Walgreens Assistant Store Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | July 18, 2023
Walgreens Assistant Store Manager Job Description
Walgreens assistant store manager provides quality support to the manager in ensuring that procedures and processes are effectively carried out in the store. Image source: Walgreens

If you’ve been trying to know what the Walgreens assistant store manager job description is, then it’s a good thing that you found yourself here.

You must be looking to really understand what the duties, tasks, and responsibilities of an assistant store manager at Walgreens are and how you can handle them so that you can be better prepared for the interview or the job when hired. 

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What does Walgreens Assistant Store Manager do?

The assistant store manager at Walgreens assists the co-manager and/or store manager with the operations of the retail store in order to maximize profit and loss performance through the execution of company policies and procedures, and the provision of superior customer service.

He/she is required to perform all these tasks in a very safe manner that is consistent with all the applicable laws and corporate policies.

In the absence of the store manager, the assistant manager performs the responsibilities that should have been performed by the manager, but when the store manager is present, he/she performs those functions in conjunction with the manager.

They ensure that the store opens and closes at the right time.

They analyze operations reports and make recommendations for improvement.

They are also responsible for the hiring, training, and promotion of the associates.

Walgreens Assistant Store Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The Walgreens assistant store manager job description entails the following duties, tasks, and responsibilities:

  • Assist the store manager with the retail store operations which includes leading associates through execution of the business plans/objectives of the company to drive sales
  • Provide a superior associate and customer experience and enforce all policies and procedures so as to ensure that excellent customer service is provided, and to maximize the P-L performance of the store
  • Assist with the appearance and the general maintenance of the store by ensuring a safe and pleasing environment for both the customers and the associates; request maintenance of the store when required
  • Ensure that the store opens and closes at the right time and that the proper procedures are duly followed for bank transactions and bank deposits
  • Interact with vendors to order ads, seasonal, and basic merchandise and even ice cream (where applicable) for the store
  • Merchandise the seasonal aisle and the non-seasonal, basic, and seasonal end-caps
  • Ensure that merchandise is set up according to the plan-o-grams which are received from the corporate office
  • Execute weekly sales ads and price changes; process recalled, outdated, damaged and transferred merchandise
  • Receive all merchandise deliveries from vendors and Rite Aid distribution centers and verify that information from the vendor invoice is accurate; and also enter vendor invoices into the accounts payable system
  • Prepare the retail store for physical inventory through ensuring that merchandise on the sales floor and also in the stock room is in order and can be accessed easily
  • Analyze reports on operations and make recommendations for improvement
  • Utilize Staffworks/Workforce Management software to complete the associate work schedule
  • Continually have knowledge of the One-Hour Photo department and film processing if applicable to assist the Pharmacy department when there is a very high volume of customers
  • Provide necessary leadership and development for all associates by providing regular performance feedback, communicating career opportunities, and demonstrating RAPTAR (Recognition, Appreciation, Praise, Treat Associates Respectfully) behaviors
  • Manage the complete adherence to all the regulatory and compliance legislation and policies, ensuring that all outdated products and products with less than 30 days until expiration are removed from the sales floor so that they can be processed through the established returns process
  • Interview, hire, direct, train, reward/praise, encourage, motivate, and discipline associates; appraising performance of associates and also playing an active role in resolving complaints.

Walgreens Assistant Store Manager Job Description for Resume

If you are writing a new resume or CV and have had some experience working as an assistant store manager at Walgreens, you can create the Professional Experience section of the resume by applying the sample job description above.

By highlighting the duties and responsibilities shown above in your resume’s Professional Experience section, it will be more impressive to the recruiter/employer, especially if the new job that you are seeking requires some work experience as an assistant store manager.

Walgreens Assistant Store Manager Requirements – Abilities, Skills, and Knowledge for Career Success

Recruiters who want to hire assistant store managers for Walgreens or similar companies would always require that applicants meet the necessary requirements for the job.

This would enable only qualified candidates who can perform the tasks required of an assistant store manager to be offered appointments for interviews, and are also hired.

Education and/or Experience/Qualifications for Walgreens Assistant Store Manager Position

In accordance with state law, all the candidates for the position of the assistant store manager at Walgreens or similar companies must satisfy the minimum age requirements to sell and/or supervise the sale of tobacco and/or alcohol products.

Here are other major requirements to meet to be hired as an assistant store manager with Walgreens:

  • The assistant store manager must possess the ability to pass all drug tests and must be committed to providing customer service that would make both the internal and the external customers feel important, valued, welcome, comfortable and duly appreciated.

He/she must also have the ability to preserve the confidentiality of information

  • He/she must have the ability and willingness to move with purpose and a very strong sense of urgency.

Being proactive and swift are very important attributes of an assistant store manager and it’s something you have to possess if you must be given a look.

  • An assistant store manager must have the ability to work during weekends and extended days too on a frequent basis as the need to do this frequently arrives
  • He/she must be able to work day or evening hours when needed
  • Accuracy and complete attention to detail is paramount
  • The assistant store manager must be able to organize and also to prioritize a variety of projects or tasks
  • He/she must be familiar with technical/industry processes and terms
  • Ability to efficiently work within strict time frames and resolute deadlines
  • Must possess at least two (2) years of experience in retail, restaurant, or customer service industry, and food service; most preferably at a supervisor level and/or a two year college degree.


If you are interested in a career with Walgreens or other similar companies as an assistant store manager, you will find information on this post helpful in learning about the duties and responsibilities of the role.

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