Cocktail Server Resume Writing Tips and Example

Cocktail server resume

Seeking a cocktail server job? A good resume can give you a leg up.

Cocktail Server Resume Writing Tips and Example

The only way to convince a restaurant owner or a hirer for an event services company that you are a good fit for a cocktail server position in his/her establishment is by writing a job-winning resume.

In this post, we shall be giving you tips on how to write a job-winning cocktail server resume.

This position is often considered rather easy to get by applicants and this accounts for the reason many applicants are turned down by bar and restaurant owners.

Bar and restaurant owners are often careful when hiring workers to work in their establishments because the success or failure of any establishment in the hospitality sector depends on the level of satisfaction employees provide to customers.

You should use your resume to calm employers’ fears and to present yourself as the best cocktail server they can find around.

The first step to achieving this goal is making sure your resume is as grammatically correct as possible.

Then proceed with choosing a format and making sure that the sections that make up the resume are attractively arranged.

Lastly, make sure that the resume is not too lengthy. The ideal size for a cocktail server resume is one page or two page maximum filled with only relevant information that can effectively sell you.

Now, let us look at the various sections that can make a job-winning resume for the cocktail server position.

Cocktail Server Resume Objective Section

This is the first part of any job-winning resume. It is like the executive summary of a business plan.

In this section, the cocktail server applicant is expected to write a concise summary of the qualities and skills he/she would offer if employed.

In as much as this section is expected to be concise, it should also be convincing enough to make the hiring manager to read your resume further to discover your other skills and qualifications.

Cocktail Server Objective Statement Examples for Resume

Here are two examples of job-winning cocktail server resume objective statements.

  • Seeking a position as a cocktail server at Prestige Restaurants and Bars where my 3+ years’ experience as a cocktail server in a busy restaurant environment will be fully utilized in maximizing customer’ satisfaction.
  • To obtain a cocktail server position in a hotel establishment conducive for constant growth. Offering knowledge of different beverages and cocktails, and expertise in guest service.

The two examples above are written following the tips we gave earlier – concise and convincing.

The first is specifically written in response to a job opening at Prestige Restaurants and Bars, while the second example is generic and can be used to apply for the same position in any hotel.

Core Competence Section

This is usually the second section in a job winning-resume. It succeeds the objective section and avails the applicant the chance to list all the skills that makes him/ her outstanding cocktail server and why he/she should be employed.

If you are applying for an advertised position, then the wise thing to do is to pick the keywords in the job description and write your core competence section to be in line with the requirements for the position.

On the other hand, if you are applying for an advertised position, the good thing to do is to research on the values and skills expected of a cocktail server with the hotel or restaurant and write your resume to match your discovery.

Job Experience Section

In this section, the employer shall be looking to see where you have worked, the period you have worked and the services you rendered.

Experience in cocktail server position may be preferable but experience in the hospitality sector can also be considered if well presented.

Professional Qualification Section

The position is mostly filled by students on holiday, high school levers and new graduates looking for experience in the hospitality sector.

So, much isn’t required in terms of academic qualifications. Any other training in customer or guest service may equally be useful.

Therefore, if you have any training or academic qualification that is relevant to the job of serving cocktail, this section of your resume is where to make it count.

Cocktail Server Resume Example/Sample/Template

The resume example or template below is to help you create your own cocktail server resume without much stress by utilizing the tips on writing resumes shared previously.

William Jevons
105 Trademark Avenue Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Home: (+1) 564-6667, Cell: (+1) 969-6667.

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position as a cocktail server at Prestige Restaurants and Bars where my 3+ years’ experience as a cocktail server in a busy restaurant environment will be fully utilized in maximizing customer’ satisfaction.

Core Competence

  • Highly experienced in serving alcoholic beverages
  • Good knowledge of all liquor laws (state, federal and corporate)
  • Good knowledge of different types of wines and champagnes
  • Good skills in cocktail preparation
  • Skilled in computing bills and using POS to facilitate payment
  • Familiarity with restaurant’s menus and specials
  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • Good knowledge of food and beverage terminology and service techniques
  • Ability to maintain absolute cleanliness around the service area
  • Ability to work in a high pressure environment.

Professional Experience:

Mandilax Casinos, Des Moines, Iowa
Cocktail Server
2012 – Present

  • Served alcoholic cocktail, champagne, spirit and other types of drinks
  • Suggested cocktails and specials to patrons
  • Prepared quality cocktails to be served to customers
  • Computed bills, handled cash payments, and facilitated payment via POS
  • Bussed tables to make it neat for the next customer
  • Ensured the workstation is clean and stocked
  • Took orders from patrons and ensured patrons are served quickly.


Des Moines Community College, Iowa
Associate Degree in Hotel Management, 2011


Writing a resume by yourself can sometimes be intimidating, but following the tips shared above can quickly boost your confidence and in no time start producing resumes that are effective in landing you cocktail server jobs.

Did you find the information above useful in writing good resumes for the post of a cocktail server? Please make your comment in the box below. Also, do share additional ideas to making great resumes that you may have, we will be glad to read them.

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