Digital Marketing Associate Job Description Example

By | August 29, 2023
Digital Marketing Associate job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Digital Marketing Associates are responsible for their companies’ search engine optimization activities and other digital marketing projects.

Digital Marketing Associate Job Description Example

What Does a Digital Marketing Associate Do?

Digital marketing associates are responsible for handling the digital marketing programs of a business organization.

The digital marketing associate job description entails assisting with digital projects, digital marketing management, search engine optimization, Internet marketing, and sales activities.

He/she must oversee the effective operation of the company’s online marketing campaigns.

The digital marketing associate’s role also involves the development of various strategies used for marketing his company’s products and brands through the Internet.

He/she is expected to understand how to use various tools and channels, such as web analytics, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, and the social media, to promote products and services offered by the company.

Online channels and tools for brand promotion do improve over time, therefore, the digital marketing associate is expected to be aware of these improvements and updates and be quick to adapt to and implement them to increase the chances of his/her organization in the business sphere.

The associate is expected to understand the workings of various e-mail campaigns and promotional strategies.

He/she must work in line with the purpose of digital marketing, which is to get the words out on behalf of the company and to help promote the company’s image and products.

The professional must have good understanding of digital sales and marketing. He/she should also understand how search engine optimization works.

The work description of the digital marketing associate also entails properly analyzing the effectiveness of his/her company’s search engine optimization activities, and making the necessary modifications when such is required.

The online campaigns being promoted by the associate must be designed to target clients, and must be compelling and convincing enough to ensure that the desired goals are achieved.

The professional must ensure the company’s website is interactive and highly informative. He/she should review the contents from time to time and effect necessary changes.

The associate is involved both at the initiation and at the execution of Internet marketing campaigns.

He/she is expected to be directly involved in these processes until the campaigns are fully completed.

While carrying out assigned tasks, the associate should understand that the end goal is customer interaction, attraction, and satisfaction.

Consequently, all the digital marketing campaigns he/she undertakes must be designed to achieve this singular goal.

The digital marketing associate should be a knowledgeable individual and will be a point of reference in the company as regards digital marketing.

He/she should therefore be up to date and be on the lookout for new information, new ideas, and new developments in the digital marketing world.

This way, he/she will be better placed to carry out assigned duties and provide required direction to other members of staff of the company when such direction is required by them.

The digital marketing associate should be knowledgeable in all fields of digital marketing, like search engine optimization, digital sales processes, copy writing, and web designing.

He/she may be required to provide trainings to digital marketing staff members and also participate in recruitment exercises for the department.

Digital Marketing Associate Job Description Example

Digital marketing associates perform various functions as they work to get their company’s brand on the faces of millions of Internet users.

The following is a job description example for the role of digital marketing associate. It emphasizes the main tasks, duties, and responsibilities, which most associates are expected to perform for their employers or clients:

  • Work in association with other digital marketing executives and staff members towards developing and improving on company’s digital marketing programs
  • Build and implement viable digital marketing strategies for the company
  • Utilize the various online tools to promote company’s online image and brand
  • Understand the concept of search engine optimization and how to improve on company’s image using it
  • Assess the various online campaigns of the company to understand how to improve such and therefore improve on the company’s profitability.

Digital Marketing Associate Resume Preparation

To make a resume for the digital marketing associate post, the job description sample shown above provides the functions of the position that can be applied in preparing the work experience area of the resume.

This section confirms to employers that you will be able to effective perform the duties of the digital marketing associate if employed.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Digital Marketing Associate Role

To excel as a digital marketing associate requires having certain skills and qualities.

The following are major skills, abilities, and knowledge known to boost job performance of digital marketing associates, and which usually form major requirements from employers for applicants to satisfy when hiring:

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in communication, Internet marketing, or in other related field
  • Possess good understanding of web analytics and web designing
  • Ability to handle budget management and pay per click advertising
  • Ability to complete tasks and responsibilities independently with limited or no supervision at all
  • Possess team spirit and be able to interact professionally and otherwise with other members of staff
  • Ability to communicate excellently both in written and verbal forms
  • Possess good knowledge of Photoshop, graphic designs, and HTML
  • Possess top class Internet proficiency
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize duties
  • Ability to work under pressure and deliver top quality jobs consistently
  • Possess positive attitude, sound judgement, and top level professionalism.

Digital Marketing Associate Skills for Resume

The above given digital marketing associate skills and attributes can be applied in making the skills section of a resume that will make an impact on employers.

This is because it has the qualities employers believe will make the individual a top performer as a digital marketing associate.