Customer Service Representative Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 30, 2023
Customer service representative resume example
Getting customer service representative job can be enhanced with a great resume.

Customer Service Representative Resume Writing Tips and Example

This is a guide that shows you how to write a great resume for the customer service representative job, including its objective statement; it also provides examples of objective statements and resume for the position, which can assist you in writing your resume.

If you are working on getting a job as customer service representative, you would need to have a compelling resume to stand a better chance of getting an invitation to an interview.

A good resume will help you get the attention of employers over other applicants, and since only a few applicants are usually invited to an interview, your resume is a vital tool in your job search, which can determine whether you get the job or not.

A resume can be in different formats, certainly, you must have seen several of them, but the format you use doesn’t really matter as long as it is well written.

In this article, we will be looking at the format with four vital sections; Objective, Core Competence, Work Experience and Professional Qualification, and we shall show how to complete each of them to make them irresistible to employers.

Now, let’s begin with the first section containing the objective statement:

The Customer Service Representative Resume Objective Section

The objective section of a customer service representative resume is your first contact with the employer, so make a good first impression by communicating your objective for desiring to be a CSR in their company.

You will surely grab their attention if your objective statement communicates your ability to meet their major needs for a customer service representative.

The objective section is the perfect place to start winning the heart of your prospective employer. Many an employer saddled with responsibility of reading piles of resumes, will decide which to take serious right from the objective section. So your job starts right here; hit the ground running!

And to make the most of the objective section, ensure you appeal to the employers’ major needs. You can easily identify their specific major needs by carefully observing the contents of their advertisement for the job position.

It’s almost a norm in the service industry, for employers to specify the requirements and job description of their ideal customer service representative.

However, here are some abilities expected from a customer service representative: careful attention to details; ability to disseminate information accurately; ability to multi-task; excellent communication and persuasive skills; problem solving skills; and a friendly character.

So if you possess these, allow it reflect in your objective statement.

Here are some objective statement examples you can use in writing your resume:

Customer Service Representative Objective Examples for Resume:

Perhaps you learn better with examples, here are few examples to serve as a guide in writing an effective objective section in your customer service representative resume.

  • Seeking the position of Customer Service Representative in XYZ Company where my exceptionally careful attention to details, accurate dissemination of information, ability to multi-task, excellent communication and persuasive skills, problem solving skills, and friendly character as remarked by my previous employer and colleagues will be employed.
  • Seeking the job of Customer Service Representative in a growing service company where my many years of experience in customer service representation in a telecoms company will be invaluable in ensuring customer satisfaction.

Please take note that the first example is applicable only when the objective statement is targeted at a specific and known company where a vacancy for customer service representative exists. Otherwise, refer to the second which is generally for the service industry.

We now go to the second section of the resume where we need to highlight our special skills and attributes that help to achieve success on the job:

Core Competence Section

The core competence section is the right place to highlight what stands you out as a customer service representative; key talents, knowledge, abilities, and experience.

The job position of a customer service representative is a key to recurrent patronage from customers and that is paramount to the survival of any service driven company.

So only the best is accepted. Properly highlighting your ability to pay attention to details, accuracy in disseminating information, multi-tasking ability, communication skills, and the rest, would strongly suggest that you have what it takes to deliver on the job if brought on board.

We now go to the third section, where you emphasize your experience on the job so that employers will be sure of your competence:

Work Experience

The work experience section is the section your prospective employers use as a tool to verify your promise so far, it is also known as work history or professional experience section.

Experience proves to employers that you are a tested hand. So highlight the duties and responsibilities that through previous or current engagement have made you an exceptional customer service representative.

It will also help to adapt the customer service representative Job description when completing this part of the resume as long as the duties and responsibilities in it reflect your true experience.

And please make certain that all verbs used in describing your current job are in present tense while the position held before should be in described in past tense. Don’t ignore this.

The fourth section completes the resume; this is where you provide relevant educational records to prove your qualification for the job:

Professional Qualification

In this section, you are to state your educational qualifications, including training programs you have completed that make you qualified to work as a customer service representative.
Customer Services Representative Resume Example/Sample/Template


Bridget Cole
25 Dayline Street. Princeton, New Jersey. Home: (222) 555-9999, cell: (222)999-9999.

OBJECTIVE: Seeking to be a Customer Service Representative in XYZ Company where my exceptionally careful attention to details, accurate dissemination of information, ability to multi-task, excellent communication and persuasive skills, problem solving skills, and friendly character as remarked by my previous employer and colleagues will be employed.


  • Ability to pay attention to details
  • Accuracy in disseminating information
  • Multi-tasking ability
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Exceptional persuasive and negotiating skills
  • Patient and cheerful character
  • Computer proficiency; MS word, MS Excel
  • Bilingual: English and French


Verizon, Albany, NY
Customer Service Representative
2010 – Present

  • Take inquiries from customers via calls
  • Assist customers in solving challenges as pertain to products
  • Properly document customer complaints
  • Introduce new products to customers persuasively


  • Alexton High School, Princeton, New Jersey, 2005
  • William Patterson University, NJ, Bachelors Degree, 2009

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