20 Top Elementary Teacher Resume Objective Samples You Can Use

By | July 19, 2023
Elementary Teacher Resume Objective
You can boost the impact of your elementary teacher resume with a compelling objective statement starting it.

If you are seeking an elementary teacher position, starting your resume/CV with a powerful objective statement can increase your chances of being invited to an interview.

No doubt, the quality of your resume objective statement can determine if you get hired for the elementary teacher position or not.

This post will help you to learn how to make an effective objective for your elementary teacher resume.

How to Make a Great Resume Objective Statement for an Elementary Teacher Position

To make an attractive resume objective statement for an elementary teacher position, you need to know what exactly the employer/recruiter wants for the role.

When you know this, you will be able to show that you are the right person for the elementary teacher position in your resume objective.

This will make your resume attractive to the recruiter/employer to read and learn about your offering for the elementary teacher job.

Your chances of getting the elementary teacher job are increased when the recruiter/employer actually takes the time to read your resume/CV to know what you are bringing to the job.

You can easily discover the kind of person the recruiter/employer is looking for to hire for the vacant elementary teacher position in their school from studying the job description and requirements that they published.

In these published documents, you will learn about the duties and responsibilities that make up the elementary teacher job in the school.

You will also learn about the requirements, including the skills, abilities, experience, etc. that the right candidates should have to be hired for the elementary teacher position.

Having this knowledge will help you to assess your suitability for the elementary teacher job and to make a resume objective statement that projects you as the candidate the employer/recruiter is seeking.

To win the recruiter/employer over, your elementary teacher objective statement should show that you possess some of the major requirements that the recruiter/employer specifies.

Your resume objective should also show that you have a strong understanding of the elementary teacher duties and responsibilities to be performed and can effectively do the job.

Now, here are some good resume objective statements for elementary teacher positions that you can learn with in making one for your resume/CV:

20 Top Elementary Teacher Resume Objective Samples You Can Use

  1. Safety conscious individual with high level of skills and experience longing for an Elementary Teacher position with URBAN ACT, to plan and deliver effective instruction, create a culture of learning, and relate with family and community. Also bringing Bachelor’s Degree in Education, valid state certification and license, 5 years of experience in elementary teaching, and good communication skills.
  2. Experienced, talented, and highly organized individual seeking an Elementary Teacher position with Killeen ISD, to provide students with appropriate learning activities and experiences needed to fulfill their emotional, intellectual, social growth, and physical development; and enable students to develop competences and skills to function successfully in society. Coming with Bachelor’s Degree, 5 years OF experience in elementary teaching, valid driver’s license, Texas teaching certificate, and good analytical skills.
  3. Looking for the position of an Elementary Teacher with U.S. Department of the Interior to prepare annual instructional outlines and related daily lesson plans covering relevant units of study, and specify objectives and activities; teach students by selecting, developing and implementing suitable instructional schemes; and maintain control of assigned classes. Also coming with Bachelor’s Degree, valid state driver’s license, and state certification.
  4. Creative and problem-solving individual desirous to join a group of professionals at Connections Academy in the position of an Elementary Teacher, with strong ability to use data to monitor successful completion of assignments and review curriculum and determine course modifications. Also coming with Bachelor’s Degree, certification in multiple states, excellent verbal and written communication skills, excellent attention to detail, and strong technology skills.
  5. An enthusiastic and customer oriented individual desirous of an Elementary Teacher position with Georgia Cyber Academy to organize social and educational activities for students and families, travel to testing sites to proctor exams, and help staff with any enrollment. Also bringing Bachelor’s Degree, 2 years of student teaching experience, appropriate state teaching certification, knowledge of state content standards, knowledge of content being taught, and understanding of interdependency of deadlines on multiple projects.
  6. Individual with strong ability to learn fast interested in the position of an Elementary Teacher at The Academy Charter School to teach students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs); document all assignments, lesson plans, and other instructional materials and processes; as well as use consistent school-wide practices. Also bringing Master’s Degree, 3 years of K – 6 certified teaching experience, New York Teacher Certification, and problem solving skills.
  7. Individual with strong reasoning ability looking to contribute 5 years of experience in working with elementary grade students at Milwaukee College Prep School as an Elementary Teacher. Coming with Bachelor’s Degree, passion for teaching in Milwaukee, and Wisconsin teaching certification; successful lead teaching experience, and certification in subject area. Also coming with strong ability to design and implement assessments; participate in network-wide functions and three week staff orientation; as well as build strong relationships and communicate effectively with students, families, and colleagues.
  8. To obtain a position with Bureau of Indian Affairs to teach students by selecting, developing, adapting and implementing appropriate instructional techniques; as well as develop and conduct instruction within an atmosphere that provides and promotes opportunities for students to develop relationships, self-discipline, and a positive self-image. Also coming with Bachelor’s Degree, emergency and provisional certifications, valid state driver’s license, standard based assessment skills, classroom instruction competence, sound classroom management ability, and ability to communicate effectively.
  9. Energetic individual with five years of huge experience working in an Elementary Teacher position, seeking employment with Uncommon Schools to bring Master’s Degree, 5 years of teaching experience in an urban setting, valid state certification, drive to improve the students’ minds and lives, and demonstrated track-record of high achievement in the classroom. Also coming with profound ability to implement curricula and activities to meet academic standards, and use assessment data to refine curriculum.
  10. Highly trained individual seeking to work in an Elementary Teacher position with Alexandria City Public Schools to facilitate student success in academic and interpersonal skills by implementing district approved curriculum; document teaching and student progress, activities and results; and provide a safe and optimal learning atmosphere. Also coming with Master’s Degree, valid Virginia Department Education license, and 3 years of working experience as a teacher in an elementary school.
  11. Highly organized individual interested in an Elementary Teacher position with Stratford School, bringing strong ability to create, manage, and participate in a variety of learning environments and activities that offer opportunities for students to develop; maintain a safe and healthy environment, and participate collaboratively and professionally with other faculty and staff. Also coming with Bachelor’s Degree, demonstrated knowledge and proficiency with technology and commitment, strong interpersonal and communication skills, and teacher credential.
  12. Looking for the position of a Skilled Elementary Teacher with Diocese of Orlando to organize and direct lessons and activities related to established standards; develop and document weekly lesson plans consistent with curriculum guidelines, and maintain high professional standards consistent with the mission of Good Shepherd Catholic School and the teachings of the Catholic Church. Also coming with Bachelor’s Degree in K – 6th grades elementary education, 5 years of teaching experience, current Florida Teaching Certificate, and previous experience in a Catholic school setting.
  13. Hopeful to gain employment with First Baptist School of Laurel as an Elementary Teacher to teach children of diverse ability levels, incorporate technology into the curriculum, and attend parent meetings. Also bringing Master’s Degree in Education, experience teaching students in an elementary grade, and proficiency with technology and multimedia equipment.
  14. Certified Elementary Teacher with 5 years of childhood teaching experience, desirous of Elementary Teacher position with BASIS.ed to lead students through classroom transitions during the day, collaborate with the Subject Expert Teacher (SET) for each class period, and provide instruction to meet the differentiated needs of students. Also bringing Master’s Degree, 5 years of experience as an elementary teacher, valid fingerprint clearance, demonstrated passion for student accomplishment and directed effort to raise individual student outcomes, and strong communication skills.
  15. Highly talented and motivated Elementary Teacher, seeking a position at Chatham County Schools to assist students to achieve a better understanding of specific subject material, collaborate with the school principal and staff members to assess students’ needs. Also coming with Bachelor’s Degree, knowledge of curriculum and best practices, highly developed presentation skills, knowledge of effective staff development models, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and demonstrated leadership aptitude and good technical skills.
  16. Seeking an elementary teacher job at Gwinnett County Public Schools where the ability to plan for appropriate learning experiences for students based on the district Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) curriculum will be applied. Also bringing strong ability to make provision for environment conducive to the physical, intellectual, social and emotional development of students, Bachelor’s Degree in Education from a Professional Education Qualification (PSC) approved university, five years of teaching experience and license and certification.
  17. Looking for the position of an Elementary Teacher with Camelot Education to design and provide instruction in accordance with curriculum planning and timing guidelines; conduct frequent and appropriate assessments to determine student understanding; and work closely with other instruction, support, clinical and administrative staff. Also coming with Bachelor’s Degree, 3 years of experience working as an elementary teacher, current Pennsylvania Teacher Certification, and working knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  18. Talented individual seeking a position with Connections Academy as an Elementary Teacher, with ability to support students and parents with alternate strategies, and keep student records and data up-to-date. Also bringing strong technology skills, such as MS Office programs, Microsoft OS, and Google Suite; excellent oral and written communication skills; and high degree of flexibility.
  19. Team oriented individual eager to work at Wicomico County Board of Education with ability to develop and administer curriculum consistent with school district goals, develop lesson plans and institutional materials, and ensure that student conduct conforms to the school’s standards and school district policies. Also bringing eligibility for the Maryland State Department of Education Teaching Certificate, knowledge of subject matter and appropriate instructional methodologies, exemplary organizational and planning skills, and written and oral communication skills.
  20. Active individual with huge elementary teacher skills and abilities to create a positive, success-oriented and structured learning environment; motivate students to realize high academic and behavioral standards; as well as exemplify AF’s core values in all interactions with students, families, and colleagues. Longing for the Elementary Teacher position at Achievement First to bring Master’s Degree, 3 years of teaching experience, strong instructional and classroom management skills, and high level of personal organizational and planning skills.


You can improve your chances of getting the recruiter/employer to read the whole of your elementary teacher resume/CV by starting it with an effective objective statement that tells them you are the right person for the job.

You can easily and quickly learn how to make a wining elementary teacher resume objective statement by using the ideas and examples on this page.

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