Library Manager Job Description Example

Library Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Library Managers ensure smooth functioning of libraries.

Library Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Library Manager Do?

A library manager is responsible for overseeing the general operation of a library. He/she can be a branch manager and can also be an associate or deputy library manager.

His/her job description entails overseeing the activities of all branches in the library. He/she reports directly to senior staff members, like the director, from whom he/she takes orders regarding library operations.

Library managers usually have work schedules that need to be followed to the letter all through the day.

Their role also include managing library budget, training of new staff members, evaluating library employees, and planning of work schedules for other staff members.

Aside the above duties and responsibilities assigned to library managers, he/she is equally expected to oversee the library facilities and gauge their conditions.

The manager may also be involved in various projects and group management activities in the local neighborhood; he/she is required to oversee these projects too.

The library manager must be a good coordinator and organizer. He/she must equally be a good planner with the ability to function perfectly as a director since the whole burden of proper management of the library falls on his/her shoulders most of the time.

The work description of a library manager also entails providing required assistance to library users regarding how they locate and utilize library services, equipment, and materials.

He/she should have full knowledge of all the services, equipment, and materials in the library to enable him/her perform this task adequately.

The manger must have a full knowledge of how the library works, including knowledge of library equipment.

He/she should seek to upgrade him/herself to enable him/her have better understanding of modern day library operations.

Many top class libraries across the globe now functional based on automated systems. The perfect library manager must be fully aware of all the latest innovations in library management and be aware of system software for operating modern day libraries.

The manager must understand how to catalog library materials in accordance with Library of Congress standards.

He/she must have full knowledge of new standards imbibed for cataloging. As mentioned earlier, the manager must have deep knowledge about the operations of the library to enable him/her provide the essential services to readers and be able to answer their questions when such comes up.

The library manager must be strict and comply with library rules and regulations and must demand for such compliance from all members of staff in the library.

Library Manger Job Description Example

Here is a job description example for the role of library manager, containing typical duties, tasks, and responsibilities of the position at most library establishments:

  • Meet every standard regarding safety and confidentiality of library materials and equipment
  • Ensure work area and the whole library are properly cleaned and in orderly condition always
  • Appear smart and professional at the library so as to showcase professionalism to library users
  • Oversee the dressing and general conduct of other library staff members
  • Ensure all members of staff stick to latest advancements obtainable in library sciences to ensure consistency in proficiency
  • Attend library-related trainings to horn knowledge and improve on experience
  • Read library science-related-materials and be fully aware of what obtains and latest developments in the profession
  • Meet with other professionals in the library sphere, both at the particular working place and beyond, in order to learn new ways of doing things
  • Collaborate with other members of staff towards perfection of work programs and timely completion of schedule
  • Communicate issues with members of staff regarding library operations
  • Show positive regards and empathy to other members of staff and to library users via all modes of communication
  • Provide required assistance for the implementation of library events and programs
  • Approve or create staff payroll
  • Carry out required troubleshooting on the computers used in the library
  • Manage both old and new books available in the library.

Library Manager Resume Preparation

If you need to make a resume for the job of library manager, the sample job description presented above can make it easier.

You can use the stated duties and functions of the library manager in making the work history section of the resume, which shows how much experience you have acquired on the job.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Library Manager Role

The points highlighted below show the skills, abilities, and knowledge usually required by employers from people vying for the library manager role:

  • Education: Possess bachelor’s degree in library science or in information-related field. Some years of working experience will be an added advantage
  • Ability to speak more than one language
  • Possess sound physical and mental health
  • Ability to multitask without losing concentration on projects
  • Ability to work under stress and under any condition, no matter how uncomfortable it might be
  • Ability to communicate with others and lead them
  • Ability to work with various computer packages, such as data and word processing tools
  • Possess high level of joviality and interpersonal skills
  • Possess complete knowledge about library operations and activities.

Library Manager Skills for Resume

The skills section of a library manager resume can conveniently be made by applying the above stated qualities.

Employers will be attracted to such resume because it contains the skills and qualities that can help a library manager excel on the job.

Hope you enjoyed our library manager job description. Do share your experience and job description if you are a library manager or has worked in the past as one. Please share it in the comment box below. Thanks!