Sales Executive Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
Sales executive resume
Need a sales executive job? A good resume can make it easier for you to get it.

Sales Executive Resume Writing Tips and Example

A resume is the first requirement when applying for employment. If you want to secure a job as a sales executive, you need a good resume to present to hirers.

If your resume fails to impress the hiring manager, then, you may never get invited for interview.

So, it all boils down to the fact that you don’t just need a resume to secure an interview with a recruiter, you need a great sales executive resume.

Choosing a Format for your Sales Executive Resume

The first step to creating an impressive sales executive resume is to choose a resume format that is simple and optimized.

To do this, you need to keep your resume concise and well formatted.

You need to make each section of the resume outstanding by using bold and sentence case for the sub-headings.

Then highlight the content of each section in bullet points.

Make sure you model your sales executive resume to be in-sync with the skills, qualities, qualifications and experiences required by the recruiter.

To wrap it up, make sure you proofread your resume twice before submitting to the recruiter because any error noticed after cannot be corrected and may lead to disqualification.

Mind you, recruiters hate to see errors in resumes as much as they hate to read lengthy ones.

Now, here is how to complete the various sections of the resume that makes it irresistible to hirers:

Resume Objective Section

You may decide to start your sales executive resume with titles other than the objective section or the objective statement.

But starting it with the objective statement is a conventional and often effective way of winning the heart of the recruiter.

To make sure you achieve the aim of creating this section, it is advisable to make it concise and targeted to a particular firm.

Make sure it is created to match the demands of the recruiter. A generic sales executive resume objective may also be used instead, but it is unconventional and often less effective.

See examples of the two types of resume objective sections:

Examples of Sales Executive Objective Statement for Resume

  • Seeking a position as sales executive with Menzak Inc. where hands-on experience as a sales executive and ability to meet and exceed sales target will be utilized in achieving the company’s sales goal.
  • Seeking a position as sales executive in a reputed manufacturing firm, utilizing exceptional interpersonal skills and strong convincing power to win customers and increase sales.

The resume objectives above are created following the tips given earlier. The first resume objective is targeted at Menzak Inc. while the second objective statement is generic.

It is not advisable to use the generic objective statement when applying for an advertised sales executive position with the hiring firm known.

Core Competence Section

The core competence section of your resume for the post of a sales executive is literally a continuation of the objective section.

Here, you are to highlight the skills and qualities that you intend offering the employer if considered for the job.

It is important that you emphasize only skills relevant to the sales executive position that you seek.

Job Experience Section

This part of your resume is expected to be a reflection of your work history, that is, the duties and responsibilities you carried out before working as a sales executive. It could be present job experience or past work experience.

Whatever experience you have, just make sure you state it accordingly using the right tenses.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

It is expected that an applicant for the position of sales executive possesses at least Bachelor’s degree in sales related discipline.

Any other qualification or professional requirement must be stated in the job description, and it is only necessary that you indicate professional qualifications that you possess that are in line with the sales executive job.

Now that we know all that is required of us in creating a good sales executive resume, you can use the template below as a reference in making yours.

Sales Executive Resume Example/Sample/Template

Briggs Daniel
101 Queens Street, Nashville, Tennessee
Home: (+1) 888-888, Cell: (+1) 888-8880

Objective: Seeking a position as sales executive with Menzak Inc. where hands-on experience as a sales executive and ability to meet and exceed sales target will be utilized in achieving the company’s sales goal.

Core Competence

  • Strong understanding of the present market trends and consumer behavior
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills and ability to follow leads and close sales
  • Over 12 years’ experience as a sales executive
  • Ability to meet and surpass sales target
  • Proficient in computer applications
  • Multilingual: English, Spanish and French.

Job Experience

Hundred Cent Services
2001- 2008

  • Established initial contact with customers and followed leads to close sales
  • Identified the needs of potential customers and formulated proposals to meet such needs
  • Ensured prompt response to customers requests and inquiries
  • Kept accurate record of sales transactions and presented periodic reports to management
  • Followed up customers for after sales services
  • Partook in seminars and carried out research to stay abreast we market trends.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • University of Tennessee, Nashville, Tennessee – Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, 1999.


Making a good resume will certainly improve your chances of being hired as a sales executive, therefore, it is beneficial to your job search to learn how to make one.

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