Automotive Service Manager Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Automotive service manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Automotive service managers provide effective supervision of the activities of technicians to ensure customers get their vehicles fixed on time.

Automotive Service Manager Job Description Example

What Does an Automotive Service Manager Do?

Automotive service managers are in charge of coordinating the activities of an auto shop repair department to ensure efficient operations.

The automotive service manager job description entails supervising automotive personnel and technicians to ensure their services meet the standards of quality set by a company in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

Automotive service managers oversee the recruiting, orienting, and training of automotive service technicians to ensure a capable repairs unit.

They are responsible for assigning and designating job duties to staff according to their performance and history.

They also guide and direct the activities of servicing/repair staff to ensure optimal productivity and efficiency.

As part of their roles, automotive service managers reach out to customers to encourage them to come by their shop for auto repairs.

They oversee the inspection of vehicles before and after repairs in order identify faulty components and ensure complete fixing.

They also contact clients to notify them of finished repairs, date of next scheduled service and other relevant automotive information.

In fulfilling their work description, automotive sales managers ensure auto service staff comply with set customer service standards when interacting with clients.

They build and maintain positive work relationship with customers to create a rapport that fosters patronage and generates revenue for an auto shop.

They also oversee post-repair services such as test driving, vehicle delivery, and other services as may be required.

As part of their duties, automotive service managers organize programs for auto servicing and repair staff in order to enhance their skills and performance.

They supervise the operations of mechanics to ensure timely and quality repairs that meet the requirements of customers.

They also comply with health/safety regulations and procedures, ensuring appropriate disposal of environmental wastes such as used vehicle oils.

Automotive service managers present reports and updates to the general manager on work activities.

They conduct repair price negotiations with clients to arrive at a favorable bargain. They also maintain record of all vehicle repairs, maintenance and their associated fees.

As part of their tasks, automotive service managers attend industry events and conferences to update job knowledge and expand personal network.

The automotive service manager job requires a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, automotive service management, or a related discipline to get into.

To excel on this job, the qualities you need include communication, technical, and math skills.

Automotive Service Manager Job Description Example/Template

Are you looking to hire an automotive service manager and you need a job description to use?

If so, here is a job description, consisting of the typical duties, tasks, and responsibilities usually carried out by most people who work as automotive service manager:

  • Oversee operations in an auto service unit to ensure compliance with quality standards
  • Contact clients and convince them to bring vehicles to their unit for repairs
  • Oversee the inspection of automobiles to identify faulty components and facilitate process for repairs
  • Supervise the activities of automotive service technicians to ensure efficient job performance and timely repairs
  • Conduct price negotiations with clients to reach a favorable bargain for both management and client
  • Oversee the hiring and training of an effective auto service team
  • Maintain accurate record of all accounts and relevant financial information
  • Monitor inventory to regulate and ensure availability of required vehicle parts
  • Ensure automotive service staff comply with environmental laws and regulations
  • Oversee the procurement of vehicle parts, automotive equipment and various other items required in an auto service department
  • Evaluate the performance of automotive service staff in order to acknowledge efficient employees and guide underperforming ones
  • Listen to client complaints and assist in addressing their issues and resolving challenges
  • Oversee the disposal of wastes such as used engine oil, soot to ensure adherence to health and safety laws
  • Assign and schedule work duties to auto service staff according to their skills
  • Follow up customers to obtain feedback and ensure they are satisfied with received service
  • Attend workshops and study relevant publications to stay up-to-date with developments in the automotive service industry.

Automotive Service Manager Resume Preparation

If you are seeking the automotive service manager job and need to prepare a resume for it, then you can use the above sample job description in writing the work experience section of the resume.

If you have actually worked as a manager in an automotive service department before, or are currently on the job, then using the functions of the position highlighted in the work description above will help you in creating a strong work experience.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Automotive Service Manager Role

Are you thinking of a career as an automotive service manager? If yes, here are the skills and qualities to have to get in and be successful:

  • Education and Training: To become an automotive service manager, you require a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, automotive service management, or in a related discipline. Prior experience in the field of auto sales and servicing is also necessary for an automotive service manager job position
  • Communication Skill: Automotive service managers are able to effectively interact with clients to identify their requirements and facilitate processes to meet customers’ needs
  • Technical Skill: Automotive service managers are well versed in conducting vehicle inspections to identify faults and initiate repairs
  • Leadership Skill: Automotive service managers are able to coordinate and direct the activities of an auto repairs unit to ensure efficient work operations.

Automotive Service Manager Skills for Resume

Again, if you are making a resume for seeking the automotive service manager role, highlighting the above qualities in your resume’s skills section will make it more compelling to employers.

For the fact that these are the qualities most employers require from automotive service manager job applicants, having them and highlighting in your resume will certainly cause employers to give the resume more attention.


The automotive service manager duties, tasks, and responsibilities highlighted in this post are useful to job seekers who will be able to know exactly what the role entails, and so to adequately prepare for it.

The automotive service manager job description template that is also provided above is useful to employers needing the right work description to hire a good manager for their automotive service unit and to assign responsibilities to them.

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