Sales Supervisor Resume Writing Tips and Example

Sales supervisor resume

Seeking a sales supervisor job? Ensure to have a good resume to win interview invites.

Sales Supervisor Resume Writing Tips and Example

Working in a top sales position can be very rewarding but to be considered for such a position you must be able to convince the hiring manager that you are outstanding.

A good way to start your application process for the post of a sales supervisor is to create a good resume that can convince the hiring manager of your expertise in sales field.

Making a great resume for this position involves knowing what the hiring company wants:

It is important that you understand what the hiring company or store expects of a candidate for the sales supervisor position.

The demands talked about here includes: the skills, expertise, and personal qualities requirements.

To obtain these facts, you need to carry out a background research on the hiring firm and their particular requirements for the role, including the job duties they expect whoever they hire will perform as a sales supervisor.

An easier way of obtaining this information is to go through the sales supervisor job description provided by the hiring firm since such descriptions usually contain the academic, skills, and experience required of applicants for the job.

Also, in creating your sales supervisor resume you should endeavor to choose a resume format that will allow you to highlight your skills and qualifications in an appealing manner.

Finally, to get invited for an interview, do not forget to include keywords related to the sales supervisor position that you are gunning for.

Now, see how to complete the sections to be included in a sales supervisor resume that makes the document great in capturing employers’ attention:

Objective Section

The quest to convince the hiring manager to invite you for an interview for the sales supervisor position you seek will have to begin with the objective section of your resume.

This section must be created in a manner that is convincing and specifically targeted to cater for the needs of the hiring company for that position.

See examples:

Examples of Sales Supervisor Objective Statement for Resume

  • Looking for the position of a sales supervisor with Brandon Stores where exceptional skills in the management and coordination of sales activities, and excellent skills in communication and organization will be fully utilized to increase sales and profitability.
  • Seeking the position of a sales supervisor with Brandy Stores where vast experience working in different sales positions, friendly demeanor, and exceptional leadership skills will be fully utilized to achieve planned sales goals.

Core Competence Section

As earlier stated, a thorough understanding of the sales supervisor job description given by the hiring company should enable you understand the skills, expertise, and qualities to include in the core competence section of your resume.

You can also include skills other than the ones required by the hiring manager, but make sure they are relevant to succeeding on the sales supervisor position.

Job Experience Section

Stating your previous sales experience will assist the hiring manger in making the right decision about your suitability for the job.

If your experience as a sales supervisor or in any position related to the sales supervisor position you are applying for, the chances are that you will be invited for an interview.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

If your education and professionally qualifications match the hirer’s requirements for the sales supervisor position as published in the job description, it is also important that you inform the hiring manager about it in your resume.

So, the education and professional qualification section of your resume should be written to reflect such qualifications.

Now, if you are still confused as to how to implement these tips, then, the example below will assist you in creating an outstanding sales supervisor resume:

Sales Supervisor Resume Example/Sample/Template

Mike Woods
20 Merger Road, Chicago, Illinois
Home: (+2) 908-986, Cell: (+2) 980-0987

Objective: looking for the position of a sales supervisor with Brandon Stores where exceptional skills in the management and coordination of sales activities, and excellent skills in communication and organization will be fully utilized to increase sales and profitability.

Core Competence

  • Exceptional skills in management and coordination of sales activities
  • Exceptional skills in communication and relationship building
  • Ability to perform complex mathematical calculation very fast
  • Exceptional ability to create and implement sales strategies
  • Exceptional skills in leadership and organization
  • Personable and friendly demeanor.

Job Experience

New Guys Stores, Chicago, Illinois

Sales Supervisor

2003 – 2008

  • Supervised the activities of the sales team to ensure compliance to sales plan
  • Assisted in training and discipline of newly hired sales representatives
  • Educated clients and sales representatives on product information
  • Kept accurate sales record and prepared monthly sales report
  • Assigned representatives to sales activities
  • Ensured that sales order are completed in a timely manner
  • Ensured that goods are neatly and attractively displayed
  • Handled customers’ inquiries, questions, and orders
  • Evaluated the performance of sales representatives
  • Researched and attended enlightenment shows to identify new sales techniques
  • Networked to identify potential clients
  • Took care of Inventory management.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • City College, Los Angeles, California, Bachelor’s Degree in marketing, 2002.


A good resume is a must-have if you want to succeed in securing a job as a sales supervisor against the high competition that exists for the position.

And creating a great resume is not so difficult, especially if you take the time to study the guide above and use the resume template provided; you will be surprised just how quickly you will be able to write your resume and get invited to interviews.

Is our guide on how to write a good sales supervisor resume helpful? Please make a comment in the box below, including other tips you have found useful in creating resumes.

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