Delivery Driver Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
Delivery driver resume
With a good resume, you stand a greater chance of being invited to an interview where you can prove why you are the best delivery driver to hire.

Delivery Driver Resume Writing Tips and Example

This post seeks to help you write a good resume for the job of a delivery driver. It shows how to effectively create the different parts of the resume, including the objective statement; and also provides a resume example for the delivery driver position that you can use as a template to study and work with when making your own.

Generally, there is more to being a delivery driver than just driving a van for delivering items. The delivery driver is usually a very important member of the supply chain team.

So, hiring managers do not only consider an applicant’s driving ability while hiring for this position, they also take a lot of factors into consideration.

So, if you have a good driving skill; which is a prerequisite for the job, and other skills/qualities like communication and customer service, and good time management skills, as well as the knowledge of local routes, then you are qualified to work as a delivery driver.

Now, if you have got all these skills and are interested in working as a delivery driver, the next step is to prepare a great resume that adequately captures all your qualities and skills.

You can hire a CV/resume expert to do this for you but if you want to do it yourself, then it is advisable to read some tips and download some templates on how to prepare a job-winning delivery driver resume.

If you have made up your mind to write it, then the tips and examples in this post shall be very useful to you.

Resume Writing Process

First, you have to choose a resume format that will allow you to present your work in an easily accessible manner.

Secondly, Make sure the format accommodates the key sections of a delivery driver resume. Also, ensure that each of these sections is written in short sentences and presented in eye-catching bullet points so as to win the attention of the reader.

Lastly, make sure that the resume is very concise and error free. After writing the resume, it is advisable to edit and proofread severally before sending it out.

Now, let us look at how to write the sections of a delivery driver resume.

Objective Section

The objective section allows you to state your interest in the position of a delivery driver that you seek and the skills you possess to deliver if offered the job.

In fact, this section is where you have the opportunity of winning the heart of the hiring manager immediately they start reading your resume by letting them know that you understand what makes the position different from similar ones, and the unique skills you have to deliver as a delivery driver.

In a nut shell, to win yourself an interview, you must be convincing at this stage. See examples of job-winning delivery driver resume objective statement below:

Examples of Delivery Driver Objective Statement for Resume

  • To obtain a delivery driver position with Clamps Manufacturing Company, utilizing superb driving skills matched with a clean driving record, great customer service, and communication skills, and profound knowledge of local routes.
  • To obtain a delivery driver position in a reputed manufacturing firm where vast driving experience, profound knowledge of GPS systems, and great customer service skills will be utilized for efficient delivery services that will guarantee customers’ satisfaction.

Core Competence Section

This is the part of the resume where you highlight all the skills that make you an outstanding delivery driver.

Please note that saying ‘’all the skills’’ doesn’t mean you should highlight skills not relevant to the position you seek. All skills to be stated must be consistent with delivery driver position.

Job Experience Section

Just like in the core competence section, you should only highlight relevant experiences. Also, no matter how many companies you have worked for, avoid listing numerous job experiences. Just the most recent two or three delivery driver experiences are enough.

Educational Qualification Section

Unlike other driving jobs, hiring managers prefer to employ delivery drivers with some level of academic qualification. This is because drivers in this position perform lots of record keeping and calculation.

In addition, driving training and licensing is equally a part of this section. So, make sure you write this section very well as it may be the part that matters most in your case.

Now, here is a resume template for the position to guide you in preparing your own delivery driver resume.

Delivery Driver Resume Example/Sample/Template

Mathew Gilmore
1 Liberty Street, Bismarck, North Dakota
Home: (111) 500-5000, Cell: (111) 900-1000

Objective: To obtain a delivery driver position with Clamps Manufacturing Company, utilizing superb driving skills matched with a clean driving record, great customer service, and communication skills and profound knowledge of local routes.

Core Competence

  • Profound knowledge of local routes and ability to utilize GPS system in locating places
  • Proven ability to deliver items in record time
  • Great driving skills matched with clean driving history
  • Great customer service and communication skills
  • Strong stamina and ability to lift loads of up to 70 pounds
  • Good knowledge of all traffic and driving safety rules
  • Exceptional organization and time management ability
  • Ability to carry out basic vehicle maintenance and clean up
  • Vast experience in driving all kinds of vehicles and delivery vans.

Job Experience

Reagan Inc. Grand Forks, North Dakota
Delivery Driver
2007 – 2011

  • Utilized knowledge of GPS and maps to chart shorter routes for delivery
  • Ensured that materials for delivery are safely loaded and unloaded
  • Communicated with the dispatcher via the radio or wireless telephone during delivery
  • Obtained the signature of recipients upon delivery
  • Ensured that the assigned vehicle is neat and in functional condition
  • Kept record of each delivery travel, expenses incurred in fueling, repairs and tolls
  • Collected cash from recipients upon delivery when required
  • Answered to customers queries and conveyed their messages or complain to the management.

Educational Qualification

  • Fargo High School, Fargo, North Dakota, High School Diploma, 2005.

Driving Training and Licensure

  • North Dakota Driving School, Fargo, North Dakota, Defensive Driving Training, 2006
  • Class A Commercial Driver’s License, North Dakota.


Your ability to be able to communicate your driving skills and experience in your resume will enhance its effectiveness in getting the employer to want to have an interview with you.

Use the ideas shared above to create good resumes and you will be way up to landing the delivery driver job that you desire.

How has the resume writing guide above improved your ability to make a delivery driver resume? We would love to hear of your experience, please leave a comment in the box below.

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