Customer Service Representative Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 2, 2023
customer service representative.
Customer Service Representatives perform various duties serving customers on behalf of their companies.

The Customer Service Representative’s duties and responsibilities involves being the contact persons that customers can reach by phone, email, and personal contact, to help them fix whatever problem they are having with the company’s product or service that they purchased.

Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) find employment in firms that create and sell products or services that may need customer support after purchase.

Specifically, CSRs are found at customer contact centers, banks, insurance firms, and stores where customers can make contact with the company’s representatives and get answers to whatever questions or support they may need.

Here are some typical duties/tasks and responsibilities customer service representatives perform:

In the financial service industry:

  • Customer service reps working in a financial service firm will take calls and respond to customers’ inquiries and requests, which may include general information about their accounts, withdrawals and contributions or deposits. It can also be request for certain product information, tax issues, updating an account, and how to process financial transactions
  • Respond to questions and provide adequate and satisfactory answers relating to investments, following FINRA/SEC guidelines
  • Provide assistance to participants when initiating loans or carrying out financial transactions using automated voice response system or the company’s web site
  • He/She may be asked to make outbound calls, and to properly submit requests for research and follow-up, if it is needful to do so
  • He/She will understand, evaluate, and execute all fresh communication concerning plan updates and adjustments
  • The customer service rep will also run disbursement quotes, participate in meetings, and training programs, and act on managerial feedback.

In the insurance industry:

  • The CSR handles quotes and billing, adjustments, and policy inquiries on the phone, thereby providing support to agents and customers
  • He/She will provide assistance to team members on difficult policy inquiries and service calls
  • Provide adequate answers to agents and team members on coverage, position of policy, and complex rating concerns
  • Enter policy change on-line in the process of phone conversations with policy holders and agents; make on-line quotes available to customers, as well as carry out and solve all issues concerning direct bill
  • Participate in the company’s on the job training programs for team members
  • Perform effective monitoring of team members, ensuring that processing are done accurately, records are accurately and properly processed and documented
  • Settle whatever conflict there might be over policy between agent, customer, and company
  • Look into all customer complaints regarding insurance and collect needed information before making an official written statement
  • Supervise workflow in the unit, and ensure that company service standards are adhered to
  • He/She will also supervise the investigation of problems that may arise in the system
  • Perform as team leader in the absence of the manager, and carry out special projects that may be assigned.

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