need to make new attempts or trials.

This could hurt your confidence in the long run.

But when you decide that you need to make a move even though you might fail, then you wouldn’t be fazed about making new moves.

13. Get motivational books to read

Readers have a lot to gain through the knowledge they acquire from the authors they read.

This is true because authors tend to narrate their experiences and knowledge which they have acquired overtime which could prove helpful to the reader.

One of the benefits you could derive from books you read is motivation.

When authors share their experience about the failures they experienced before attaining success, you will likely pick courage to continue.

So when you find yourself struggling with low confidence, it is advisable that you find some good motivational books.

Read as many motivational books as you can and try to copy some of the suggested methods in the books.

If the methods work, then your confidence could be back and better.

14. Get a coach/mentor

As much as it is good to relate your confidence problems with your close friends or family members, they may not however be the perfect set of people to help you out of it.

They can only do as much as they know and in some cases they may lack ideas to give to you.

This means that you might likely be in need of a coach.

If you can get a coach, he/she can help you with ways you can deal with your confidence problems.

Through their advice and coaching skills, they can help you through some processes that can help in restoring your self-confidence.

A coach could act as a therapist also.

A coach is a professional who has been trained to handle specific issues related to this.

So, a coach could be the perfect person to talk to about your problem. He/she is well trained to handle issues like this.

15. Give yourself a break

When you are low on confidence, giving yourself a break could be the best thing you do for yourself at the moment.

You have to take a break from what you are doing to get your mind off it.

This will go a long way to relieving you of pressure.

Giving yourself a break is not a sign of weakness or cowardice. It is one of the good steps one can take to ensure that you don’t get into depression due to low confidence.

It is a good thing to do and not something anyone should stop you from doing.

Spend time alone, rest, and if possible take a short vacation.

Stay away from the same environment that you have been struggling with.

Take a short time out to fix your confidence problems before returning to the scene.

This will certainly help you.


It is quite understandable that rebuilding or raising a confidence that is low is not an easy task; however, it is not an impossible task to accomplish.

We have provided above valuable ideas you can study and make the necessary adjustments you need to make to overcome the low confidence affecting your performance in various aspects of your life, including your job, career, and relationship.

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