Production Supervisor Resume Writing Tips and Example

Production supervisor resume

A good resume can improve your search for a new production supervisor job.

Production Supervisor Resume Writing Tips and Example

To be employed as a production supervisor, you must be able to convince a hirer of your expertise in that position.

A good production supervisor resume will help you achieve this goal.

Creating a production supervisor resume that any hiring manager will fall in love with may seem like a difficult task but with the right knowledge and guidance, it can be quite easy.

So, if you are still finding it difficult creating a resume for the job of a production supervisor that can get you interview invitations, then the tips and samples in this post is sure to be useful to you.

Steps to writing a good production supervisor resume

To write a great resume for a production supervisor job, the first thing to do is to understand the description of the job, which is usually provided by the hiring company when they advertise for the position.

This will help you in creating a resume that specifically seek to meet the expectations of the hiring manager from a production supervisor.

The second step to take is to choose a resume layout suitable for production supervisor application.

The format you decide to adopt will affect the content of your resume and the manner of presentation.

While some resume formats may encourage including all information about you and your achievements as a production supervisor, simple resume formats limit you to adding only relevant information while the finer details will come during the interview.

However, you may choose a format that allows you to keep your production supervisor resume simple and limited to only one page.

Also, ensure that the four key sections discussed below are present in your resume; they make the document more effective.

Objective Section

The objective section of your production supervisor resume should be concise and appealing enough to convince a hiring manager to read through the entire document.

It should be targeted to a specific employer by including keywords related to the published job description.

Here are examples to guide you:

Examples of Production Supervisor Objective Statement for Resume

  • Looking for a production supervisor position with Classic Cables Manufacturing Company where over 7 years experience as a production worker, exceptional leadership ability, and profound knowledge of production procedures will be fully utilized.
  • Seeking the position of production supervisor in a reputable manufacturing firm where outstanding technical skills, ability to schedule production activities, and exceptional communication skills will be utilized to engender smooth production activities.

Core Competence Section

This is the section of your production supervisor resume where you will highlight your personal attributes, skills, and expertise that will be relevant to accomplishing tasks associated with the job.

It is particularly important that you include only skills relevant to the production supervisor job you are applying for.

Make sure to add the skills and qualities that are required by the hiring company as contained in the job advert, if you have them of course.

Job Experience Section

This section of your production supervisor resume is an important part to include as most companies usually require some level of experience from applicants for this position.

This section should be a summary of your past experience(s) as a production worker or production supervisor.

Experience in any production management position may also be considered.

However, ensure to highlight your responsibilities in the previous job to be related to the duties and responsibilities of the production supervisor position that you are applying for.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

The education and professional qualification section is where you highlight educational qualifications and other training programs that you have completed, which qualify you to work as a production supervisor and put you up for success on the job.

Having treated the sections to include in your resume, now we will put them together to get a complete resume, see example below:

Production Supervisor Resume Example/Sample/Template

Donald Jones
20 Queens Road, Chicago, Illinois
Home: (+2) 676-4321, Cell: (+2) 87-4321.

Objective: Seeking a production supervisor position with Classic Juice Manufacturing Company where over 7 years experience as a production worker, exceptional leadership ability, and profound knowledge of production procedures will be fully utilized.

Core Competence

  • Exceptional ability to schedule and supervise production activities
  • Profound knowledge of production procedures and processes
  • Vast experience working in fast-paced production settings
  • Exceptional communication and teamwork skills
  • Outstanding leadership and technical skills
  • Ability to handle and maintain production machines.

Job Experience

City Rugs Company, Springfield, Illinois
Production Supervisor
2008 – Present

  • Develop production schedules according to workers expertise
  • Monitor workers activities to ensure effective implementation of plans
  • Handle and maintain production equipment
  • Keep accurate record of production activities
  • Prepare periodic production report and submit to the senior management
  • Assist to hire and train production workers.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • City College, Chicago, Illinois, Bachelor’s Degree in Production Management, 2001.

You may use the above template as a guide to assist you to quickly making a good resume in seeking a production supervisor job.


Having a good resume to use in applying for a production supervisor job will improve your chances of getting it.

So, make the best use of the guide presented above and develop the skills to write great resumes for effective job hunting.

Did you get some ideas from the post above to be able to make good production supervisor resumes? If so please share it in the box below. You may also share resume writing ideas that have worked for you with other readers.

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