Top 20 Resume Objectives for Executive Assistant Position

By | August 15, 2023
Resume Objectives for Executive Assistant
You can increase the effectiveness of your executive assistant resume with a compelling objective statement.

Top 20 Resume Objectives for Executive Assistant Position

When writing a resume objective for an executive assistant job, your goal is to ensure that it grabs the recruiter/employer’s attention and causes them to go into the resume or CV to learn how you will be effective as an executive assistant in their organization.

If you can get the recruiter/employer to read your executive assistant resume or CV, then your chances of getting an interview from them is higher as they will be able to learn about you and what you are bringing to the job.

This post will help you learn how to make a great career objective or summary statement for your executive assistant resume and increase your chances of getting the job.

How to Make a Great Executive Assistant Resume Objective Statement

Making an effective resume objective or summary statement for an executive assistant job is not as difficult as you may think.

The important thing to note is to create your objective statement from the point of what the recruiter/employer wants for the executive assistant position.

You need to find out the qualities, education, experience, etc. that the recruiter/employer wants prospective candidates for the vacant executive assistant position to have to be hired.

You also need to know the duties and responsibilities of the executive assistant job that the successful candidate will be expected to perform.

You can get this information from the job description and requirements that is published by the recruiter/employer to help interested persons learn about the executive assistant job.

After learning about the expectations and requirements of the executive assistant job, you can go ahead to create a captivating resume objective or summary that presents you as someone that best fitted the position.

When the employer/recruiter reads that, they will certainly desire to know more about you by getting into the body of your resume.

You should highlight your best qualities, experience, education, etc. that match the employer/recruiter’s requirements for the executive assistant position in your career objective.

Your resume summary statement should also assure the recruiter/employer that you perfectly understand the executive assistant duties and responsibilities and will be effective carrying them out.

See below for good examples of executive assistant objective statements you can apply in creating one for your resume or CV:

Best 20 Resume Objective Examples for Executive Assistant Positions

  1. Highly organized individual interested in an Executive Assistant position with Hudson Gate Partners, bringing the ability to assist the executive with preparation of meeting materials, arrange and schedule meetings and events, and act as a liaison providing smooth communication between the CEO and internal departments. Also coming with College degree, 7 years of experience working as an office assistant, experience coordinating compound international travel, knowledge of Microsoft Office, and excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  2. Experienced, talented and highly organized individual seeking an Executive Assistant position with Staffmark to support the CEO and handle office management responsibilities. Coming with Bachelor’s degree, 5 years of executive assistant experience, experience working at a consulting firm, 5 years of administrative experience, and experience booking travel and managing multiple calendars.
  3. Looking for the position of an Executive Assistant with GenesisCare to assist with different projects for executives and senior management, assist with board matters, undertake ad hoc administrative duties when required, and work in close partnership with the CEO Office. Also coming with technical skills and expertise, advanced Microsoft Office ability, attention to detail, and ability to work without direct supervision and well in a team environment.
  4. Creative and problem-solving individual desirous to join a group of professionals at Harper Associates in the position of an Executive Assistant, with abilities to coordinate closely with all office staff members regarding calendar, events and priorities; work diligently on administrative team to support Founder; and supervise facilities manager, transcriptionist and research assistant. Also coming with Bachelor’s degree; strong people, organizational, managerial, and problem-solving skills; advanced knowledge of technology; as well as excellent verbal, written, and editorial skills.
  5. An enthusiastic and customer oriented individual desirous of an Executive Assistant position with Jeff Christian & Co, to manage social medial, blog and internet presence; manage marketing communications; schedule board meetings; manage PR engagements; manage CEOs calendar; interacting with clients; and help executive overall marketing and branding efforts. Also bringing 7 years of experience working in a customer service position in a fast-paced commercial environment; experience with G-Suite Products and Technology tools like LinkedIn; as well as excellent communication skills.
  6. Individual with strong ability to learn fast interested in the position of an Executive Assistant at BURKE + CO. to manage CEO’s time and workflow by developing an understanding of task and issue priorities, bringing urgent matters to attention, and coordinating logistics of meetings and other teamwork. Also coming with 3 years of office administrative experience; incredible attention to detail and follow-up; strong organizational skills; excellent interpersonal skills; and exceptional customer service proficiency.
  7. Looking for the position of a skilled Executive Assistant with Teach For All Inc., where five years of experience, international experience, and proficiency in Zoom, Google Drive, and Microsoft Suite will be applied in supporting the CEO and senior staff members to effectively manage the CEO’s calendar to ensure CEO’s time is aligned with her priorities; manage the scheduling and logistics for large group Zoom calls with staff and external stakeholders, and manage tracking against team budget.
  8. Hopeful to gain employment with CareDx, Inc. as an Executive Assistant to order food for meetings as appropriate, prepare and submit expense reports for approval as appropriate, as well as assist and lead offsite meeting logistics. Also bringing Bachelor’s Degree, 12 years of working as an office assistant, experience working with NetSuite expense report systems, experience with complex calendaring and scheduling system, strong written and verbal communication skills, understanding of Microsoft Office, and demonstrated ability to make good decisions.
  9. Certified Executive Assistant with 5 years of experience, desirous of an Executive Assistant position with Dignity Health to apply great supervisory experience in providing administrative and secretarial supervision and support to the Hospital President, Medical Director, and Physician leadership.
  10. Highly talented and motivated Executive Assistant, seeking the position at Noom Inc. where experience supporting C-level executives, excellent teamwork and organizational skills, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and strong interpersonal skills to manage a complex executive calendar, enhance CEO’s performance and efficiency, and arrange and manage complex travel logistics for CEO Team will be utilized.
  11. Seeking an Executive Assistant job at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming with profound abilities to perform administrative support and related services for the President, CEO, and the Executive Leadership Team; serve as the primary contact for Board members; and make decisions in the President’s absence. Also bringing Associate’s degree, experience with office management, current valid driver’s license, and 5 years of executive assistant experience.
  12. Looking for the position of an Executive Assistant with Innovations PSI, to apply Bachelor’s degree, 10 years of experience working as an assistant to executives, and excellent written and verbal communication skills, and proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite in effectively providing administrative support for the CEO. Also coming with strong working knowledge G-Suite, Outlook, and Adobe Acrobat; problem solving and solution finding abilities; attention to detail; as well as ability to multi-task and maintain a high level of confidentiality with information.
  13. Individual with strong reasoning ability looking to work at Hudson Gate Partners as an Executive Assistant. Coming with 15 years customer service and office administrative experience with 10 years supporting a C-Level Executive; strong interpersonal skills; excellent attention to detail; strong oral and written communication skills; strong customer service skills; and ability to arrange and schedule meetings and events, including coordinating the agenda, preparing meeting materials, and handling of logistics.
  14. To obtain a position with MNS, to effectively manage calendar, schedule meetings for executives, respond to clients and customers on executive’s behalf, and maintain internal spreadsheets, manage and schedule travels, ensure all emails and meetings are followed up, and assist with managing projects. Also coming with Bachelor’s degree; proficiency with Microsoft Office, Google Mail and Google Docs; 3 years of experience at the executive assistant level in professional services environment; strong interpersonal skills; and profound verbal and organizational skills; and exceptional attention to detail.
  15. Energetic individual seeks Executive Assistant employment with Gainor Staffing, to bring Bachelor’s degree, 10 years of executive assistant experience, positive and proactive attitude, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and strong organizational skills. Also coming with abilities to organize, monitor, and prioritize receipt and response to emails and draft emails on behalf of Executive Chairman; as well as sit in on meetings with Executive Chairman, create meeting agendas, and draft meeting notes, and take minutes.
  16. Highly trained individual seeking to work in an Executive Assistant position with Global Holdings Management Group where strong teamwork, organizational, and time management skills, and strong knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite software will be applied in organizing meetings and appointments, and coordinating attendees; managing and coordinating calendars; and managing personal and business-related passwords and account information globally.
  17. Talented individual seeking a position with The Bachrach Group as an Executive Assistant, with abilities to coordinate and plan business and personal travel arrangements; maintain and manage heavy calendar, schedule and coordinate appointments; as well as create and coordinate incoming and outgoing wire transfers. Also bringing Bachelor’s degree, 7 years of work experience, and strong knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  18. Team oriented individual eager to work at Sunnova Energy, coming with abilities to effectively manage CEO’s calendar, arrange complex and detail domestic and international travel plans, and assist in executives’ preparation for conferences and meetings. Also bringing Bachelor’s degree, 7 years of experience performing complex and responsible clerical duties, Microsoft Office skills, strong business acumen, and as strong written and verbal communication skills.
  19. Active individual with huge executive assistant skills and abilities to manage information flow between executives and other members of senior staff, internal and external constituents; prepare internal and external corporate documents as needed; and maintain an organized filing system of paper and electronic documents and records on behalf of executives. Longing for the Executive Assistant position at Imperative Care to bring Bachelor’s degree, 10 years in administrative position, knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, and excellent communications skills.
  20. Safety conscious individual with high level of skills and experience, longing for an Executive Assistant position with Groupe Insearch where Bachelor’s degree, 12 years of working experience assisting senior executives, strong written and verbal communication skills, knowledge of Microsoft Office programs, and experience with complex calendaring and scheduling will be utilized to establish and maintain hard copy and other electronic filing system, attend and participate in weekly and monthly meetings of Department Staff, and identify meeting conflicts and schedule meetings.


If you really want to gain an interview from employers/recruiters for the executive assistant position that you are seeking, then you must ensure your resume or CV is read.

And that means, you need to craft a highly compelling resume objective statement or summary statement for the executive assistant position.

You can use the ideas and examples provided in this post in making a great executive assistant objective for your resume or CV.

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