Advertising Sales Agent Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Advertising Sales Agent job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Advertising Sales Agents must be able to convince prospective clients that they will get good value for their money advertising on their platform.

Advertising Sales Agent Job Description Example

What Does an Advertising Sales Agent Do?

Generally, the job description of advertising sales agents entails selling of advertising spaces to businesses, companies, and clients looking to publicize their products/services.

They are responsible for soliciting and securing ad times or ad spaces for clients on print publications, radio, T.V, and the internet.

They are usually in charge of selling radio or T.V ad times to clients. They contact potential clients through cold calling, emails, and arranged meetings to offer advertising services.

In bidding for a job, advertising sales agents create and present proposals to prospective customers, giving them an elaborate description of how they intend to promote their goods/services as well as the benefits and cost requirements of utilizing their advert medium.

Their role also involves assessing clients’ needs through surveys and discussions to determine ad services most suitable for each client.

Part of the duties of advertising sales agents is delivering sales presentations to convince a potential client to subscribe to an ad service.

They conduct price negotiations to strike a favorable bargain with clients. They also prepare and process transaction paperwork for account purposes.

In fulfilling their work description, advertising sale agents give clients a rundown of available services along with their accompanying features; they provide samples of advert art, designs and concept to clients for selection and approval.

They proffer recommendation on appropriate advert package giving tips on more suitable size, font or concept for an advert.

Advertising sales agents are well-versed in conducting research to keep up with latest developments in advertising.

They are skilled in not just the presentation of a sales plan but also in the preparation of sales literature, contracts and advertisement plans.

They work with the sales and PR department of a firm to develop effective advert strategy for clients.

They are also part of the team responsible for devising marketing plans. As part of their duties, advertising sales agents ensure proper documentation of sales contracts, proposals, and various other important paper works.

They attend seminars and conferences to make contacts, promote their services, and increase their knowledge of the job.

Advertising sales agents usually possess a high school diploma although some may be required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree.

Considered above educational qualification are proven sales and communication skills. Other key skills and qualities necessary for the job include persuasion skills, negotiation skills, persisting quality, and observational skills.

Advertising Sales Agent Job Description Example

Below is an example of an advertising sales agent job description, highlighting the various common duties, tasks, and responsibilities of the position:

  • Contact potential clients through emails and cold calls to offer advertising services
  • Prepare and present sales proposals to clients, giving them an overview of their promotional plan, cost requirements, and associated benefits
  • Assess the needs of clients to determine suitable service for individual clients
  • Deliver sales presentations to clients, highlighting the perks of an advertising strategy
  • Conduct negotiations to arrive at a favorable price for both the advertising company and the client
  • Process transaction documents to ensure proper accounting records
  • Present available services to clients giving concise explanations of service features
  • Proffer recommendations to clients on most appropriate advert service to meet their requirements
  • Carry out research to identify new advertising techniques necessary to increase customer base
  • Prepare sales literature, contracts, and various other documents required for product/service promotion
  • Collaborate with sales and PR department to come up with effective advert strategies
  • Maintain proper documentation of sales proposal, contract approval, and other essential paperwork
  • Participate in workshops and seminars to promote their services and increase their knowledge of advertising trends
  • Sell advertising time on radio and T.V programs
  • Maintain good working relationship with client contacting them from time to time to discuss new advert service.

Advertising Sales Agents Resume Preparation

If you wish to build an advertising sales agent resume, the above  job description sample provides a source of relevant information from which to make the work experience section of your resume, to gain the attention of a potential employer and subsequently secure the job.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Advertising Sales Agent Role

Are thinking of working as an advertising sales agent? If yes, here are the major requirements, including skills and qualities you will need to have to meet most employers’ expectation:

  • Education and Training: Advertising sales agents are required to obtain at least a high school diploma in order to secure the job position. Some employers often require advertising sales agents to possess a Bachelor’s degree
  • Communication Skills: Advertising sales agents are highly skilled in communicating with potential clients orally and in writing
  • Persuasion: They are able to convince prospective customers to subscribe to a particular advert service
  • Negotiation Skills: As one of their key skills, advertising sales agents are given to striking favorable bargains with clients to make profits
  • Observational Skills: They have an eye for detail, they are able to identify the needs of a potential client as well as shift in industry trend.

Advertising Sales Agent Skills for Resume

The above listed skills and qualities are essential in building an advertising sales agent resume.

You can highlight them in the skills section of your resume to tell recruiters that you have the needed qualities to excel as an advertising sales agent.


The advertising sales agent job description is a critical summary of the information required in preparing for the role, just as employers find it useful in selecting the best candidate for the role.