Risk Consultant Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 16, 2023
Risk Consultant Job Description
Risk Consultants help companies reduce or eliminate all risks associated with their operations.

Risk Consultant Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

This post provides exhaustive explanation of the risk consultant job description to help you have a better understanding of their duties, tasks, and responsibilities.

It also presents the requirements you may have to fulfill if you are seeking to work as a risk consultant to be qualified to access the role with most organizations.

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What Does a Risk Consultant Do?

Risk consultants utilize their expertise in business, finance, and mathematics to assist firms decrease or eliminate the risk they undertake in performing operational, financial, and technological business processes.

They help clients identify, understand, and manage risks tangled with their operations.

These risks may vary; it could be financial, operational, or technological, or simply compliance related.

Risk consultants provide clients with necessary capacity to improve their internal controls along with corporate assurance frameworks.

They also help in tackling the hazards and identifying the opportunities that come with the risks.

The risk consultant job description entails overseeing corporate risk management program to guarantee minimal loss exposure to the company and executing other clerical and compliance functions.

It also involves managing corporate insurance information, creating, and administering insurance budget for plant.

Risk consultants assist organizations in re-evaluating operational procedures and guidelines so as to ensure that established procedures align with top leadership’s directives, industry standards, and regulations.

They offer consultation and technical assistance on insurance issues and risk management to different departments within the company.

They also help diminish overall exposure to company. Implements contract review for insurance and other risk related issues.

The risk consultant work description also entails investigating and reporting claims for and against the company to appropriate insurers and third parties.

It involves supervising insurance claims and overseeing related litigation in cooperation with the Plant/Company.

The risk consultant is also responsible for discussing property and liability claims with suitable parties.

He/she must have competence and experience in reviewing risk management data in a bid to identify distinct area and overall program/project risk as regards cost, schedule, and performance.

He/she works with program team members to collect and ratify data, as well as detect risk areas and generate narrative, graphic, and oral status reports.

A Risk consultant basically holds a four-year college degree in any business field.

Risk Consultant Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Risk consultants perform various functions in their quest to help companies reduce or eliminate risks associated with their operations.

Shown below are major duties, tasks, and responsibilities that commonly make up the risk consultant job description in most organizations:

  • Talk with clients to pinpoint the risk involved in their business, and put controls in place to assuage the risks
  • Implement internal audit of controls to determine their limitations and offer methods to enhance them
  • Offer a variety of risk management consulting services to enable clients develop competence for all market facing operations as regards production, transmission, and distribution assets and systems
  • Deliver risk program assessment, design and development services to assist clients reach their business objectives
  • Create staffing plans for short term, mid-term and long term risk projects
  • Develop project budgets and margins and control engagements within these parameters
  • Run project teams of consultants, senior consultants, and analysts
  • Convey best practice viewpoint to clients’ risk management programs; model acclaimed risk management strategies with objectivity in both stochastic and deterministic frameworks
  • Contribute immeasurably to the business development and sales process, including through identification of new leads
  • Partner with relevant market experts to forecast future market conditions in respect to client portfolios and plan appropriate Risk management solutions
  • Employ thought leadership that engenders the research and development of evolving issues and solutions affecting risk management in the industry.

Risk consultant Job Description for Resume

If you have worked as a risk consultant or are currently working in that position and are writing a resume for a new job, you can create the professional experience section by using the above job description sample.

The risk consultant job description sample above contains the duties and responsibilities you can edit and apply in creating the professional experience section of your resume to show the recruiter that you have been successful on the role.

Risk Consultant Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

When hiring for the risk consultant position, it is important for recruiters to find candidates with the qualities to be able to carry out the obligations, objectives, and purpose of the role effectively.

To attract the right candidates for the risk consultant job, the following requirements are typically set by recruiters for prospective candidates to meet to qualify for an interview:

  • Must possess client serving experience as well as the ability to handle complex project management tasks; can lead a teams of 3+ members while concurrently engaging multiple stakeholders
  • Demonstrate executive presence when interacting with clients and internal stakeholders
  • Can take record when managing (or in a supporting role) the full lifecycle of an end-to-end consulting engagement: from pursuit, pricing, and RFP; orals, drafting SoW, and team building, to final delivery at client site
  • Ability to promote thought leadership, and that includes points of views (PoVs), championing go-to-market campaigns; and making presentations at round tables, conferences, etc. considered a plus
  • Solid know-how of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) supplemented by knowledge of operational, strategic, and reputational or cyber risk character traits. Comprehensive expertise of risk management and business case analysis methodologies
  • Proactive; self-starter; and independent with the ability to take initiative
  • Ability to demonstrate attention to detail and focus on excellence
  • Problem solver with hands-on expertise in applying solutions
  • Cooperative team player; with strong ability to develop and support colleagues
  • Possess self-awareness, good listening skills, and ability to give and receive feedback well
  • Creative – have a knack for making impactful presentations, as well as data visualization
  • Have a BA or BS in any of Business, Accounting, or Finance; Commerce or Mathematics
  • Possess a mix of professional certifications with preference for PRM, FRM, and CISSP; APRM and CRISC
  • Complimentary: PMP and CFA
  • Enthusiastic: Ability to display interest and passion for your line of work and the industry generally
  • Innovative: Capable of original thinking and reliable for introducing new ideas
  • Detail oriented: Ability to seek and assemble relevant details necessary to complete a task
  • Experience: Possess 7 years of experience or more as a Risk Professional.


If you are a recruiter or HR manager needing to hire for the risk consultant role in your company or business, it is necessary to publish a description for the position for interested and qualified individuals to apply.

You can create a detailed description, consisting of all the duties and responsibilities you want the successful candidate to perform by applying the sample risk consultant job description provided above.

This post will also help you to learn a great deal about the risk consultant duties and responsibilities if you are interested in the career.

The knowledge you gain will help you make the best decision about becoming a risk consultant.

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