Financial Advisor Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
financial advisor resume
Need a financial advisor job? Having a good resume will be vital to your search.

Financial Advisor Resume Writing Tips and Example

If you are in the finance related profession with the intent of obtaining a financial advisor position with any firm or organization, then, you need to have a good resume ready.

For a position like this, creating a convincing resume can be very challenging. You may be confused as to what should be included in your financial advisor resume to make it appealing to the hiring manager.

Please know that writing a resume for the job of a financial advisor is not rocket science. It is an easy task to do; you only need to implement the tips contained in this post.

Writing Financial Advisor Resume, What to do, and What Not

In creating your financial advisor resume, you really need to effectively “sell yourself” to employers; include all the skills that will make you appear as an outstanding candidate for the position.

However, you should avoid appearing like you are boasting. Most importantly, do not include irrelevant information, and do not lie about your skills, education, qualification or expertise.

Most hiring managers have a way of finding out when you give false information, which may lead to your disqualification, or put you in trouble if you eventually got the job.

Again, avoid making the resume an “all you affair”. Companies are not interested in who you are, they are after what you can offer them. So, use actionable keywords related to the financial advisor position to convey your points.

Again, make sure the resume does not exceed two pages; proofread or beg a friend to edit it for you before submission.

Finally, you need to adopt a suitable layout for your financial advisor resume. For the purpose of this post, we shall employ a functional resume format because it’s generally acceptable for experienced and entry-level applications.

The four key sections we shall use in making our financial advisor resume example are discussed below.

Resume Objective Section

In creating the objective section of your financial advisor resume, you should bear in mind that most hiring managers have just few seconds to scan your resume.

So, make sure to make it as brief as possible. Also, know that it is the content of this section that will reveal your level of expertise and readiness in handling the responsibilities that accompanies the position.

So, make it engaging and compelling as well.

Examples of Financial Advisor Objective Statement for Resume

  • Seeking the position of financial advisor with James & Co. Investments, utilizing over 12 years experience working as a financial advisor and strong ability to provide investment and portfolio management advice to clients.
  • Seeking the position of a financial advisor in a reputed investment firm; offer vast experience working as a chief financial officer, strong communication skills, and track record of creating and implementing financial controls that increase return on investments.

While the first financial advisor resume example is targeted at a particular employer, the second one is generic, but is still well-written to highlight the expertise of the financial advisor.

Core Competence Section

To back up your readiness and expertise in the field of financial advisory, the hirer will also expect you to highlight the skills and qualities you possess that relate to the financial advisory position advertised by the hiring firm.

So, you must use strong keywords related to finance and the financial advisory role you seek to obtain.

In fact, the secret of a good financial advisor resume is having a great core competence section that highlights similar skills and qualities to what the hirer stated in their published requirements for the job.

Job Experience Section

This section would be a great addition to your financial advisor resume if included. Bear in mind that firms are most likely to hire an experienced financial advisor.

So, leaving out this section from your resume will certainly weaken it.

This section should contain the names of firms you worked with, the period you were engaged, and the position that you occupied, as well as a bulleted list of job responsibilities that you carried out.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

This is another vital part to include in your financial advisor resume.

If you are already an expert in the field, including this section will let the hiring firm know of your level of academic qualification and the finance related professional certifications you have acquired.

For an entry-level applicant for the position of financial advisor, a good education and professional qualification section are not only necessary, but also vital to the success of your resume.

We will now make a sample financial advisor resume based on the tips shared above.

You are free to use it as a template in making a great resume for yourself whenever you have a job opening to respond to.

Financial Advisor Resume Example/Sample/Template

Godson Willis
88 Roosevelt Street, Bangor, Maine
Home: (+1)676-776, Cell: (+1)666-6667

Objective: Seeking the position of financial advisor with James & Co. Investments, utilizing over 12 years experience working as a financial advisor and strong ability to provide investment and portfolio management advice to clients.

Core Competence

  • Ability to conduct rigorous financial research quickly and make valid financial decisions
  • Over 12 years of progressive experience working with financial services firms
  • Strong ability to design and implement financial strategies to improve return on investments
  • Outstanding communication and presentation skills
  • Strong ability to perform math and financial calculations very fast
  • Exceptional interpersonal and customer service orientation
  • Exceptional Multitasking and time management skills.

Job Experience

Julep Investments
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
2001 – Present

  • Communicate with clients to identify investment needs
  • Advice clients of the best financial decisions to take to guarantee return on investments
  • Design and implement controls to improve profitability of clients’ investments
  • Ensure that clients’ files are securely kept and handled
  • Provide clients with periodic feedback on investments
  • Constantly research to discover new investment avenues, strategies and technology
  • Assist the human resources department in the hiring and training of new financial advisors.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • Bangor City College, Master’s degree in Investment Economics, 1998.


Writing a resume for the job of financial advisor may seem difficult, but by following the tips shared above, and some practice, you will in no time be able to create good resumes that will win you appointments to interviews where you will be able to prove your abilities to the employer.

Did you find the ideas share in the post helpful to being able to make good resumes for the position of financial advisor? Let’s know what’s your take-away from the post. Please make your comment below.

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