Salesman Job Description Sample

Salesman job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

The salesman interacts with customers and assist them in making orders.

Salesman Job Description Sample

What Does a Salesman Do?

A Salesman or salesperson is the one who has the responsibility for selling a company’s products or services to the public.

Whatever the product type, the role of the salesperson in the firm is to interact with customers and ensure they make an order.

Company’s involved in the production and sales of items such as computers, cars, vans, tires, and commercial real estate require the position of the salesman to be set up in the organization to be responsible for producing sales for the company.

The sales staff works under the supervision of the sales manager and report to him or her.

To succeed as a salesman, you should have a personality that is trustworthy. This will make customers to rely on you to make their purchasing decision.

You should be able to understand what your customers actually desire by interacting and asking them relevant questions.

The salesman’s job description involves all tasks and activities that enable the individual to sell the company’s products effectively.

There may be some variations in the job description from one industry to another; however, they are basically the same.

Sample Job Description for the Salesman Position

Here are some duties, tasks, and responsibilities a salesperson will be expected to perform as part of his/her job description:

  • Maintain and develop friendship with the company’s existing customers by ensuring regular contact with them through meetings, speaking with them on the phone, and also communicating with them by email.
  • Pay visit to prospective customers in assigned locations to answer their questions and resolve whatever issues they may be having about the company’s products, and to ask for new orders.
  • Compile customer and market information useful for planning and executing sales.
  • Build prospective customer list from business directories, colleagues in the industry, and industry contacts, to use as lead in recruiting new customers and making new sales.
  • Negotiate issues such as price variation, product delivery and specifications with managers.
  • Discuss special promotions with managers and provide advice on upcoming product design and development.
  • Collaborate with product suppliers to ensure existing orders are delivered.
  • Ensure goods on display in the showroom are of good quality.
  • Document all order information and purchases and send copies to the Manager at the close of work.
  • Periodically review sales achievements for the purpose of improving future performance.
  • Strive towards having better understanding of customers and their requirements so as to be able to advice them in making better purchasing decision.
  • Ensure cost calculations are accurate and provide quotations, and credit terms to customers.
  • Introduce company’s products to customers while emphasizing products’ strongest features.

Writing a Resume for the Salesman Job

A resume for seeking the position of salesman can be written by using information from the job description example above in making the job history section of the resume, and other sections.

Requirements – Qualities and Qualifications for the post of Salesman

To perform the duties of salesman effectively, the individual is required to have certain qualifications and qualities.

To qualify for the position, the individual may be required to possess a degree. However, this is not always the case as the qualification demanded by the employer depends on the peculiarity of the position with each employer.

Some employers may require a high school diploma or its equivalent.

To be effective on the job, the salesperson should possess excellent skills in communication and the ability to relate cordially with other people so as to be able to negotiate with potential buyers and close sales, relate with contractors, consultants, and other people that are important to selling the company’s products.

They should also have excellent skills in planning and organizing events, and keeping their work environment clean and tidy.

They should possess thorough knowledge of the company’s products, design and usage. This will enable them to answer potential customers’ questions convincingly at anytime.

The salesman should be able to make simple calculations, such as interest, discounts, percentages, and proportions.

These kinds of figures are usually encountered in the course of selling items.

Customers may want to know what their discounts will amount to and how much they will actually be charged if the company is offering a certain percentage discount on a product.

The ability to quickly perform the calculation and provide the answer will be greatly needed.

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