Carpenter Resume Writing Tips and Example

By | August 28, 2023
Carpenter resume
With a good resume, you can increase your chances of getting that carpenter job you so desire.

Carpenter Resume Writing Tips and Example

Being a technical position, hirers mostly employ carpenters with proven ability to deliver, therefore, which better way to prove your expertise than through a well-written resume.

This post provides a guide you can follow to write a good carpenter resume that will get the attention of employers; it also gives you a resume example you can use as a template to easily make your own.

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As a carpenter, you have the option of working independently while bidding for contracts with construction firms or working for a company. Whichever you decide, you still need a good resume to win a contract or land a job.

Most people find writing a resume difficult, but it is actually not as difficult as joining two pieces of wood together or carving a unique shape out of a dry wood.

So, if writing a good resume is what is preventing you from getting that carpenter position or that carpentry contract that you desire so much, then your problem is over for you are just on the right page.

The first step to getting it right in writing a great carpenter resume is choosing a format.

Though any format is as good as the other, the most important thing is making sure that the resume embodies all the relevant sections that will avail you the chance to highlight your skills, strength, expertise and academic qualifications.

The second step is making effort to convey your message in as few sentences as possible.

Make the resume limited to just a page or two and ensure that it is consistent with the hirer’s demand.

Now, let us head straight to the sections:

Objective Section

It is good to start your resume with your profile details and contact information but what follows immediately after is very important.

Ideally, the objective section should come after the profile and contact details.

This would give you the opportunity to introduce the skills you have that will benefit the hirer.

It is this section that would motivate the hirer to dig deeper into your resume or dissuade them from reading further. So, you must put in effort to make it attractive.

Carpenter Resume Objective Statement Examples

See examples of job-winning carpenter resume objective statements below:

  • Seeking a position as a carpenter in a reputable construction company. Offering expertise in measuring, cutting, wood shaping, and framework building.
  • To obtain work as a carpenter with Prestige Construction Inc. where my expertise in handling carpentry work for construction sites using latest tools and equipment will be well utilized in bringing construction projects to fruition.

The first example can be used to apply for the position of a carpenter in any construction company.

It is not lengthy yet bears the basic qualities expected of any construction carpenter.

The second is tailored for applying for a particular carpentry position.

The first example is good but the second is best suited for any known vacant carpentry position.

Core Competence Section

This section allows you to highlight all the important skills and personal attributes you have that are related to the position.

It is very important that you list only skills related the position. You can use the skills in the job description to create your own so that it will not be out of place with the job requirements.

To make your core competence section easy to read, it is advisable you present the skills in bullet points.

Job Experience Section

In writing your carpenter resume, this is the section that allows you to highlight relevant experiences. The ideal way to do this is to present the most recent experience first. Secondly, ensure that you present each experience appropriately – the company name comes first followed by the job title and lastly the period worked.

Professional Qualification Section

In this section of your carpenter resume, you are expected to write any academic qualification, training or professional affiliation.

All these help the hirer to assess your level of expertise.

Now, putting all we have learnt about creating the various sections of a resume, we can go ahead to write one.

Below is a sample resume that reflects the tips we have shared above, which can serve as a template to model yours against.

Carpenter Resume Example/Sample/Template

Adams Brooks
137 Crown Street, Coronado, California
Home: (+1) 533-2220, Cell: (+1) 962-2667.

OBJECTIVE: To obtain work as a carpenter with Prestige Construction Inc. where my expertise in handling carpentry work for construction sites using latest tools and equipment will be well utilized in bringing construction projects to fruition.

Core Competence

  • Experience in construction and installation of roofs, doors, windows, floors, walls, stairs, and cabinets
  • Experience in commercial and residential construction projects
  • Exceptional skills in reading and comprehending project outlines, technical drawings, and blue prints
  • Expertise in handling latest carpentry tools and equipment
  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment
  • Ability to lift loads of up to 70 pounds
  • Effective communication ability
  • Effective cost estimation skills
  • Strong numerical skills
  • Dexterity.

Job Experience

Berger Construction Inc. Brooklyn, NY
Lead Construction Carpenter

  • Worked in all areas of commercial and residential carpentry projects
  • Constructed, repaired, and installed roofs, doors, windows, floors, walls, stairs, and cabinets
  • Interpreted technical drawings, blueprints, and project outlines
  • Operated powerful carpentry tools like drills, lather, sanders, and planers
  • Supervised subordinates and subcontractors
  • Repaired old and broken furniture and wood works.

Education and Professional Qualification

  • American Institute of Vocational Training, San Diego, California
  • Diploma in Carpentry, 2007
  • St. Gabriel’s Community School, San Diego, California
  • High School Diploma, 2005.


Becoming a master in resume writing does not come in one day, but with constant practice and putting the ideas learnt in this post to work, you can be sure that soon you will be able to prepare good carpenter resumes to use whenever you need one.

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