Medical Receptionist Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 27, 2023
Medical receptionist resume
If you are looking for a medical receptionist job, a good resume is a document you must have.

Medical Receptionist Resume Writing Tips and Example

If your desire is to work as a receptionist in a medical facility, then, you need to first identify clinic(s) in need of such services and pitch them with a good resume to convey your desire, and to convince them that you possess the right set of skills to perform effectively in the position.

Creating a resume is actually one of the easiest writing tasks you can think of, but making a resume effective requires special knowledge.

For a resume to be effective, it must be able to fulfill the onerous responsibility of convincing the hirer that the applicant has something valuable to offer, thus compelling him or her to schedule an interview with the applicant.

Steps to Making a Good Medical Receptionist Resume

Creating a great medical receptionist resume will involve a combination of understanding the job description for the position that was advertised and choosing the right resume layout with which to convey your intention to work as a medical receptionist, as well as the expertise you have to offer.

The knowledge of the medical receptionist job description provided by the hirer will assist you in identifying the requirements of the job so that you can create a resume that will appeal to the hirer.

This can be achieved by using keywords related to the medical receptionist position as well as aligning the key sections of the resume to the demands of the job as published by the employer in the description of the job.

Again, choosing the right layout for your medical receptionist resume will help you in conveying your information in a clear and attractive manner.

Though the choice of resume layout will depend on the preference of the writer as no particular layout is better than the other, however, whatever format you want to you, consider including the following key sections:

Objective Section

Creating a medical receptionist resume without firstly declaring your intention to work in that particular position and the expertise you possess to perform effectively may not always be a good idea.

Hirers always have tons of resume to go through during any recruitment process. So, it will be in your best interest to hold them spell bound right from the beginning of the resume with a captivating objective statement.

This will encourage the hirer to read your resume with interest and be satisfied that you will perform excellently as a medical receptionist, and then go ahead to schedule an interview with you to discuss the job prospect further.

Here are examples of medical receptionist objective statements you can study and model yours after:

Examples of Medical Receptionist Objective Statement for Resume

  • Desiring employment opportunity as a medical receptionist with Miami Medical Centre where hands-on experience as a receptionist in busy hospital environments, knowledge of medical terminology and billing system, and strong clerical skills will be fully utilized.
  • To obtain the position of a medical receptionist at Amazon Clinic, offering exceptional administrative and clerical skills, outstanding patient service and communication skills.

Core Competence Section

In this section of your medical receptionist resume, make sure that you highlight your key strength – skills, experience, and personal attributes.

However, do not include unnecessary information that does not project how you would be effective as a medical receptionist if hired.

Work Experience Section

If the hiring clinic clearly stipulated certain years of experience as part of the requirements, then, make sure that you have worked for such number of years so as not to embark on a fruitless process.

Otherwise, you can include your internship or volunteer work experience as part of your experience as a receptionist.

The most important thing to note is that this section should not be left out from your resume.

Education and Professional Qualification Section

Depending on the size of the hiring clinic or the nature of duties to be performed, candidates for this position may be required to hold a minimum academic qualification of high school diploma or associate degree in office management or related disciplines.

So, it is important that you first identify the educational qualification requirements for the medical receptionist position so as to know if you are fit to apply.

Then, if you qualify for the position, you can go ahead and list the school(s) you attended, certificates obtained with the period you completed each course and awarded certificate.

Now, having seen how we can create the various sections of a resume for the job of medical receptionist, we will look at a complete resume for the position where all sections have been put together.

See below:

Medical Receptionist Resume Example/Sample/Template

Angela Meg
105 Folks Street, Miami, Florida
Home: (+111) 056-3458, Cell: (+111) 023-84488

Objective: Desiring employment opportunity as a medical receptionist with Miami Medical Centre where hands-on experience as a receptionist in busy hospital environments, knowledge of medical terminology and billing system, and strong clerical skills will be fully utilized.

Core Competence

• Hands-on experience as a receptionist in busy hospital environments
• Outstanding knowledge of medical terminology and medical billing system
• Outstanding patient service and communication skills
• Strong clerical and administrative skills
• Proficient in computer applications
• Approachable and friendly demeanor.

Job Experience

West End Hospital, Miami, Florida
Medical Receptionist
2012 – Present

• Welcome, register new patients and maintain charts
• Handle incoming mails and calls and reply queries
• Organize and maintain medical forms, patient files and stationeries
• Assist patients to schedule appointments with medical practitioners
• Ensure that the reception area is always neat, tidy and orderly
• Remind medical practitioners and patients of appointments
• Interpret prescription and medical instructions to patients
• Verify insurance coverage and collect accurate payment.

Education and Professional Qualification
• Florida City College, Miami, Florida, Associate Degree in Office Management, 2010.

When you need to create a resume to use in seeking the job of a medical receptionist, you can apply the above sample copy as a template in completing it.


An important area to give attention to when looking for a job, including the medical receptionist position, is creating a good resume.

And the good news is that you can actually make one by yourself by applying the tips and examples in this post.

Did you find the information in this post valuable in making a great medical receptionist resume? Do share your thought in the box below, as well as any resume writing idea that has worked for you.

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