Associate Creative Director Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 30, 2023
Associate Creative Director job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Associate Creative Directors assist the art director in achieving artistic excellence.

This post presents complete information on the job description of an associate creative director, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

What Does an Associate Creative Director Do?

Associate creative directors are responsible for leading multiple projects and helping the art director through a standard vision for artistic excellence.

The associate creative director job description entails delivering outstanding results through application of the understanding and experience of the industry.

An associate creative director is recruited in advertising companies, publication houses, production houses, attire industries, animation studios, and in several other print and electronic media groups, and in other businesses.

Let us describe the roles of associate creative director responsibilities by profession:

In Advertising Companies: An associate creative director operating in an ad agency helps develop and implement art solutions to push clients’ merchandise or services. He/she may supervise the work of designers, copywriters, animation artists, and other artists within the artistic team.

He/she will relate well with prospective clients and deliver presentations to them to win their business; and recommend advertising methods to clients that are appropriate to their brand.

He/she won’t only give artistic inputs for the project but also will be concerned with the business development tasks with the marketing department and pitch for new business contacts.

He will assist the art director in research and select the very effective medium for a campaign.

In Publishing Companies: Associate creative directors operating in publication houses help the art director to decide on layout, graphics, cover style, and other attributes that enhance the looks of a publication.

They coordinate with the graphic designers, editors, photographers, and printing workers to ensure that the ultimate product is appealing for the readers.

In Movie/Television Production Companies: In this business, the associate creative director is concerned in planning the sets and locations to match the script necessities.

For instance, when shooting a period film or a televise series, the characters and locations must fit the period portrayed.

Here the creative director coordinates with the artists and arranges for props and other necessities that facilitate in achieving the aesthetic needs.

In Garment Industry: Fashion trends appear to change quicker than anything else these days. The associate creative director helps the style designers to style and develop apparels in line with the latest trends within the market.

He/she helps in organizing and conducting fashion shows and launching a brand new clothesline.

In Gaming Business: In the gaming business, the associate creative director’s duties and responsibilities are to brief the project needs to the designing and development team and supervise all stages of production to make sure that deadlines are met.

Game designing and development projects consume lots of your time, cash and efforts. The director will make sure that projects don’t get delayed.

Associate Creative Director Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The following job description example shows the duties, tasks, and responsibilities generally carried out by associate creative directors:

  • Relate with senior administrators to guide and encourage the creative team to provide creative, thoughtful, and relevant work
  • Pay attention to clients and articulate their conditions, goals, and requirements
  • Collaborate with clients to establish the artistic strategy for projects
  • Head multiple projects; supervise designing, idea development, style and implementation; assign tasks and monitor progress
  • Partake in all aspects of team projects, aiming at innovation and quality
  • Offer direction to senior art administrators, art administrators and designers
  • Partake in pitching and winning work
  • Research new tools and techniques to boost job
  • Conduct interview and employ permanent team members, freelancers and interns

Associate Creative Director Job Description for Resume

The above job description sample can be utilized in making a resume for the position of the associate creative director. The information on the functions of the position that it contains is suitable for writing the work experience section of the resume.

Associate Creative Director Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

Associate creative directors with the following skills, knowledge, and abilities have been known to be more effective on the job:

  • Inspiring Leadership: Associate creative directors must be able to command all aspects of a project, encouraging team members to hunt innovation and perfection
  • Interactive mastermind: He/she must be a gifted designer with the skills to create thoughtful, viable and unique art solutions
  • Compelling artistry: The creative director must have in depth experience representing the art team and its work to clients
  • Relentless Mentorship: Associate creative directors must be able to mentor team members to attain top quality work, across the entire team

The above skills and qualities can also be used in making resumes for the role.

Qualification for the Position:

Individuals who have a degree in fine arts, media production, communication, animation, or a connected course and an experience of nothing short of five years is eligible for the position of associate creative director in most firms.

However, with lesser experience or qualification but a verified record of operating as a freelance creative artist will assist you for this position.

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