Senior Network Engineer Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | October 9, 2023
Senior Network Engineer Job Description
Senior network engineers ensure optimal performance of a company’s technical department.

This post provides detailed information on the senior network engineer job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements that you may be expected to meet to be hired for the senior network engineer role by most recruiters/employers.

What Does a Senior Network Engineer Do?

Senior network engineers are the professionals whose job is to coordinate the technical elements of an organization so as to ensure hitch-free performance and optimal productivity.

The senior network engineer job description is usually more undertaking-based than assignment-based as their daily tasks mostly revolve around delegating assignments to PC bolster experts or junior system engineers.

For all intents and purposes, each industry utilizes senior system engineers (as they are also known).

Small and average size organizations give this role out to IT firms, while larger companies have an in-house IT team.

A senior network engineer must have a broad knowledge of network and telecommunications systems (infrastructure, cabling, protocols, administration tools, security, etc.), as well as the interpersonal and organizational skills of a project manager to coordinate the technical equipment.

He or she could also be involved in hiring technical teams.

Being a top-level position, a senior network engineer is expected to possess exceptional leadership and decision-making skills to be able to coordinate the experts under their supervision.

In addition, he or she must have experience in many fields of specialization, for example, electronics, computer science, transmission techniques and basic management concepts.

This knowledge is necessary because he or she would from time-to-time be saddled with the responsibility of coaching a group of specialists to investigate and improve IT infrastructure of the organization.

Furthermore, he or she must be confidential and have a broad understanding of information security management as he or she would be in charge of building systems that handle clients’ information (sometimes personal).

Senior Network Engineer Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Ensuring that an organization’s system runs easily is no simple undertaking.

Like a captain running a ship, senior system engineers have numerous obligations that, if ignored, will bring about calamitous disappointment.

The following job description sample is a rundown of the most essential senior system network engineer functions, duties, tasks, and responsibilities:

  • Meet with the Chief Technology Officer and other members of the top management to examine interior and outer information correspondence systems
  • Inform management when there is gap in the workforce for the IT department
  • Inform management whenever there is a need for new IT framework or upgrade of existing IT infrastructure
  • Delegate duties to junior network engineers and monitor them to ensure schedules are being followed
  • Lead a team of network engineers in the execution of IT projects
  • Design organizational network security infrastructure and monitor its implementation
  • Write network status reports and deliver them to the management
  • Submit a regular report and update on the status of projects to the management and stakeholders
  • Plan out system establishment as well as overhaul venture; allot development errands to help faculty and meet organization due dates for full usage, including system and client station set-ups and authorizations; the establishment of all product and end-client security
  • Research and examine new system advancements and present recommendations for upgrading existing infrastructure
  • Arrange and install network hardware and software
  • Screen network performance and plan functional networks
  • Make and implement network security measures
  • Delegate network maintenance tasks.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for Senior Network Engineer Role

This section is generally a short and basic section that highlights the qualifications and competencies required of a senior network engineer.

Regardless, it’s a key section since it helps job seekers to know what is expected of them when applying for the position.

The following are some of the requirements expected of a good senior network engineer by most employers:

  • Industry-related experience as a Senior Network Engineer or Network Administrator
  • Strong foundation in organizational management and engineering
  • Overall comprehension of communication protocols (Mainly TCP/IP) and routing protocols (e.g. BGP, OSPF)
  • Familiarity with control models and system security
  • Strong comprehension of system working frameworks (JUNOS, Cisco IOS)
  • Sharp investigating abilities
  • Capacity to work independently
  • Strong coordination and tutoring abilities
  • Bachelors or Master’s in Computer Science, Engineering, or in a related field; as well as possession of important certification such as CCNP.


If you are a job seeker, this post will broaden your knowledge about how important the role of a senior network engineer is to an organization.

You will learn about the purpose and objective of the position and so be able to prepare yourself to succeed in the career.

This article will also help the experts venturing into senior roles in network administration to understand more about the general obligations of the role and to develop the capacity to succeed on the job.

Also, if you are a hiring manager or human resources personnel responsible for creating work descriptions for your company, you will find this post helpful.