Preschool Teacher Resume Writing Tips and Example

Preschool teacher resume

If you are applying for a preschool teacher job, having a good resume can improve your chances with employers.

Preschool Teacher Resume Writing Tips and Example

A good preschool teacher resume is the first document required when seeking to obtain employment in that position.

Such a resume should be able to summarize the unique skills and qualities that make you an outstanding candidate for the preschool teacher position you are gunning for.

An effective preschool teacher resume should be able to win the heart of the hiring manager and writer and secure the writer an interview.

Writing a great resume, what to note:

To create a good resume for the preschool teacher job that gets recruiters attention, it should be written in a concise, targeted, and attractive format.

So, you need to choose a good layout for your resume as well as understand the preschool teacher job description supplied by the hiring company.

An understanding of the job description will help you to create a resume that is targeted towards meeting the skills, qualities, and expertise expectations of the hiring company for that particular position.

Adopting a good layout for your application will help you to highlight your skills and qualifications as a preschool teacher in an appealing manner.

The choice of a layout for your resume depends on the preference of the applicant. However, you should endeavor to include the following key sections in your preschool resume.

Objective Section

You should utilize the career objective section of your resume to inform the hirer that you are interested in working with them as a preschool teacher. This intent should be backed by expertise, qualifications, and skills that you possess, showing that you will offer value to the company if considered.
Here are examples of objective statements to make the above explanation clearer:

Examples of Preschool Teacher Objective Statement for Resume

  • Looking for the position of a class preschool teacher with Creative Kids Academy where proven expertise in class room management and strong background in early childhood development will be fully utilized to foster children’ physical and intellectual development.
  • To obtain a preschool teacher position with Divine Montessori. Offer outstanding ability to impart knowledge, eagerness to teach, and effective classroom communication skills.

Core Competence Section

The core competence section of your resume should contain skills, expertise, and qualities relevant to the preschool teacher position you are applying for. Each point contained in this section of your resume should be presented using simple bullet style.

Job Experience Section

Whether or not the hiring manager requires someone with experience for the job, the experience section remains important in your preschool teacher resume.

If you have not worked as a preschool teacher or in a similar position before, including internship experience in your resume may prove to be valuable.

The job experience section of your preschool teacher resume should summarize the schools you have worked with and the duties you performed as a teacher.

Educational and Professional Qualification Section

This section of your resume should summarize your academic and professional qualifications that are relevant for the preschool teacher job.

It is important to make sure you have attained the level of academic qualification required by the hiring manager for the preschool teacher position that you are gunning for.

Also, make sure that any professional qualification to be included is related to the teaching profession.

Having seen how to make the different sections of a preschool teacher resume, the next thing we will look at is how to put the sections together to have a complete resume.

Given below is an example of a resume for the preschool teacher position that shows the various parts discussed above put together.

You may use it as a template to quickly make your resume whenever there is a need for you to send one for a preschool teacher job.

Preschool Teacher Resume Example/Sample/Template

Catherine Rooney
102 School Avenue, Queens, New York
Home: (+1) 554-2267, Cell: (+1) 929-2267.

Objective: Looking for a class preschool teacher with Creative Kids Academy where proven expertise in class room management and strong background in early childhood development will be fully utilized to foster children’ physical and intellectual development.

Core Competence

  • Trained teacher with strong background in early childhood development
  • Proven expertise in classroom management
  • Outstanding ability to impart knowledge
  • Valid New York Teacher’s License
  • Passion an eagerness to teach preschool age kids
  • Effective classroom communication skills
  • Friendly and compassionate personality.

Job Experience

Wisdom Montessori, Manhattan, New York
Preschool Teacher
2002 – 2014

  • Maintained discipline and orderliness in the classroom
  • Maintained discipline among pupils during field trips and social activities
  • Developed lesson plans and delivered lesson instructions in an engaging manner
  • Assessed the performance of each pupil and assisted pupils with special learning needs
  • Maintained pupils’ progress reports and communicated same to parents/guardians
  • Liaise with parents and guardians to identify development needs of each child
  • Encouraged pupils to learn socially acceptable behaviors and standards
  • Organized social activities to engender confidence and self esteem.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • New York State University, Manhattan, New York, Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Development, 2000
  • New York Teacher’s License, 2002.


If you are seeking the job of a preschool teacher, you should be aware that you will face some competition from other applicants for the position.

You need to have a good resume to get the employer to give you an interview appointment where you will have the opportunity to convince them to hire you.

This post shares valuable tips and a template to help you create a great preschool teacher resume for your job applications.

Did you find this post helpful in creating effective resume for the preschool teacher job? Please give your comment in the box below.

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