Medical Billing Specialist Resume Sample

By | September 3, 2023

To write a good resume for the position of medical billing specialist, you need to know the important duties and responsibilities the employer would want you to do for them.

You can get this from the job description which they usually publish for the position.

If you are writing a general resume for the post, you can find a job description sample like this one: Medical Billing Specialist job description to use in preparing your resume.

Highlight the vital duties, tasks, responsibilities, skills, abilities, and experience which apply to you in your resume.

The resume sample below represents a good example of an effective resume for the medical billing specialist job.

You are free to use it as a template in making your resume, replacing the content in each section with your own words.


Medical Billing Specialist Resume Sample/Example/Template

Maria Stone
ABC Link Street • Atlanta, Georgia • 77777 • Home: (111) 555-9999, Cell: (222) 999-9999 •

OBJECTIVE: Seeking the position of Medical Billing Specialist with a growing healthcare organization where my sound Operating Room background will be valuable to ensuring errors and redundant charges are avoided.


  • Over 7 years experience working as a Medical Billing Specialist
  • Ability to use the necessary billing inventory, i.e. software, and machines proficiently
  • Ability to conduct research and investigation on the veracity of the data of persons on the service
  • Great knowledge of types of health insurance, the way they work, the benefits and their limitations
  • Profound knowledge of medical terminologies; how and why they are used
  • Great ability to review and reconcile invoices correctly and accurately
  • Good communication and human relation skills evident in customer relation and telephone etiquette
  • Great organization and arrangement skills evident in vast ability in separating documents and arranging them appropriately
  • Ability to command a timely and accurate submission of bills
  • Prompt and timely ability to respond to queries from both internal and external parties.


ABC Healthcare Services Inc., California
2007 – Present

Medical Billing Specialist

  • Receive and arrange bill accordingly without mixing them up
  • Ensure the timely submission of bills and ensure that bills are submitted in an accurate manner
  • Ascertain the accuracy and correctness of all paper claim before accepting them for final submission
  • Make the preparation and the processing of all refunds, and ensure that follow-up of all denials and unpaid claims are well performed
  • Give response to all sorts of queries from all internal and external parties
  • Ensure the correct management of all the account receivable
  • Input the collected details and bills appropriately into the computer and ensure the proper keeping of account
  • Make post on charges and make available corrections and adjustments to the charges
  • Establish communication and negotiation when necessary with the clients, patient and when necessary
  • Coordinate and regulate the input of the files into the computer and manage and ensure the separation of the files
  • Handle the training of staff on human relation, telephone etiquette, and staff relationship, relationship with management and relationship with patients.


  • High School Diploma, Kenwood High, New Orange, California, 2007
  • Hands-on experience in EDI and ERA posting procedures
  • State Certification
  • Current and valid Computer Software Application Development Associate.

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