Top 20 Resume Objective Examples for Project Manager Position

By | August 15, 2023
Resume Objective Examples for Project Manager
A great objective statement can boost the effectiveness of your project manager resume.

Top 20 Resume Objective Examples for Project Manager Position

When writing a resume to be used in applying for a project manager position, it is important to begin it with a powerful objective statement to increase the recruiter’s interest in it.

One of the key success factors of any resume is having a captivating career objective statement.

With a compelling objective, the recruiter/employer can easily be drawn into the resume to read all what you have to offer, which will increase your chances of being hired for the project manager position.

This post will show you the sure way of writing an irresistible resume objective statement for any project manager job that you are seeking.

How to Make a Great Project Manager Resume Objective Statement

To make an attractive resume objective for a project manager position, you need to know what exactly the employer/recruiter wants for the role.

When you know this and show it in your resume objective, then you should expect a favorable response from the recruiter/employer.

Usually, when hiring for the project manager position, employers/recruiters would publish the job description and requirements that interested individuals must meet to be hired for the role.

These publications provide the information you need to learn all about the qualities, skills, education, experience, etc., as well as the duties you will be expected to perform if employed as a project manager with the organization.

With the information you gain from studying the job description and requirements of the available project manager position, you will be able to craft a compelling career objective statement that assures the recruiter that you are best suited for the job.

In writing your objective, you can highlight a few of the best skills, qualities, experience, etc. that you have and are relevant to the recruiter/employer, and show that you will make an effective project manager in their organization.

Shown below are very good examples of resume objective statements for various project manager positions that you can study to boost your skills in making one for your resume:

Best 20 Resume Objective Samples for Project Manager Positions

  1. Energetic individual with five years of experience working in a project management position. Seeking the job of a Project Manager with Ace-stack LLC. Where strong knowledge of global corporate business processes and their relationship to technology, excellent problem solving skills, verbal and written communication skills, and hands-on experience defining and documenting process flows will be utilized.
  2. Individual with strong ability to learn fast interested in the position of a Project Manager at Equinix, to help transform ECXFabric to create a seamless and integrated Port and Virtual Circuit ordering experience across Portal and APIs, develop usage Insights on Big Data Analytics, and collaborate with the technical minds in building reliable products. Also coming with problem solving skills, teamwork and excellent communication skills, and experience with Git, and exposure to web application development.
  3. Safety conscious individual with high level of skills and experience. Desirous of a Project Manager position with NetSuite to effective supervise the planning and execution, as well as the quality control and profitability of NetSuite customization and integration projects for company’s clients around the world. Also bringing exceptional written and verbal communication skills; strong organization and attention to detail skills; 5 years of NetSuite Administration experience; and high professional drive, reliability, and integrity.
  4. Experienced, talented, and highly organized individual seeking a Project Manager position with Dollar General Corporation. Coming with a Bachelor’s degree, 5 years of multi-unit retail experience with merchandising knowledge, and financial analysis skills to react to financial reporting data and manage budgets to ensure compliance with capital budgets as it relates to departmental planning. Also bring exceptional ability to effectively work with others in scheduling and executing projects to achieve company objectives.
  5. Individual seeking a Project Manager position at HCL Americas where the ability to create work plans, monitor, and track the work schedule for on time delivery will be applied. Also bringing profound ability to develop and guide the team members in enhancing their technical capabilities and increasing productivity; ensure process improvement and compliance in the assigned module; and participate in technical discussions.
  6. An enthusiastic individual desirous of an Entry Level Project Manager position with Bytedance, to coordinate business marketing activities and operations to secure efficiency and compliance to company policies. Also bringing 5 years of experience in Administrative and Project Coordinator role, exceptional verbal and written communication skills, impeccable attention to detail, and great organizational skills to manage time and schedule.
  7. Active individual with huge project management skills and ability to develop and evaluate MSAW COVID-19 education program and activities; provide effective coordination of resources and positively promote the program, organization and partner; and work as an Outreach Educator. Longing for a position with Family Health/La Clinica as a Project Manager, to bring excellent problem-solving and analytical skills, ability to work independently, and establish and maintain effective working relationships while performing job duties.
  8. Certified Project Manager with ability to facilitate multidisciplinary project teams, interface with each department within the company, meet client and management expectations, establish strong faculty relationships, and ensure programs remain on target and within agreed-upon parameters. Desirous of a Project Management position with The Lockwood Group, and coming with strong financial management skills, organizational skills, multi-tasking skills, and willingness to motivate others.
  9. To obtain the position of a Project Manager with AECOM, to leverage strong leadership skills, customer service skills, experience in project development and execution, great problem solving skills, experience in dispute resolution, excellent oral and written communication skills, Bachelor’s degree, experience with documentation management process, proficiency in Google Suite, including sheets and docs, and ability to take instruction from leadership and translate it into results.
  10. Talented individual seeking a position with Thermo Fisher Scientific as a Project Manager. Coming with strong ability to help customers find cures for cancer and make sure their food is safe. Also bringing strong interpersonal and communication skills in a team setting, PhD with 3 years of early-phase pharmaceutical development experience, Bachelor’s degree with 10 years of early-phase pharmaceutical development experience, and five years working experience in project management, and PMP certification.
  11. Team oriented individual eager to work at Konsus, with ability to manage a high number of design projects, conduct quality control and client coordination, and oversee teams of product specialists. Also coming with analytical skills, excellent communication skills, business experience, understanding of design quality and style, flexibility skills, and organization skills.
  12. Highly talented and motivated Project Manager seeking a position at IDL Worldwide to utilize ability to manage different projects while prioritizing; develop and maintain collaborative relationships with clients, peers and key stakeholders; lead teams and direct cross functional work. A passionate candidate with a Bachelor’s degree, excellent communication skills, 5 years of project management experience, strong ability to work closely with clients and manage relationships, and collaborate effectively with multiple internal teams.
  13. Hopeful to gain employment with Operational Sustainability, LLC as a Project Manager to oversee project scope, goals and deliverables that support business goals in collaboration with senior management and stakeholders; and effectively communicate project expectations to team members and stakeholders in a timely and clear fashion. Also, coming with Bachelor’s degree, 5 years of experience in project management with an emphasis on software implementation, as well as advanced oral and written communication skills.
  14. Looking for the position of a Project Manager with Aptean to provide effective coordination of the post-acquisition integration process across marketing; and continue to improve the integration process. Also coming with a Master’s degree, 5 years of project management experience, strong influence skills, good business sense, and comfort working with executive leadership.
  15. Highly trained individual seeking to work in a Project Management position with Translation Services USA, coming with ability to effectively manage assigned projects and maintain responsibility for the planning, execution, tracking, delivery and closure of projects; create and manage project schedules, quote and budget; ensure all finance systems data is accurate and kept up to date; and establish strong relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.
  16. Creative and problem-solving professional desirous to join a group of professionals at Concert Technologies, Inc. in the position of a Project Manager. Coming with ability to manage individual projects implementing processes to execute them efficiently, analyze project data and inputs into COPS, assess and prioritize call volume, provide superior customer service, and maintain working knowledge of other members’ jobs. Also coming with technical skills, customer service skills, as well as teamwork, professionalism, planning, and organizational skills.
  17. Seeking a Project Manager job at Walton; to apply strong ability to coordinate all projects, including the planning of projects, the development of project bids and timelines, and ensure the projects meet deadlines and company quality standards. Also coming with 5 years of experience in program management; experience utilizing Microsoft Office products; excellent communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills; and ability to maintain a continual attention to detail.
  18. Highly organized individual interested in a Project Manager role with USAA, bringing profound ability to engage in the planning, execution, and delivering of programs and projects intended to accomplish business goals and objectives within prescribed timeframes and budgets. Also coming with a Bachelor’s degree, 10 years of relevant experience in project and program management, and expert knowledge of project management tools and methodologies.
  19. Individual with strong reasoning ability looking to be employed as a Project Manager at Lockheed Martin Corporation. Coming with a Bachelor’s degree, expertise in planning database tools such as Microsoft Project Server, Primavera and Microsoft Office Suite, 5 years of experience working high dollar volume competitive proposals, and strong sense of follow-up and closure with strict attention to detail and quality.
  20. Talented individual seeking a position with Northrop Grumman as a Project Manager where the ability to oversee and manage the operational aspects of ongoing projects and serve as liaison between project management, planning, and project team will be utilized. Also bringing a Bachelor’s degree, experience working in a project management function, and ability to obtain and maintain Special Program Access.


Your chances of gaining the project manager job that you are seeking are brighter if the employer/recruiter takes the time to read the whole of your resume.

It is then that they will be able to learn all you have to offer to be effective on the project manager job, which increases your chances of being invited for an interview.

To give your project manager resume the boost to be read by the employer/recruiter, your career objective must be highly compelling.

This post provides valuable tips and examples you can apply in making a great resume objective statement for any project manager job that you may want to apply for.

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