Customer Service Manager Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Customer Service Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Customer Service Managers are responsible for hiring and training of competent staff to ensure customer get the best service possible.

Customer Service Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Customer Service Manager Do?

Customer service managers oversee the activities and operations of the customer service department of a company to ensure delivery of excellent support and services to customers.
The customer service manager job description entails coordinating and guiding company customer service staff on appropriate techniques to implement in order to effectively resolve client issues and ensure customer satisfaction.

In performing their duties, these managers oversee the interviewing and hiring of customer service representatives as well as their training to ensure a highly performing workforce.

They develop and implement action plans necessary for improving the quality, productivity, and performance of the customer service unit.

Their role also involves maintaining accurate records of customer service interactions with clients.

Customer service managers build and establish a courteous relationship with clients to facilitate and improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.

They contact customers via calls, emails or arranged meetings to obtain feedback or assist with the resolution of issues or complaints.

Usually, their work description entails conducting investigations in order to find solutions to complex customer problems and long term unresolved issues.

They also conduct surveys and analysis of data to determine the quality and level of a company’s customer service.

As part of their tasks, customer service managers often prepare and distribute periodic statements to customers to keep them updated on products/services as well as minimize clientele attrition.

They carry out regular assessments to identify operational leaks in service delivery then redesign processes and techniques to optimize performance.

They also utilize and manage available resources to achieve set targets and objectives.

Customer service managers present regular reports and statistics to management to update them on work activities and customer service performance.

They set targets and implement strategies effective for achieving established goals.

They also oversee the designation and allocation of work tasks to customer service teams.

In fulfilling their role, customer service managers ensure the availability and functionality of equipment and tools.

They maintain an up-to-date knowledge of customer service management by studying relevant publications and attending seminars or educational workshops.

They also perform other functions that contribute to the growth of a company as may be required by management.

The customer service manager job requires at least a high school diploma and experience in customer service to get into.

Having a degree in management studies, marketing or business studies also increases job prospects.

Qualities needed to succeed on this job include communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

Customer Service Manager Job Description Example/Template

The role of customer service managers entails various important duties, tasks, and responsibilities that focus on providing optimal satisfaction to customers.

If you are hiring for this position, the following job description example will help you create a work description that meets your business needs, and find the perfect person for the job:

  • Contact customers via calls and emails to offer them products/services and assist them in resolving issues
  • Develop standards and procedures for interacting with customers to ensure maximum satisfaction with company services
  • Oversee the hiring and training of customer service staff to ensure an effective workforce
  • Conduct surveys to discover customer perception of services and make appropriate adjustments
  • Communicate with customers to identify their requirements as well as obtain feedback on quality of service
  • Carry out investigations to resolve difficult customer issues or complaint
  • Ensure customer service equipment and workstations are operational and efficient
  • Utilize social media in providing prompt resolution of customer issues as well as promotion of products/services
  • Ensure customer service representatives comply with set guidelines and policies
  • Counsel customer service representatives on the impact of their decisions as well as guide them on best techniques necessary for effective customer service delivery
  • Proffer recommendations and advice to management on best practices for improved client relations
  • Maintain record of interactions with clients for reference purposes
  • Update customers on new products as well as recent development/changes in trends
  • Provide periodic reports to management on work activities and progress
  • Designate and schedule work tasks to customer service employees according to their performance
  • Conduct research and participate in conferences and seminars to stay abreast of developments in the customer service industry.

Customer Service Manager Resume Preparation

If you need a new customer service manager job and want to prepare a resume for it, you may apply contents of the sample job description above in creating the resume’s work experience section.

This is the part of the resume where you tell employers about the roles you carried out previously as a manager in a customer service unit of a firm.

The customer service manager duties and responsibilities highlighted in the above work description are quite suitable in creating the job experience section of your resume if you have worked before in that role.

Requirements – Abilities, Skills, and Knowledge – for Customer Service Manager Role

To access the customer service manager job, most employers generally require the following qualities and skills from applicants, which they believe will make a good manager for their customer service department:

  • Education and Training: To work as a customer service manager, you require at least a high school diploma and prior experience in the field of customer service. Having a degree in management studies, marketing or business studies also increases job prospects. Employers usually provide training programs to customer service recruits to bring them up to speed on work operations
  • Communication Skills: Customer service managers are adept at effectively communicating with clients to identify their requirements and assist with the resolution of customer issues
  • Problem-solving Skills: They are able to analyze client issues to develop solutions to customer problems and challenges
  • Leadership Skills: Customer service managers are well versed in organizing and directing the activities of an organization’s customer service unit to ensure customer satisfaction
  • See detailed customer service manager skills and qualities.

Customer Service Manager Skills for Resume

When making a customer service manager resume, you can acquire and use the qualities and skills highlighted for the position above in creating the skills section of your resume to show employers the skills you are bringing to the job that will enable you to give top performance.

Since the above qualities form part of most recruiters’ requirements to access the customer service manager job, your resume will definitely get the needed attention from prospective employers if it shows you have got the required skills and qualities.

Customer Service Management Tools

There are several customer service management software out there that make your work easier and more effective to manage your relationship with your customers and provide exceptional service to them.

There are tools that will help you manage various channels of communication with clients, including emails, twitter, web-forms, calls, and Facebook.

There are those that focus mainly on effective interaction with customers, helping to immediately track customer issues and resolve them speedily. This ensures customers get their complaints attended to as quickly as possible.

We also have customer service tools that enable customers to ask any question bothering them, and then the question is immediately moved to an expert who will provide the answer as quickly as possible. With this, customers get the satisfaction of having their issues resolved quickly.

You can check out the various customer service software on the internet to see which one has the features that best suit what you desire to achieve in your business.


If you are hiring for the position of customer service manager, you can create a work description for the role by applying the template given above, to use in assigning tasks to them.

This post will also help you to learn more about the functions of managers of customer service, the skills and the tools you need to succeed, if you are seeking to work in that role.

Did you find our job description for the customer service manager role helpful? Please, make a comment in the box below. You can also share some of the duties you performed working as a manager of customer service unit if you have been one.