Working for Microsoft: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

By | July 19, 2023
Working for Microsoft
Learning about working for Microsoft will help you make the right decision about building a career with the Company. Image source: Jean-Luc Ichard / Getty Images | techcrunch.

This post provides exhaustive information on working for Microsoft, including employment, careers, and jobs that the company offers, to help you decide if Microsoft is the right place for you to work and build a career.

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Microsoft Company Overview

Microsoft Corp. develops and supports software, devices, services, and solutions.

Operating systems, server applications, business solution, cross-device productivity applications, software development tools, desktop and server management tools, and video games are all products of Microsoft.

Microsoft also offers tablets, personal computers, gaming and entertainment consoles, other intelligent devices, and related accessories.

The company operates through the following business divisions: Productivity and Business Procedures, Intelligent Cloud, and More Personal Computing.

The Productivity and Business Procedures division deals with products and services in the collection of productivity, communication, and information services of the company, spanning a diversity of devices and platform.

The Intelligent Cloud division consists of private, public, and hybrid server products and cloud services of the company which can power modern business.

The More Personal Computing division includes products and services like devices, gaming platform, search engines, and windows operating system.

Microsoft was established by William Henry Gates III in 1975 and has its Headquarters in Redmond, WA.

Why Work for Microsoft

Here are reasons why you should consider working for Microsoft:

Life Balance

There are only a few companies that will allow you to balance your life with your career.

If you have a family and would like a life balance more than career advancement and a challenge, Microsoft is there for you.

Other tech companies pay well, but you will work hard. Your peers won’t mind when Microsoft gladly takes your 50% effort.

Microsoft isn’t going to go under any time soon, so if you are decent at your job, you can punch the clock there and focus on the things that really matter to you outside the work premises.


You are perhaps going to start wanting to get out of debt that you amassed while chasing your passion in school if you are just getting out of college.

Microsoft is a fantastic place to work if that’s the case. They pay high, their checks are always clear and unless you’re in Marketing, Sales or QA, you don’t have to worry too much about the anxiety of looking for a new job.

You can get rid of any amount of debt in a matter of years if you play your cards right.

Good Pay

Microsoft doesn’t offer the best pay, but their pay is pretty good. There are lots of bonuses and the pay is attractive.


Microsoft benefits are really good. Their health benefits are exceptional, with disability, life insurance, 401(k), vision, and dental.

They have free bus pass, a discount card at different places, free legal advice, free gym or $800 for the year, and access to a big library.

A Lot to Learn

There is a lot to learn at Microsoft. You will be exposed to various ways of programming, since the company is involved in making a lot of various products.

You’ll have the opportunity of learning to become a better software engineer, dealing with code management, scrum, testing, agile, etc.

You will use C++, C#, code flow, and some Microsoft specific techs to get a lot better at code reviews.

Microsoft Careers and Jobs

Microsoft offers you the job you love, and you’ll find great opportunities to explore your unique passion, create the future you want, and empower billions of people.

Microsoft supports you in pursuing your passion and doing what you love. If you can discover what excites you, Microsoft will help you build your career around it.

Microsoft will help you get where you want to go as you map your own future. They will help you on your way as you explore your unique career.

Microsoft embraces and celebrates diversity in all its forms, and likes you just the way you are.

So you should try to be who you are.

Join a team that makes empowering others a top priority to impact the world and make a difference.

You will explore your future at Microsoft as the company gives you the tools you need to discover your perfect job match, and the freedom and support to take your career to the next level.

Have a look at different career fields to explore at Microsoft:

  • Business Development and Strategy
  • Customer Success
  • Business Programs and Operations
  • Engineering
  • Data Center
  • Finance
  • Evangelism
  • Human Resources
  • IT Operations
  • Hardware Engineering
  • Hardware Manufacturing Engineering
  • Legal and Corporate Affairs
  • Retail
  • Research
  • Marketing
  • Services
  • Sales
  • Technical Sales
  • Supply Chain and Operations Management.

Microsoft Training and Development Programs

Microsoft offers a various range of learning and development opportunities to support their growth mindset culture and meet the learning needs of their employees around the globe.

Microsoft Corp. believes training can be more than formal instruction, and the company’s training philosophy focuses on providing the appropriate learning, at the appropriate time, in the appropriate way.

Opportunities are as follows:

  • On-the-job “stretch” opportunities for advancement
  • In-the-classroom learning and sharing with learner
  • Personalized, integrated, and relevant views of all learning opportunities on Microsoft Learning and LinkedIn Learning boards
  • Coaching on career growth via ongoing manager connections
  • Customized manager training to improve coaching and mentoring skills
  • The orientation of new employees covering a variety of topics, such as company values, culture, and Standards of Business Conduct.

E-lesson: Unconscious Bias

Microsoft has an unconscious bias training to help you understand unconscious bias, oppose it, and support a diverse and inclusive culture where people are empowered to contribute fully.

Microsoft can take action to create an inclusive culture – one where everyone can contribute, innovate, and provide solutions that customers love when they understand how biases influence their behavior.

Make it Real Worksheet

To put up an inclusive environment that respects and values differences, it is important to look at the company’s state of mind and behaviors.

At Microsoft, action is taken to create an inclusive culture where everyone can innovate, contribute, and offer solutions that customers love.

It takes effort to practice and build inclusion. It takes time and practice for Microsoft to increase their effectiveness.

A Passion for Tech

Microsoft is helping young people discover a passion for tech and envision a future filled with possibility through a variety of initiatives and partnerships.

Closing the Gender Gap

Microsoft has a DigiGirlz program that gives high school girls the opportunity to take part in hands-on computer and technology workshops, learn about careers in technology, and connect with Microsoft employees.

Through the Microsoft’s support of Technolochicas, Black Girls Code, and Girls Who Code, they are helping girls grow their skills and love for technology.

Cultivating Young Talent

A scholarship is awarded by the disability employee resource group to a current high school senior living with a disability.

Outstanding high-school seniors interested in pursuing tech careers are awarded two US $5000 scholarships by Blacks at Microsoft (BAM), a company-wide ERG.

The annual Minority Student Day encouraging students from underrepresented backgrounds to look at tech as a career is also hosted by BAM.

Enabling Digital Learning

Microsoft supports Technology Education and Literacy in Schools (TEALS), which improves computer science education.

Microsoft also supports Small Basic, Khan Academy, DreamSpark, and Kodu Game Lab which provide free access to technology tools and courses.

Microsoft Student Internship Program and Recruitment Process

With the right skills and the passion for technology, an internship with Microsoft that seems impossible might be possible as you will have the opportunity to enroll in one of the many internship programs available at Microsoft.

You’ll get more than just a standard internship, as you’ll make valid connections, get to work on real-life projects, and be a part of the company culture that makes Microsoft an industry leader.

The Microsoft internship program is open to students presently studying for Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA, and PhD degrees and covers all job categories.

The Microsoft internship program not only designed to motivate you to work effectively and learn so much on the job and grow, but also to have experience of the company’s culture full of executive engagement, memorable events, and community connection.

Microsoft offers intern benefits designed to make you have the best experience. The internship provides relocation benefits, competitive pay, and other astonishing benefits.

The reason you will join Microsoft is to help the company innovate and shape the business of tomorrow.

You need to be enrolled full-time as a student majoring in an applicable field for you to be considered for an internship position at Microsoft.

You also should be returning to college or university for at least a term, semester or quarter following the period of your internship.

Internship opportunities differ according to education level and/or location. Microsoft offers internship positions in the areas listed but not limited below:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Supply Chain
  • IT Operations
  • Human Resources
  • UX Design
  • Data and Applied Science
  • Services (Support Engineer, Consultant, Technical Evangelist, Technical Account Manager)
  • Engineering (Services Engineering, Software Engineer, Technical Writer, Programmer Writer, Program Manager, Product planning)
  • Hardware Engineering.

Microsoft Corporate Culture and Values

Culture is one of the most important drivers of the success of Microsoft. The company fundamentally believes that they need a growth mindset culture, starting with the belief that everyone can grow and develop, and having potential nurtured, not predetermined, and anybody can change their mindset.

Working Together as One

To work together as one, everybody at Microsoft should join forces with the company and the rest to positively impact the world. This can be seen in how they bridge global communities through curiosity, innovation, and constant growth, and in how they connect with each other in and out of the office.

Dedicated to Diversity

Microsoft doesn’t just value difference, but seek out and invite them in. Through the company’s efforts, people from across the globe and various walks of life are brought together to be supported with 40 different employee networks and seven global employee resource groups.

Microsoft is hiring and developing the best, most globally varied talent.

Microsoft employees, who represent the company in the markets it serves provide the company with great consumer insight, creativity, and real-time market innovation.

Microsoft will need the talents and perspectives of various populations to bring about superior results as the company establishes itself as the world’s technology leader.

Microsoft Job Application – How to Start a Career with the Company (the Hiring Process)

Microsoft is a vast company with huge requirements. They have offices almost everywhere around the world, creating chances for openings.

If you apply and get selected, then that is your opportunity to work for a huge company like Microsoft.

Read more about Microsoft hiring process.

How to Get Job in Microsoft

Microsoft has plenty of openings but scattered across the world. Their interview process is said to be among the toughest ones.

Don’t apply at random as it won’t work except you are lucky, but rather apply through the right procedure and in the right way.
Hiring at Microsoft – Getting Started

Visit Microsoft Careers website to details about jobs, and also get information about how people work at Microsoft, about the business, etc.

Go to “Apply Now” and search for the kind of job you are seeking. Visit the second tab/link saying “Meet Microsoft” at the Microsoft’s careers website.

An abstract view of bonuses at Microsoft is the first link under this tab. If you are already a fan of Microsoft this is not too essential, and you are on your journey to working for Microsoft.

Must-read second and third tabs are named “Our Business” and “Our Office Locations”.

At Microsoft Careers website, “Our business” page talks about the diversity of operations you can find at Microsoft.

The page called “Our Business” shows how and what all procedures and sub procedures take place at Microsoft.

To decide where to head when locating job using “Apply Now” tab on that website, you need an understanding of what processes exist.

Searching For Jobs at Microsoft

Profession and Technologies are two links of “Find Your Fit” tab. With the “Profession” link, you can explore vacancies based on what kind of role you want to play in your career with Microsoft.

Then you can use “Technologies” link to find a job based on what all technologies wish to work on.

In the same way, when you click on Roles you get a list of roles like Finance, Marketing, Administration, Customer Support, etc.

Getting prepared to Apply for Job at Microsoft

An idea on how to write your resume and cover letter can be gotten from using “Find Your Fit”.

Note down the keywords and key phrases related to the kind of position you are seeking at Microsoft.

For your application to be easily available when Microsoft Hiring Staff searches the database using those keywords, use those keywords in your resume and cover letter such as “working in administration in the capacity of assistant manager”.

Build Your Resume

You will have to upload your resume before you search for jobs, and you can also use the CV builder to create your resume.

Using CV builder is most recommended for beginners (see free resume builder). The resume is amendable by logging into the Microsoft Careers Website.

With all the above done carefully, now is the time to apply for jobs. Click on “Apply Now” and use the Advanced Search option to search what you want.

If you save your search you will go straight to access it any time you have need to do so by clicking the name of the search instead of going through selecting all the options again.

Prepare for the Interview

When preparing for the interview, you should be expecting questions that you won’t know the answer to.

You should be truthful as you answer the questions and not beat around the bush. Remember to ask questions if you have any.

Ask relevant questions about the role and responsibilities instead of asking about bonuses, etc.

Check out the Microsoft Careers Website

The Microsoft Careers Website is the place to go if you’re looking for a job.

The website has a special section for students and graduates, and the website allows you to search for job openings across the country.

Microsoft Benefits and Compensation

Microsoft offers world-class benefits designed to empower you and your family to live life well.

These benefits are there to get you stuck up in the company and also make your life and that of your family better.

You can check these benefits out below:

Stay Healthy

Microsoft has programs and benefits designed to improve your health, both physically and mentally.

Enjoy the Bonuses

You are expected to make the most of your experience at Microsoft. The company offers several ways you can benefit from your life, such as resource groups, extras at the office, and networking.

Take Time Away

Microsoft has created several ways you can spend enough time with your family or follow your interests outside of work.

Such ways include generous vacation, holidays, and flexible work schedules.

Plan for the Future

Microsoft has plenty of ways to help you save for the future so you can reach your goals, no matter the type of goals.

Care for Your Family

Microsoft designed family caregiver leave and leave for new parents to give you time to focus on the people who matter to you.

Big Discounts

Microsoft provides discounts on products and services to enable you save money doing the things you are fond of.

Continue Your Education

Microsoft will help you find the resources you need to increase your knowledge on a diversity of topics.

Stay up to date in your field and go on to learn as your career advances.

Microsoft Work-Life Balance

The Work-Life Balance at Microsoft is rated a C+ by 1238 employees; this puts Microsoft in the Top 50% of similar size companies in the US.

73% of Microsoft employees are satisfied with their work life balance while 37% feel they are burnt out.

About 53% of the employees at Microsoft work eight hours or less, while 7% of them have a very long day – longer than twelve hours.

The majority of Microsoft employees are reported to be satisfied with their work-life balance; they do not feel burnt out.

In general, Asian or Pacific Islander employees as well as those who have worked for the company for less than 1 year believe they have good work/life balance.

However, employees in the Executive department and those in the Legal department think there is room for improvement.


If you are planning to start a career with Microsoft and become successful, this post gives you the information you need to decide if the company is the right place to work.

If you find this post helpful in learning about careers and employment at Microsoft, kindly leave a comment in the box below.

You can also share any experience you’ve had with Microsoft if you are or had been an employee of the company.

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