Accounts Receivable Supervisor Job Description Example

By | August 29, 2023
Accounts Receivable Supervisor job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Accounts Receivable Supervisors ensure effective supervision of all duties relating to accounts receivable in a company.

Accounts Receivable Supervisor Job Description Example

What Does an Accounts Receivable Supervisor Do?

Accounts receivable supervisors are responsible for overseeing all accounts receivable activities and operations in a business organization.

The accounts receivable supervisor job description entails obtaining revenues on behalf of his/her company, processing invoice, and ensuring timely payment of debts owed to suppliers.

He/she is equally expected to use his/her expertise to promote the good image of the organization with its vendors.

If there is any missed payment issues, it is the role of the accounts receivable supervisor to get such resolved without delay. This will help prevent any misrepresentation, as well as promote business and professional ideals of the organization.

The receivable supervisor should equally update all financial records of the organization.

He/she should work with other accounts receivable member of staff to ensure the bookkeeping tasks of the department is properly done.

He/she is also responsible for supervising the members of staff in the accounts receivable unit.

He/she must be a good communicator with the ability to relate cordially with other members of staff in the department and lead them to achieving set goals.

He/she will have to relate with members of staff from other departments too, and must therefore know how best to communicate with them to ensure smooth running of the organization’s business activities.

The accounts receivable supervisor is expected to fulfill all objectives and obligations related to his/her assigned department.

His/her work description also involves selecting particular members of staff for specific duties and responsibilities, and in giving them the required orientation to fulfill assigned tasks.

He/she may be required to provide periodic training and coaching to the members of staff in the accounts receivable department also.

The receivable supervisor is also saddled with the role of appraising the tasks performed by the staff in the unit, and to also discipline any erring member of staff among them.

He/she is expected to also communicate to these members of staff what the expectations of the organization are, and to ensure they always comply with the laid down modus operandi of the department.

Accounts receivable supervisors must be good at planning since they will have to plan tasks to be completed ahead and to also ensure such assignments are completed as required.

In the event that any member of staff deserves promotion or remuneration, the supervisor is expected to identify and recommend such staff.

He/she is the director, organizer, and the law enforcer of the accounts receivable department.

The supervisor is expected to work in line with the operational standards of the department, and to contribute immensely to the strategic reviews and growth of the unit and the company generally.

In some instances, the accounts receivable supervisor may be counted among the members of the management board of the organization.

He/she must therefore be a productive and progressive individual with ideas for the growth of the organization.

Accounts Receivable Supervisor Job Description Example

The accounts receivable supervisor is expected to perform certain tasks and oversee some responsibilities.

The major aspects of the accounts receivable supervisor’s duties and responsibilities are highlighted in the job description example below:

  • Accomplish the mission of the organization by ensuring all vendors are well paid as and when due
  • Ensure complete accountability as regards accounts receivable
  • Complete tasks as and when due
  • Train and coach other members of staff in the accounts receivable units on latest developments in the profession
  • Keep all information related to the unit confidential
  • Post periodic reports of account transactions to maintain accounting ledgers
  • Adhere to the internal accounting controls of the organization in order to maintain financial security
  • Forecast cash to support the financial planning of the organization
  • Monitor and coordinate sales order of the organization on daily basis
  • Control bank remittances of all transactions.

Accounts Receivable Supervisor Resume Preparation

If you are searching for the job of accounts receivable supervisor, you will need to arm yourself with a good resume as you will have to face other applicants for the role.

You will need to ensure all sections of your resume are perfectly crafted to sell you well to prospective employers.

To prepare the work experience section of the resume, you will need to state the duties and responsibilities you have carried out working as an accounts receivable supervisor.

To help you do this easily, you can use the sample job description provided above, which contains the information you need to create the job experience part of the resume.

Requirements – Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills – for Accounts Receivable Supervisor Role

When looking for new accounts receivable supervisors to hire, employers usually cite the following abilities, knowledge, and skills as important requirements applicants must meet to qualify to work in that role:

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Art of Accounting or Finance
  • Years of working experience as accounts receivable supervisor or in related fields is an added advantage
  • Possess analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Ability to organize and multitask
  • Ability to get jobs done before deadline
  • Ability to listen to others and resolve disputes among departmental staff, and with vendors
  • Ability to relate with all members of staff in the accounts receivable department and across other departments
  • Possess great skills in the use of various Microsoft Office packages, like MS Word and Excel
  • Ability to use various accenting-related computer programs.

Accounts Receivable Supervisor Skills for Resume

To make your accounts receivable supervisor resume powerful, you need to have a great skills section, which shows employers the competence you have to be highly effective on the job.

The required qualities for the accounts receivable supervisor job stated above can assist you in writing a good skills section, which is bound to get the attention of employers as those are what they want to see in applicants’ resumes.