Car Sales Manager Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Car sales manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Car sales managers also provide training and support to newly hired sales staff.

Car Sales Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Car Sales Manager Do?

Car sales managers are responsible for the sales of new and fairly used vehicles. They may work in an auto sales dealership or for a vehicle manufacturer to boost the sales of auto units.

The car sales manager job description entails conducting surveys to identify clients with interests in making vehicle purchase.

They reach out to these clients through home visits, calls, and arranged meetings to spot their needs and preferences.

When giving sales pitches, sales managers elaborate and show off vehicle features, specification, and capability of an automobile to meet customer requirements.

They usually assist clients in selecting suitable vehicle models that better meets their needs and specification.

It is the duty of the car sales manager to conduct vehicle price negotiation to arrive at a favorable bargain for both the client and the manufacturer.

They carry out inspection of automobiles to ensure efficient performance and availability of necessary parts.

They employ their up-to-date knowledge of vehicle characteristics in addressing clients’ misconceptions regarding an automobile.

As part of their duties, car sales managers maintain contact with customers in order to have an opening for future business proposals and sales offers.

Their work description also entails overseeing the closing of sales deals, ensuring the completion of sales contract, explanation of vehicle warranty, confirmation of payment, and delivery of units.

They also present regular reports to management on sales activities and realized profits.

Usually, car sales managers oversee the display concept of vehicles in an auto sales shop to ensure merchandising stimulates purchase.

They monitor vehicle inventory to ensure availability of stock and timely supply of placed orders.

They also liaise with other departmental heads to prepare and implement strategies effective for boosting sales and maximizing profits.

It is the responsibility of the car sales manager to ensure resolution of customer issues and adherence to post sales services.

As part of their tasks, they oversee the training of newly recruited auto sales employees.

They also organize weekly meetings with personnel to discuss progress of sales operations and ways to improve quality of service and patronage.

The car sales manager position doesn’t require much education; with a high school diploma and a remarkable experience in sales, you can secure the job.

Some of the qualities needed to be effective in this role include negotiation skills, persuasive qualities, and mathematical skills.

Car Sales Manager Job Description Example/Template

If you are looking to work as a car sales manager and want to know the tasks, duties, and responsibilities associated with the role, here is a job description example that captures it:

  • Conduct survey to identify potential customers interested in making vehicle purchase
  • Reach out to clients through calls, home visits, and arranged meeting to spot their needs/preferences
  • Elaborate and display vehicles features, specifications, and capability to meet customer requirements
  • Assist clients in selecting a suitable automobile that suits their specifications and preference
  • Conduct price negotiations to strike a favorable bargain optimal for both client and manufacturer/dealer
  • Carry out inspection of automobiles to ensure it is in top shape for sales and client use
  • Employ their up-to-date knowledge of vehicle features/characteristics in addressing client misconceptions or inquiry about a model
  • Maintain contact with clients to ensure an opening for future business proposals and sales offers
  • Oversee the closing of sales deals ensuring explanation of vehicle warranty terms, completion of sales contracts, payment and delivery of auto units
  • Present regular reports to management on sales activities and maximized profits
  • Oversee the merchandising and display concept of vehicles in an auto sales shop to ensure it stimulates purchase
  • Monitor vehicle inventory and ensure timely supply of orders
  • Assist with resolution of customer issues with purchased cars
  • Responsible for the training of fresh car sales employees
  • Attend auto sales events and conferences to increase contact network and improve on sales knowledge.

Car Sales Manager Resume Preparation

Are you in search of a car sales manager job? If you are, you will need to prepare a good resume and send to employers.

One of the important sections you will need to have in your resume is the work experience section.

This is where you have the opportunity to let the employer know how much knowledge and practical experience you have got as a manager in automobile shops selling cars.

Therefore, if you have worked before as a car sales manager, the above sample job description provides the right tasks and major functions of the position that you can apply in making your resume’s work experience section.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Car Sales Manager Job

The under listed are the essential requirements for the car sales manager job that most employers will usually ask applicants to meet:

  • Education and Training: To become a car sales manager, you require background knowledge and experience in the field of sales preferably as a sales representative. With at least a high school diploma and necessary experience, you are qualified to secure the car sales manager job. Most employers usually provide training to new recruits to bring them up-to-speed on work operations
  • Negotiation Skills: Car sales managers are well versed in conducting negotiations with clients to reach a profitable bargain for a dealership
  • Persuasive Skills: They are able to convince clients to make purchases despite reservations
  • Mathematical Skills: Car sales managers are good with numbers and they employ this knowledge when conducting sales negotiations and closing sales deals.

Car Sales Manager Skills for Resume

In making a car sales manager resume, the above listed skills and qualities can serve as an essential reference in completing the skills section of your resume.

Employers generally like to see the skills you are bring to the job that will enable you to achieve departmental goals.

If you have the above qualities, which they usually require for the car sales manager job, highlighting them in your resume will boost its impact on employers.


Having a good knowledge of what a car sales manager does, that is, the duties they carry out on daily basis will help you to prepare well for the job if that is what you want to do.

And as an employer looking to hire capable managers for your car sales outfit, the job description template for the position shown above will be of good use to you in designing effective descriptions for the role for recruiting new managers for your firm and assigning tasks to them.

Has your knowledge about what car sales managers do increased by reading this post? Please make a comment in the box below. We will also appreciate learning about your experience working as a car sales manager if you have been one.