Media Analyst Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Media Analyst job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities.
Media Analysts also help in tracking the media coverage of a company’s products or services.

Media Analyst Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

This post provides complete information of the job description of a media analyst for people who want to know what they do.

It highlights key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that majorly make up the media analyst work description in most organizations.

This post also gives information on the skills, knowledge, experience, and other requirements that most recruiters usually expect prospective candidates to fulfill to be qualified to access the role.

Please, continue reading to learn more of the media analyst career:

What Does a Media Analyst Do?

A media analyst is responsible for conducting general research to produce media evaluation reports.

In other words, the major responsibility of a media analyst is to monitor the performance of the company or brand that he/she works for.

The media analyst job description entails tracking the media coverage of products or services and reporting to media buyers and cooperate executives about the information surrounding a company.

He/she works in organizations such as media analysis firms, media owners, television channels, radio stations, magazines, newspapers, and press cutting agencies.

A media analyst works in collaboration with coordinators and media buyers; he/she also examines how often the media mentioned a product or service, and also whether or not the coverage was positive.

He/she is responsible for researching and analyzing relevant print, online broadcast, and social media coverage regarding clients, as well as competitors in the same field or industry.

In addition, the media analyst work description also involves collecting public information, preparing reports, and finding data relevant to the organization he/she works for.

In terms of academic qualifications, a media analyst is required to have a Bachelor’s degree in the field of marketing, journalism, psychology, business studies, communications, media studies, or management.

However, paid or voluntary work experience with any media evaluation company or organization, or within marketing/PR can be of high advantage.

Media Analyst Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Media analysts perform various important functions in their quest to produce accurate media evaluation report for their organizations.

The major tasks, duties, and responsibilities that commonly define the media analyst job description are shown below:

  • Using various numerical and IT tools to analyze campaign performance and research results
  • Entering data into client databases, as well as helping to inform the decisions of media buyers and coordinators
  • Observing and examining whether media coverage was positive or effective
  • Working in conjunction with media buyers and coordinators in order to examine how often the media mentions their product or service
  • Writing well-organized reports
  • Taking into account the number of visitors the company’s page gets, how influential its affiliate sites are, and critically examining feedbacks
  • Looking into useful details about coverage, while also providing media research about when and where to advertise
  • Making presentations
  • Strengthening the online presence and increasing the awareness of the organization through effective social media strategies and campaigns
  • Monitoring international affairs
  • Networking with other media owners
  • Ensuring that set deadlines are met
  • Working with Media consultants to achieve objectives for clients
  • Making judgments on how important a particular audience is for the success of the product
  • Performing company-level analysis
  • Development of reporting templates
  • Ensuring fast and timely replies or responses to customers, followers, or clients’ queries and comments
  • Complex campaign structure design and implementation
  • Attending information sessions
  • Creating and supporting SEO strategies by implementing keyword most important concern into content marketing projects.

Media Analyst Job Description for Resume

If you have worked before as a media analyst or are presently working in that role and are making a resume for a new job, you can apply the media analyst job description provided above in making the work or professional experience section of the resume.

The professional experience section is an important part to include in your resume if you have worked previously or are presently working as a media analyst.

It helps you to highlight the duties and responsibilities you have carried out or are currently executing as a media analyst, which helps the recruiter to see that you have the required experience for the job and make the decision to hire you.

Media Analyst Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, Abilities – for Career Success

If you are seeking the job of a media analyst, you will be expected to meet certain requirements to qualify to put in your application.

To attract and find the candidates that can effectively perform the obligations, purpose, and objectives of the media analyst role, recruiters generally give a set of skills, knowledge, experience, etc. requirements that interested persons must meet to be able to access the job.

Shown below are major employers’ requirements for the media analyst position:

  • Inquisitiveness
  • High analytical skills are required as there is a need to filter and categorize information that is most crucial for the success of media outreach. Furthermore, analytical skills are also important in interpreting social media and other online data to react to issues that may affect the organization’s image, products, or services, or profit
  • Particular attention to details, as a media analyst is required to filter through countless media reports
  • Ability to cope with pressure
  • Ability to work with effectively with the team, but also work independently when needed
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Adequate computer and internet research skills
  • Time management skills
  • Strong research skills
  • A media analyst must be news savvy so as to be aware of important updates, and also keep track of information on products or services
  • Having a deep understanding of how different social networks operate
  • Previous professional experience
  • Deep understanding of SEO keyword research and Google analytics
  • As mentioned earlier, media analysts needs to be academically qualified by having a Bachelor’s degree in the field of marketing, journalism, psychology, business studies, communications, or media studies, or social media management.


If you are a recruiter or HR manager needing to hire for the media analyst position in your organization, you will need to inform prospective candidates of the duties and responsibilities of the role that they will be required to perform if hired by publishing a description of the job.

You can apply the sample job description provided above in making a detailed description of the available media analyst position in your organization and increase your chances of attracting the best qualified candidates.

The information provided in this post is also useful to individuals interested in the media analyst career to increase their knowledge of the duties that characterize the role.

Did this page help you understand what media analysts do? Please, leave a comment in the box below. You can also discuss your job description if you work as a media analyst.

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