Makeup Artist Resume Sample

By | September 3, 2023

Learning to write a good resume for the makeup artist position can be enhanced by studying a couple of sample resumes.

Below is an example of a well prepared makeup artist resume that can be followed as a template in writing your own.

An important aspect of good resumes is to clearly communicate the competence, creativity, and experience of the owners that would enable them to succeed on the new job.

The new employer wants to be assured that you can very well perform the duties of a makeup artist before hiring you, therefore, for your resume to be successful it must convince the prospective employer that you have the expertise and experience to do the job.


Makeup Artist Resume Sample/Example/Template

Maria Stone
ABC Link Street • Atlanta, Georgia • 77777 • Home: (111) 555-9999, Cell: (222) 999-9999 • mariastone@this-is-a-makeup-artist

OBJECTIVE: Seeking the position of a makeup artist in a challenging environment where my uncommon, creativity, skills, knowledge of beauty and passion, and unmatched attention to details will be employed in giving clients’ an awesome look that suits the occasion.


Exceptionally gifted, ambitious and motivated makeup artist with eight years experience creating amazing effects and bringing out the best possible clients’ natural features, complexion, and beauty.

Enormous knowledge and experience in TV makeup artistry, cosmetics and industry techniques, coupled with huge experience working with some of the top brands in the industry, including AAA Inc., BBB Inc., and DDD Inc.


  • Eight years experience in the makeup industry
  • Great expertise in the application of colors to achieve the desired effect
  • Knowledge of the different types of makeup and their purpose
  • Understanding of the purpose of each of the makeup types and skill on how to achieve the desired result
  • Profound knowledge of the tools needed for each type of makeup and what they are used for
  • Gifted in the styling of hair
  • Astounding concept of the use of prosthetics and how to differentiate it’s use between the different purpose which include magazines, films, television, fashion, among others
  • Unrivaled love for good look and ability to work under any circumstance, especially under pressure
  • Ability to give a suitable look for the type of occasion it is needed for
  • Proficient communication and coordinating expertise
  • Experience and knowledge of reputable cosmetic companies.


Makeup Artist
StarR TV, Hollywood

2006 – Present

  • Distinguish characters and determine their makeup
  • Determine the use of prosthetics and when to use them
  • Develop communication with producers and or directors to know what the work requires
  • Create a mental picture of what each character should look like from the script and gather resources to this effect
  • Make the choice for the colors each artist will use
  • Conduct research on costume when the script is on an heroic event of the past
  • Prepare the surface of the artist’s skin for the costume
  • Coordinate with the lightning personnel to determine the type of makeup to be used which will not contrast with the lightening
  • Handle hygiene training for other makeup artists
  • Stay updated on the makeup trend
  • Dictate the dressing and the outlook that suit presentations
  • Dictate the makeup that suit the dress a presenter or an anchor wears
  • Arrange the setting of a presentation in such a way that bring out the colors beautifully
  • Coordinate the makeup department of the station.


  • Institute of Art and Design, California
    Bachelor of Art (BA): Fashion Design – 2002
  • Conceptual Art of Beauty Institute – Associate Degree of Art in cosmetology – 2004
  • Beauty House Academy, California – 2006
  • Runway training course – 2006.

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