Counseling Psychologist Job Description Example

By | August 28, 2023
Counseling psychologist job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Counseling psychologists help people find solution to their psychological problems.

Counseling Psychologist Job Description Example

What Does a Counseling Psychologist Do?

Counseling psychologists typically help people overcome personal, social, and vocational challenges by recommending appropriate behavioral adjustment.

The counseling psychologist job description entails assessing and evaluating an individual by conducting psychometric tests, interviews, and surveys to obtain information on the nature of their psychological problem.

They engage their clients in counseling sessions during which they provide solutions and professional advice that aids them in recovering from a mental health illness.

As part of their duties, they develop and implement suitable treatment plans for clients with varying issues.

They also monitor the therapy progress of a client as well as the result of therapy to make proper adjustments where necessary.

The role of counseling psychologists also includes creating patient treatment files, which contain summary of client problem, counseling sessions observed, treatment proffered, as well as a record of client’s psychological and behavioral progress.

They supervise trainee psychologists and counselors to guide their activities.

In fulfilling their role, they help clients resolve or manage emotional/social problems such that relates to relationships, family, substance abuse, and domestic violence, as well as bereavement.

They are responsible for providing treatment and counseling for mental health issues, such as depression, psychosis, and anxiety.

Counseling psychologists usually work in a hospital, academic, corrections or consultancy settings where their work description involves providing counseling services to patients/clients.

They may work with a multidisciplinary team such as medical or legal professionals in addressing certain client issues.

As part of their tasks, counseling psychologists engage in the research/study of human mental processes and how it can be affected by social, emotional and behavioral factors.

They also refer clients/patients to other medical experts for prescription or for further assessment and treatment.

Counseling psychologists often participate in educational or outreach programs in schools and business offices where they provide advice to the public on relevant subjects.

In providing counseling services, they ensure client confidentiality is maintained in order to build trust and establish a collaborative working relationship with client.

Counseling psychologists require a doctoral degree (Psy.D.) in psychology in order to practice.

They are also required to pass the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology and to obtain certifications for any sub-specialty.

Counseling psychologists possess excellent communication skill, psychotherapeutic skill, ability to deal with emotional/ sensitive issues, and the capacity to analyze and resolve mental and behavioral disorders.

Counseling Psychologist Job Description Example

If you are looking for the exact duties, tasks, and responsibilities counseling psychologists usually perform, the following job description example says it all:

  • Conduct mental/behavioral assessment of client to identify a psychological problem
  • Employ the use of interviews, surveys, psychometric, and diagnostic tests in obtaining information about clients and the possible source of their distress
  • Organize counseling/therapy sessions for clients during which they listen and interact with them to understand their predicament
  • Proffer advice and professional recommendations to clients on proper behavioral adjustments to make in order to overcome a psychological challenge
  • Maintain records of client’s personal data and treatment information
  • Track the treatment plan as well as the psychological progress of a client
  • Deal with social problems such as pertains to relationships, domestic violence, and bereavement
  • Address mental health issues such as eating disorder, psychosis, depression, and various other psychological disorder
  • Supervise and guide the activities of trainee psychologists and counselors
  • Work with a multidisciplinary team such as health or legal experts in proffering appropriate solutions to clients
  • Carry out research and study of human mental processes to develop new techniques/approach to diagnosis and counseling
  • Refer clients to the right professionals for prescription or further evaluation
  • Engage in enlightenment programs such that educate the public on essential matters
  • Maintain client information confidentiality ensuring details of clients issues are held in utmost confidence
  • Analyze data from a prior treatment to diagnose a client’s problems.

Counseling Psychologist Resume Preparation

The listed duties and responsibilities in the above sample job description can serve as an essential guide in completing the job experience section of your counseling psychologist resume in order to grab the attention of prospective employers.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for a Counseling Psychologist Job

The following are among the skills and qualifications hiring managers will usually require applicants to satisfy for a counseling psychologist job:

  • Education and Training: Counseling psychologists often obtain an undergraduate degree in psychology after which they go for a doctoral degree (Psy.D.) in psychology. They also go through a year’s internship in a hospital or social service setting and are required to pass the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology, as well as obtain various certifications in the case of a sub-specialty before they can practice in the U.S as counseling psychologists
  • Communication skill: Counselling psychologists are effective communicators and can interact with clients to identify psychological issues
  • Problem-solving skills: They possess psychotherapeutic knowledge and can develop/implement suitable treatment plan in resolving a mental health problem
  • Inter-personal skill: They are well versed in relating with people of varying mental and behavioral disposition
  • Tolerance: They exercise lots of patience and tolerance when working with clients.

Counseling Psychologist Skills for Resume

In preparing a counseling psychologist resume, the above mentioned qualities and skills requirements can serve as a useful reference in completing the skills section of your resume to make it appealing to prospective employers.


Knowledge of the counseling psychologist job description is essential in preparing adequately for the role as it gives an overview of the duties and general requirements for the job.

The ideas shared in this post will also enable employers to design effective work description for their newly hired counseling psychologists.

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