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Legal Assistant Resume Writing Tips and Example

Legal Assistant Resume Writing Tips and Example To obtain a job as a legal assistant, you need a well-written resume. The position of legal assistant is a very competitive one with many applicants chasing few vacant positions. So, to stand a chance of securing a job as a legal assistant you need to possess top-notch qualities and secretarial… Read More »

How Much Does a Paralegal and Legal Assistant Make?

Paralegals and Legal Assistants are likely to have more jobs and make more money for many years to come. Image source: Legalassistantjobdescription.net How much does a paralegal and legal assistant make? is a good question to ask when researching the occupation before making up your mind to become one or not. According to the latest report (May 2013)… Read More »

Legal Assistant Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Legal Assistants provide various kinds of support duties for supervising lawyers. Image source: Schools-training.com This post covers the legal assistant job description, to help you understand the work they do. What Does a Legal Assistant Do? A legal assistant is a trained person, often times with certification from government or state agencies with a job description that entails… Read More »

Legal Assistant Resume Sample

If you are seeking the job of a legal assistant, then you need to present a highly impactful resume or CV to the recruiter/employer to stand a better chance over other candidates for the position. Legal assistant resume samples like the one below can help in preparing a good resume for the position. The objective section is a… Read More »