Top 25 Resume Objectives for Registered Nurse Positions

By | August 15, 2023
Resume Objectives for Registered Nurse
A great objective statement can significantly increase the chances of your registered nurse resume to be read.

Top 25 Resume Objectives for Registered Nurse Positions

This post provides valuable tips and examples you need to write an effective resume objective for a registered nurse position that you are applying for.

When submitting a resume for a registered nurse position, you need to begin it with a compelling objective statement to ensure that the recruiter goes into it and read all parts of it.

It is important that the recruiter reads your resume; this will enable them to learn about what you are bringing to the table and decide if you meet their requirements for the job.

By crafting an irresistible career objective statement for your registered nurse resume, you will be increasing your chances of being invited to an interview because if the recruiter reads your objective statement, it increases your chances of getting an interview appointment.

How to Make an Effective Registered Nurse Objective Statement for Resume

The key to writing a great objective statement for resume for seeking a registered nurse job is to understand what the employer wants the right candidate to have.

When you know this, which you can actually get from the job description published by the employer, you can then present yourself in the objective statement as someone with the skills, experience, competence, etc. that are required for success on the registered nurse job.

Therefore, you need to first study the job description of the registered nurse position that you are applying for before you write the objective statement for the resume.

This will enable you to target your objective to the requirements of the registered nurse job, which will definitely capture the recruiter’s interest to get them into the body of your resume to learn more about what you are offering.

Here are some good examples of resume objectives for various registered nurse positions to hasten your ability to master writing them:

25 Best Resume Objective Statements for Registered Nurse Positions

  1. Individual seeking a registered nurse position at Cortex Health with ability to work in a self-directed role, make follow-up calls to patients, and document patient responses. Also coming with US Registered Nurse license, a valid liability insurance, accountability, diligence, professionalism, as well as ability to contract from home computer, ensure HIPAA compliance from home, help improve patient recovery, and prevent readmissions by making invisible patients visible.
  2. Hopeful to gain employment with Horace Mann Educational Assoc as a Registered Nurse to supervise program LPN, administer daily medication, treat patients of various illnesses, and annually and semiannually communicate with residences, physicians and families. Also coming with RN with ID/DD experience, and ability to facilitate health care services and provide nursing support for individuals with Developmental Disabilities.
  3. Looking for the position of a Registered Nurse with Tribal EM to plan, implement, and evaluate patient care plans based on patient assessment to optimize outcomes and maximize available resources. Also coming with accreditation from a Registered Nursing program, a state license as a Registered Nurse (RN), and 5 years of OB Registered Nurse experience.
  4. Highly talented and motivated Registered Nurse seeking a position at Lake Region Healthcare to work in multiple departments and prescribe, delegate and coordinate nursing care. A passionate candidate with effective interpersonal and communication skills, degree from a nursing school, current licensure of the state, current Healthcare Provider level CPR certification, and ability to supervise patient care and secure cooperation from others.
  5. Highly trained individual with ability to offer excellent service to patients by delivering patient care through the nursing process of assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation, seeking to work with Pen Bay Medical Center as a Registered Nurse. Coming with a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited school of nursing, current BLS Certification, and ACLS certification. Also bringing huge knowledge of Evidence Based Practice and Patient and Family Centered Care.
  6. Creative and problem-solving professional desirous to join a group of nurses at The Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind (USDB) in the position of a Registered Nurse. Coming with exceptional ability to meet the needs of medically fragile students in class, provide care for emergencies and acute health care needs of USDB students, assess students’ health care plans, amend HCP as required, and coordinate clinical activities and health care follow-up duties including different screenings and/or assessments.
  7. Flexible and energetic individual with excellent nursing skills, seeking the position of a Registered Nurse with California Prison Health Care Services. Coming with strong ability to provide basic nursing care to inmates incarcerated in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, including assessments, triage, scheduling, patient education, emergency response coverage, and competence performing health care related duties with the RN Scope of Practice.
  8. To obtain a position with NurseDash as a Registered Nurse to leverage ability to consult and coordinate with health care team members to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care plans. Also bringing 5 years experience, Valid Texas Nursing License, ACLS and BLS Certifications, desire to work in a fast paced setting, and ability to quickly adapt to a new team and setting.
  9. Energetic individual with five years of experience working in a nursing environment, seeking the job of a Registered Nurse with U.S. Dermatology Partners. Coming with profound ability to provide assistance to medical providers in various health care settings, including the surgical settings. Also bringing safe, knowledgeable, compassionate individualized care to all patients.
  10. Team oriented individual eager to work at St. Mary’s Hospital as a Registered Nurse with ability to implement and monitor patient care plans, record and communicate patient condition. Also coming with five years registered nurse experience, a degree from an accredited school of nursing, as well as ability to serve as a primary coordinator of all disciplines for well-coordinated patient care, note and carry out physician and nursing orders, and assess and coordinate patient’s discharge planning needs with members of the healthcare team.
  11. Individual with strong ability to learn fast interested in the position of a Registered Nurse at Memorial Regional Health to effectively record patients’ current status, past medical history, vaccine status, vital statistics, and medication reconciliation in preparation for provider visit in EMR. Also bringing General Surgery Specialty and Wound Certification, and ability to collaborate with patient care planning, actively participate in education specific to patient diagnosis and needs, and demonstrate knowledge of emergency and routine equipment and procedures.
  12. Safety conscious individual with high level of skills and experience. Desirous of a registered nurse position with PrairieCare LLC to utilize knowledge of nursing practices, ability to follow the Nurse Practice Act, and ability to multitask and communicate professionally both verbally and in writing. Also coming with current RN license with the State Board of Nurse Examiners, critical thinking skills and ability to solve problems and make safe judgment calls in stressful situations, as well as basic computer skills using Microsoft Outlook and Word.
  13. Active individual with huge registered nurse skills, ability to collaborate with healthcare providers to promote the most appropriate, highest quality and effective use of diagnostic imaging to ensure quality member outcomes, and to optimize member benefits. Longing for the Registered Nurse position with AIM Specialty Health to utilize ability to receive preauthorization requests from front-line intake, conduct initial medical necessity clinical screening, and maintain confidentiality of patient, and provide specific information. Also bringing an Associate degree in Nursing, current unrestricted RN state license, familiarity with managed health care programs, including HMO, PPO and POS, and with ICD-9 and CPT 4 coding.
  14. An enthusiastic individual desirous of an Entry Level Registered Nurse position with Novant where the ability to deliver the most remarkable patient experience, leverage diversity and inclusion in support of quality care, and foster a safe patient environment driven by principles will be applied. Also bringing a Bachelor’s degree, a current state license and 3 years of relevant experience.
  15. Passionate individual hopeful for a Registered Nurse position with OSF Healthcare, to protect, promote, and restore health and wellness by practicing at the highest level of the Registered Nurse licensure, collaborate with providers and multidisciplinary care team members to provide care coordination across the continuum, assess and support physical symptoms, and provide psychological support to patients, friends and families. Also coming with current Registered Nurse licensure by the California State Board of Nursing, a BSN degree, current American Heart Association HealthCare Provider BLS, and 5 years of experience as a registered nurse in a healthcare environment.
  16. Team oriented individual eager to work at Fond du Lac Clinic as a Registered Nurse, bringing 3 years of nursing experience, a Bachelor’s degree, ability to provide treatment for job related injuries, conduct pre-employment health screenings and immunization clinics, ensure compliance with applicable workplace safety laws and regulations, and provide employee counseling and referrals for occupational injuries and illnesses.
  17. Searching for a Registered Nurse job at Vidant Medical Group where ability to demonstrate knowledge and skill necessary to provide clinical care, supervise department partnerships to achieve positive patient outcomes will be utilized. Also coming with strong knowledge of the principles of growth and development over the life-span, and ability to assess data reflective of the patient’s status. Also coming with Basic Life Support (BLS) certification, current state licensure as a Registered Nurse and basic computer skills with excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  18. Highly organized individual interested in a Registered Nurse position with Vibra Healthcare, bringing ability to develop, implement, evaluate and revise a plan of care of assigned patients and families while promoting the mission and values of the clinic. Also coming with current, valid, and active license to practice as a Registered Nurse in the state of California, current BLS certification from a company-approved vendor, as current ACLS certification from a company-approved vendor.
  19. Individual with strong reasoning ability looking to contribute enough experience in the Registered Nurse job at Evolent Health. Coming with active, unrestricted Registered Nurse license, 3 years of appeals experience in a prayer-based environment, 5 years of acute care and outpatient clinical experience, 5 years of utilization management experience, and excellent written and verbal communication skills, and proficiency with PC-based software programs including Word, Excel and Outlook; strong critical thinking, analytical, research and organizational skills, and a BS degree.
  20. Experienced, detail oriented and highly organized individual seeking an Entry Level Registered Nurse position with Good Samaritan Hospital. Coming with ability to implement and monitor patient care plans, monitor, and record and communicate patient condition as appropriate. Also bringing 5 years registered nurse experience and a Bachelor’s degree.
  21. Certified Registered Nurse with working knowledge of nursing and patient care; 5 years of experience working in the ICU, CC, ER, and Telephonic Triage units; licenses and certifications. Desirous of a Registered Nurse position with Carenet Healthcare Services, bringing Bachelor’s degree, critical thinking, and clinical skills alongside verbal and written communication skills.
  22. Talented individual in search of a position with Franklin Community Health Network as a Registered Nurse with ability to take care of patients in accordance with established protocols, policies and procedures at Franklin Memorial Hospital. Also bringing proficient computer skills; current BLS certification; a Bachelor’s degree; ability to work progressively towards competency and independence in the delivering of effective patient care.
  23. Hopeful to gain employment with Altru Health System as a Registered Nurse to assess patients’ condition and nursing needs, develop a plan of care based on assessment that reflects the patient’s physical, psychological, social, educational, developmental and rehabilitative needs. Also bringing certifications, licenses, Basic Life Support (BLS), as well as the ability to report pertinent observations and reactions regarding patients to the appropriate multidisciplinary team member and record those observations accurately and concisely.
  24. To obtain the position of Registered Nurse with Beaver Dam Community Hospitals, Inc. to leverage ability to provide exceptional patient care that creates a positive and meaningful experience. Also bringing current WI RN license, 3 years experience, and BLS, as well as the ability to provide backup coverage to other clinic positions as required and complete tasks in accordance with hospital policies and regulatory requirements.
  25. Passionate individual in search of a Registered Nurse position with the Northern Montana Hospital where the ability to identify alterations in patients’ health, assess their human response to actual and potential health problems; implement nursing interventions based on theoretical concepts from nursing and other arts and sciences; and evaluate the effectiveness of nursing interventions to achieve optimal patient outcomes. Also bringing BSN and professional nursing board certification.


When applying for a registered nurse job, it is important to ensure that the employer reads all parts of your resume so that they will be able to properly assess your application and offer you an interview appointment.

A sure way to get the employer into the body of your resume and read what you are bringing to the registered nurse job is to craft a powerful objective statement that shows them you perfectly meet their requirements for the position.

This post provides valuable ideas and examples you can apply to make a registered nurse resume objective statement that makes your resume more likely to be read by the recruiter.

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