Burger King Assistant Manager Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | October 17, 2023
Burger King Assistant Manager Job Description
Burger King Assistant Managers perform various functions in ensuring total satisfaction to guests.

This post provides detailed information on the Burger King assistant manager job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements that you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the Burger King assistant manager role.

What Does a Burger King Assistant Manager Do?

The Burger King Assistant Manager (AM) is responsible for providing support to the General Manager of the restaurant in ensuring the delivering of awesome service to guests according to the company’s mission statement.

His/her job description entails operations, financial control management, human resource development, and guest service.

It also involves compliance across shifts to achieve the desired outcomes of the restaurant, which include employee retention, improved sales, and profitability.

In the absence of the restaurant’s general manager, the assistant manager has total responsibility for the restaurant’s operations, and must ensure it runs smoothly.

That means, he/she will have to put in long hours of work and take on extra shifts, including irregular shifts when required for the effective operation of the restaurant.

The assistant manager’s role at Burger King majorly entails helping the general manager (which he/she works directly under) in leading the restaurant team to achieving company set goals.

His/her duties commonly involve interacting with various stakeholders of the restaurant, including the general manager, members of the field operations team, outside vendors, guests, and the restaurant team members.

The Burger King Assistant Manager’s work description includes directing the relevant personnel to ensure that products are prepared and sold accurately and efficiently and are delivered promptly, following company established speed and service guidelines.

He/she also has the responsibility to motivate and instruct shift coordinators and team members to surpass guest expectations by providing fast service in a clean and friendly environment.

It is also his/her duty to train and supervise shift coordinators and team members on Burger King’s products, policies, processes, and team stations.

His/her job also involves helping with marketing plan implementation, labor management, cash control/security procedure monitoring, and inventory maintenance; as well as financial report application across various shifts to improve the restaurant’s result.

He/she also provides assistance to the regional general manager in enforcing compliance with company procedures and policies concerning all restaurant activities across shifts, employment law, company market policy, government regulations, food safety, operations, and company security policy.

The general manager is also involved in hiring, recruiting, and training team members, as well as helping to retain high performing employees by making recommendations on staff hiring and promotion to the restaurant management team.

He/she may also make recommendations to the management team on employee discipline and termination of employment.

Burger King Assistant Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Assistant managers at Burger King perform various functions in support of the general manager’s responsibility to run an efficient and profitable restaurant.

The job description commonly assigned to individuals who work as assistant managers at Burger King restaurants majorly consists of the following tasks, duties, tasks, and responsibilities:

  • Promote company culture and value by carrying out responsibilities with knowledge, honesty, and integrity
  • Clearly communicate goals to be achieved to the shift and demonstrate how they can be realized; and make sure the shift meets its organizational and operational objectives
  • Set a positive example to team members and keep restaurant operating to standard by maintaining a calm attitude during times of high volume
  • Provide training to team members on how to connect with each guest, as well as maintain a friendly and positive demeanor that the team can emulate to provide outstanding service to guests
  • Ensure smooth flow of operations of the restaurant by delegating responsibilities and practices to the team, with suggestions and direction from the general manager
  • Ensure company operational policies and procedures are always followed, including those concerning safety and cash handling
  • Adhere to established food safety guidelines for all products; and follow all product build and presentation standards in making available fresh and quality products to guests consistently
  • Provide assistance to team all through the shift and engender great team work among members
  • Ensure a professional, clean and polished, appearance by wearing the approved uniform
  • Apply suggestive selling and up-selling tactics when opportunities present themselves to increase restaurant sales and guest satisfaction
  • Periodically review restaurant operations and environment to discover areas to improve upon, and to train and direct the team on to achieve the restaurant’s operational goals
  • Suggest ideas to the general manager on broader areas to improve upon
  • Provide assistance to the general manager on tasks management, and operational and organizational planning for the restaurant.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Burger King Assistant Manager Role

If you are seeking the job of an assistant manager in a Burger King restaurant, you will be expected to satisfy certain requirements to qualify to access it.

Here are typical requirements, including abilities, skills, knowledge, and qualifications you might be asked to meet:

  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong ability to coach others; and excellent leadership, teambuilding, and supervisory skills
  • Strong resource management skills to always ensure the achievement of set service levels during assigned shift
  • Proven ability to ensure delivered service meets or surpasses guest expectation
  • Outstanding prioritization, planning, and organization skills
  • Strong ability to solve problem and handle sensitive and confidential information
  • Possess open and flexible schedule
  • Strong knowledge and ability to work effectively with Microsoft Office package
  • Possess High School Diploma or GED, or some college program
  • At least one year management experience in a fast service restaurant industry.


If you are an employer working on hiring an assistant manager for a Burger King restaurant, you will need to publish a job description to guide intending applicants on what the job entails.

To be able to quickly and easily make an effective description of the role in your company that can improve your chances of getting the right people to apply for the position, you can simply use the sample work description provided in this post.

This post is also useful to individuals interested in building a career with Burger King; they can learn all they need to know about the duties and responsibilities of assistant managers at Burger King restaurants.