Walgreens Pharmacy Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Walgreens Pharmacy Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities.
The Walgreens pharmacy manager ensures effective supervision of pharmacists to meet departmental and company goals.

Walgreens Pharmacy Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

This post provides exhaustive information on the Walgreens pharmacy manager job description, to help you understand the work that they do.

It highlights the various duties, tasks, and responsibilities that typically make up the Walgreens pharmacy manger work description.

It also presents the major requirements you will be expected to meet to qualify for hiring at Walgreens or other similar companies for the job of a pharmacy manager.

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What does a Walgreens Pharmacy Manager do?

A pharmacy manager at Walgreens manages other pharmacists and ensures that they’re effective.

They are responsible for ensuring total adherence to pharmacy practices.

They direct and supervise the pharmacy operations manager as well as the pharmacy technicians, pharmacists, and interns.

They make sure that the pharmacy operates in accordance with the regulations of the state.

They’re responsible for counseling patients and providing answers to their questions regarding the usage, side effects, and contraindications of drugs.

They’re responsible for ensuring the safe storage of drugs and for the compensation of team members.

Walgreens Pharmacy Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The Walgreens pharmacy manager job description entails the following duties, tasks, and responsibilities:

  • Direct, lead, and manage pharmacists and the performance of the pharmacy operations manager, and also ensure the engagement of team members
  • Ensure the professional growth and development of the pharmacists and the pharmacy operations manager
  • Enforce overall compliance and ensure business results of the pharmacy across operations, clinical outcomes quality, and growth
  • Ensure adherence to proper pharmacy practice including but not restricted to monitoring/implementing/evaluating prescription drug orders, educating patients on the proper use or delivery of medication, dispensing prescription drug and device orders, completing drug regimen reviews, providing immunization and patient counseling, as well as medication therapy management
  • Compound and label drugs and devices and also perform proper and safe storage of drugs and devices
  • Act as a full-time pharmacist in the home store
  • Fulfill the requirements of the Pharmacist-In-Charge (PIC), upholding the pharmacy board, the state, and federal laws, and ensuring that all pharmacy personnel comply with all Federal and State pharmacy and drug laws, requirements, rules, and regulations
  • Provide direction and supervision of the pharmacy operations manager, pharmacy technicians, interns, and the pharmacists
  • Engage all customers and patients by greeting and offering assistance to them with products and services
  • Resolve all customer complaints, help respond to their requests in a timely manner, and also answer questions in order to ensure a positive patient experience
  • Model and share best customer service practices with the entire members of the team to deliver a top-notch customer experience
  • Monitor the customer service provided by other team members whilst offering reminders, training, encouragement, and developing plans for improvement
  • Develop very strong relationships with the customers by anticipating their needs and proactively offering services
  • Enhance customer experience by increasing the focus on healthcare services to improve health outcomes and quality of life
  • Counsel patients and provide answers to their questions regarding the usage of medicine, side effects, contraindications, interactions, generics, patient information privacy, therapeutic interchanges, and over-the-counter products, and also refers to a medical provider when needed to ensure that medication is properly taken and health needs are addressed
  • Perform tasks of a pharmacist like compounding, verification, drug therapy reviews, and medication management
  • Reviews, interpret, and accurately dispense prescribed medications
  • Accountable for making sure that all elements of the Company Dispensing policy are used in conjunction with State and Federal controlled substance laws when filling prescriptions and are followed by all pharmacy personnel
  • Accountable for safe medication storage and other key activities of the pharmacy inventory
  • Follow up with the offices of medical providers in order to clarify the prescribed medications, refills, dosages, interactions and allergies so as to suggest alternative medications and answer medical provider questions
  • Provide clinical, wellness, retail, and other preventive healthcare services like immunizations
  • Supervise the execution of the operations of the pharmacy by the pharmacy operations manager, for example, auditing and record-keeping, core pharmacy workflow and maintenance
  • Supervise staff pharmacists in their execution of core pharmacist duties, like inventory management, patient care, provision of healthcare services and collaboration with medical providers’ offices
  • Make the hiring, promotion, and performance management decisions, and also address issues, discipline store team members and engage with Employee Relations and Human Resources as required
  • Develop performance improvement plans for employees and follow them up according to deadlines
  • Monitor and approve compensation for all team members
  • Ensure total compliance with all policies of the company, applicable employment laws, and consistent fairness in the treatment of every team member
  • Regularly communicate with members of the team through one-on-one discussions, group meetings, answering questions; also ensure that the communication lines are open between management and non-management team members
  • In charge of the training and personal development of team members
  • Develop and maintain very strong relationships with the local medical community which includes nurses, physicians, and other health care providers
  • Collaborate and build strategic partnerships which result in win-win results.

Walgreens Pharmacy Manager Job Description for Resume

If you are making a new resume or CV and have worked before or are currently working as a pharmacy manager at Walgreens, you can make an effective Professional Experience section for your resume by utilizing the job description example above.

By highlighting the duties and responsibilities of the pharmacy manager position at Walgreens given above in your resume’ Professional Experience section, you will be telling the recruiter/employer that you are the right person for the role that you are seeking, especially if it requires some pharmacy manager work experience to be effective in it.

Walgreens Pharmacy Manager Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge for a Successful Career

When making hiring decisions for the role of the pharmacy manager, Walgreens and other recruiters/employers usually ask prospective applicants to  meet certain requirements in order to be qualified to be hired for the vacant  position.

This ensures that only people with the ability to perform the objectives, obligations, and purposes of the pharmacy manager job are offered appointments for interviews and are eventually hired.

Walgreens Pharmacy Manager Basic Qualifications

  • Must possess a BS in Pharmacy or Pharm D Degree from an accredited educational institution
  • Must have a current pharmacist licensure in the States within the district (or should be willing to obtain that within a year) per district guidelines
  • Must be a certified Immunizer or willing to become one within 90 days of hire
  • 1 year of pharmacy experience in a retail setting, which includes prescription filling and verification, pharmacy operations, software and technology systems, records and legal compliance, and insurance
  • Must have experience performing prescription and dispensing activities, and also have strong working knowledge of applicable State and Federal controlled substance laws
  • Must achieve the expectations rating on the last performance review with zero written disciplinary actions in the last 12 months (only for internal candidates)
  • Should have an overall score of “Exceeds Expectations” for the most current performance review period
  • Must have at least 6 months of pharmacy experience with Walgreen Co.


If you are looking to understand what recruiters or HR managers need in order to hire a pharmacy manager at Walgreens or other similar retail companies, then this post would definitely be very helpful to you.

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