Restaurant Hostess Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
Restaurant hostess resume
If you are looking for a restaurant hostess job, then you need a good resume to improve your chances of getting it.

Restaurant Hostess Resume Writing Tips and Example

To secure a job as a restaurant hostess, you need a great resume to present to restaurant managers or the hiring manager.

A good restaurant hostess resume improves your chances of being invited for an interview.

To prepare a good resume for the restaurant hostess job, you are expected to first of all decide on the best format to use.

It is advisable to choose a functional resume format that can furnish your prospective employer with valuable information about you.

Your resume should be able to highlight your skills and competencies as a hostess and your personal attributes that qualify you to work as one.

The position may not require high level of academic qualification, but not including your academic qualification in the last section of the resume may be a deal breaker.

It is important to open your restaurant hostess resume with a well-written objective.

This is vital to the success of the resume as it is usually this section that determines whether the hiring manager will read your resume further or throw it into the bin.

The format we shall be using in this post is a functional type that utilizes only four sections to present your resume in a concise but effective manner.

See the various sections below:

Resume Objective Section

If you want to make a beautiful first impression on the hirer then you need to write an impressive resume objective statement.

All that is required is for you to understand the job requirements and then utilize keywords in the job description to highlight the expertise and qualities you intend offering.

A great objective statement in your restaurant hostess resume might just be enough to get you an interview invitation because hirers rarely read resumes to the end.

See examples of well-written objective statements for your restaurant hostess resume:

Examples of Restaurant Hostess Objective Statement for Resume

  • Energetic and personable restaurant hostess seeking a position with KYC Restaurant where my outstanding ability to multitask without supervision, anticipate guests’ needs, and great guest service skills will be fully utilized.
  • Seeking the position of a hostess in a reputed hospitality company where my vast years of experience working as a hostess, friendly nature, and exceptional guest service and communication skills will be utilized to improve patronage.

You can use any of the two objective statements above when creating a resume for the job of a restaurant hostess.

However, make sure you edit any of them to correspond with demands of the prospective employer.

Also, it is advisable to create your resume objective to be targeted like in the first example, especially if the hostess position you seek to obtain was advertised.

The second example is for applying as a hostess in the entire hospitality sector and may not be effective when the hirer is in need of a hostess with a particular set of skills.

Core Competence Section

The good thing about this section is that it allows you unlimited space to highlight all the skills you omitted in the objective section.

However, be careful to include only skills relevant to the restaurant hostess position that you seek.

Again, endeavor to present this part of your resume in bullet points to make it visible to the reader.

Job Experience Section

You may as well label this section “work experience” or “professional experience”. This is the part of your restaurant hostess resume where you highlight any experience you have had as a hostess or worker in a restaurant or in the hospitality business.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

Though hirers for this position are not usually so keen on academic qualification, including any one you possess may be a plus and could make the different between you and other applicants. So, do not leave this section of your restaurant hostess resume empty on the assumption that it is irrelevant.

The sample restaurant hostess resume below is to help you create your own. it is created based on the I have tips shared.

Restaurant Hostess Resume Example/Sample/Template

Tracey Bryan
12 Sacramento Street, Los Angeles, California
Home: (+1) 222-999, Cell: (+1) 222-9999

Objective: Energetic and personable restaurant hostess seeking a position with KYC Restaurant where my outstanding ability to multitask without supervision, anticipate guests’ needs, and great guest service skills will be fully utilized.

Core Competence

  • Ability to anticipate guests’ needs and respond immediately to satisfy them
  • Outstanding ability to multitask without supervision
  • Exceptional guest service and communication skills
  • High level of self-confidence and organizational skills
  • Exceptional knowledge of restaurant’s menu
  • Energetic and friendly personality
  • Bilingual: English and French.

Job Experience Section

Vineyard Restaurant
Restaurant Hostess
2011- 2013

  • Welcomed guests warmly and ensured that they were appropriately seated
  • Provided guests with restaurant menus and took orders
  • Ensured that guests were promptly and properly served
  • Received phone calls and made reservations for guests
  • Ensured that the restaurant is neat and tidy
  • Bussed tables and thanked customers for their patronage.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • Sacramento High School, High School Diploma, 2011.


If you are seeking to work as a restaurant hostess, you should be aware that applicants who are likely to get invited to an interview are those with good resumes.

Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to learn how to make great resumes and improve your chances of nailing the job.

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