Marketing Manager Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
Marketing manager resume
Having a good resume makes your search for a marketing manager job easier.

Marketing Manager Resume Writing Tips and Example

If you are a marketer with superb marketing ability but cannot sell yourself to recruiters, then, there would be no product or service for you to market because hirers will not think twice before binning your resume.

Sure you got the gist!

To be able to do that which you are good at, you need a great resume to convince hirers of your ability.

If you find it difficult creating a compelling resume or you think yours need a little polishing, you need not worry because the problem isn’t peculiar to you.

A whole lot of brilliant people out there find it difficult writing resumes too. Not because it is difficult, but because it requires a little trick here and there.

So, whatever your problem is, you can hire a resume expert to create one for you or follow the tips in this post to do it yourself.

The first step to creating a compelling marketing manager resume is to understand the job you are applying for as this will assist you in making a resume that is in line with the demands of the job and that of the hirer.

Then, use actionable keywords related to the marketing manager position you seek. Make sure each section of your resume is brief and attractively presented to win the heart of the hiring manager.

Finally, proofread to eradicate errors.

Now, let us look at the important sections of the marketing manager resume you need to create the best resume.

For this post, we shall employ a resume format that allows you to include four key sections.

You can modify the title of each section when creating your resume to suit your qualification and preference.

Here they are:

Resume Objective Section

This section of your marketing manager resume is where you present you value proposition. That is, that unique blend of skills, experiences, and traits that makes you an outstanding applicant. This set of skills must be in line with the demands of the job you seek.

Your marketing manager objective section could be generic or specific like in the examples below, but just like marketing, it is better when it is directed at a targeted audience.

See examples below:

Examples of Marketing Manager Objective Statement for Resume

  • To obtain marketing manager position with XYZ Inc. utilizing exceptional knowledge of varied marketing techniques and outstanding marketing communication and strategic planning skills.
  • Seeking for the position of marketing manager that will enable use of over 15 years’ experience as a marketer with reputable firms, and proven ability to understand ongoing market and customer trends.

Core Competence Section

This section of your marketing manager resume is where you state all relevant features that make you a uniquely valuable asset.

The manager will be scanning through this section to see how your skills and personal traits will be useful to the company in the position you seek to occupy.

So, make sure this section is created bearing in mind the demands of the marketing manager job.

Job Experience Section

Hiring managers usually prefer to hire experienced marketers for this position. In fact, for most companies, this part of your resume is more important than the educational qualification section.

If you studied engineering but had successfully led marketing teams in the past, chances are that you will be picked over a first class marketing graduate with little experience.

Education and Professional Qualification

You need not be a marketing graduate to apply for a marketing manager position. Here, what is required is usually a degree in marketing or related discipline.

Other important qualifications may include professional certifications and membership of professional bodies.

If you are applying for a marketing intern, you may include your GPA but for this position, more is expected of you than GPA.

Now, if you utilize the tips above, you can actually come up with a superb marketing manager resume like the example below:

Marketing Manager Resume Example/Sample/Template

Brian Meyer
42 Metro Street, Birmingham, Alabama
Home: (+1) 111-1114, Cell: (+1) 111-1111

Objective: To obtain marketing manager position with XYZ Inc. utilizing exceptional knowledge of varied marketing techniques and outstanding marketing communication and strategic planning skills.

Core Competence

  • Outstanding social media marketing skills
  • Friendly demeanor with high level of confidence
  • Proven ability to work under pressure and meet target
  • Effective marketing communication and interpersonal skills
  • Proven ability to lead a marketing team to achieve specific result
  • Strong commercial awareness and knowledge of varied marketing techniques.

Job Experience

Brand Inc., Birmingham, Alabama
Marketing Manager
2009 – Present

  • Design and monitor the implementation of marketing plans
  • Efficiently manage the budget of the sales/marketing unit
  • Assist the HR unit in hiring and training of marketers
  • Regularly organize meetings with the members of the marketing team and the management
  • Conduct regular survey among customers to obtain their views about products
  • Design strategies for the launching and branding of new and existing products
  • Lead the marketing team to exhibitions, trade shows and promotional events
  • Monitor and analyze market trends and identify target markets.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • Birmingham City College, Alabama, Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, 2007
  • Member Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), 2010.


It is important to note that the post of the marketing manager is usually competitive with other applicants doing their best to get it.

Therefore, you will need a good resume that effectively market your experience, skills, and qualities for the job to employers, for you to stand a chance of being hired.

Take advantage of the tips shared in this post and gain the ability to write a good resume each time you need to.

What new idea did you get in this post that will enable you to write a good marketing manager resume? Please make your comment in the box below.

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