Burger King Cook Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | October 17, 2023
Burger King Cook Job Description
Burger King Cooks must ensure company standards are maintained in food preparation.

This post provides detailed information on the Burger King cook job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements that you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the Burger King cook role.

What Does a Burger King Cook Do?

The Burger King Cook is responsible for storing, preparing, and cooking of food and properly plating them following all local and company established Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

His/her job description entails ensuring a functional and professional working relationship is developed and maintained with company employees.

It also involves memorizing and applying all company specialized methodologies, galley utensils, plating, abbreviations, galley terminology, procedures, and menu items.

His/her role also includes ensuring that a clean and sanitary work environment is maintained.

The Burger King cook must therefore ensure that all local and SOP sanitation, safety, and health guidelines are always complied with when performing his/her duties.

Also, in accordance with the SOP guideline, the cook must comply with company’s uniform and appearance standards.

He/she works under the supervision of the acting supervision, assistant manager, or general manager and should be prepared to take further tasks and responsibilities that may not be in the work description provided him/her on the assumption of duty.

The cook’s job at Burger King requires regular standing, walking, and sitting while performing assigned duties.

It’s also requires the use of hands to feel, handle, or finger controls, tools, or objects. It involves reaching with arms and hands; kneeling; stooping, walking or crouching; hearing or talking; and smelling or tasting.

Other physical requirements of the cook’s job at Burger King include moving and/or lifting up to 100 pounds and having close and distance vision ability.

To accommodate people with disability who might be interested in this position, employers may make special provision to help them meet the physical demands of the job.

Risks of the Job

The risks involved in the Burger King cook role is exposure to fumes or airborne particles while performing their duties. He/she is also constantly exposed to toxic or caustic chemicals as a result of working close to moving mechanical parts.

He/she is also sometimes exposed to extreme whether conditions, including cold and heat, and humid and/or wet conditions.

He/she is also exposed to the risk of radiation and electric shock.

Burger King Cook Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Burger King Cooks performs various functions in ensuring foods are prepared and served in accordance with established standards and procedures.

The following tasks, duties, and responsibilities commonly characterize the job description of cooks working at Burger King Restaurants:

  • Prepare food following specifications during or before unit operations
  • Measure all food items and portion them accurately. Adhere to all quality standards, portion sizes, policies and procedures, and department rules.
  • Ensure all foods are properly prepared in a timely manner and to specifications
  • Apply kitchen equipment such as knives, whips, slicers, pots, warmers, ovens, pans, grills, and steamers in preparing food items
  • Ensure proper storage of food by maintaining the right temperatures
  • Keep all menu items fresh and ensure they retain original quality
  • Package all products following the right specifications
  • Carry out opening, closing, and side work tasks as assigned following appropriate guidelines
  • Ensure equipment and workstation are adequately stocked, organized, and clean
  • Adhere to all sanitation regulations and health codes
  • Set up kitchen equipment and operate them
  • Take record of all waste on spoilage list and apply waste control guidelines.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for Burger King Cook Role

If you are seeking the job of a cook at Burger King, the following are major requirements you may be expected to meet to qualify for interview appointment by employers:

  • Strong ability to lift and move 50 pounds equipment and supplies all through shift, and to place items on low and high shelves in service areas, store rooms, freezers, and walk-in coolers
  • Ability to stoop, bend, wipe, reach, grasp, and lift
  • Strong ability to move swiftly and perform duties in a confined work place
  • Strong knowledge of and ability to work all company menu products
  • Ability to read product specifications, recipes, and tickets, and to observe to confirm that wares are cleaned
  • Strong ability to walk and stand all through a 4-8 hour shift
  • Strong hearing ability, to be able to respond to guest and employee needs in a loud environment
  • Ability to handle potentially hazardous chemicals when carrying out duties
  • Ability to work effectively in the kitchen and freezer areas under extreme temperature changes
  • Strong ability to ensure the preparation and presentation of product in accordance with company standards
  • Knowledge of units of measure and other basic math skills
  • Ability to meet regulations concerning health risk issues about food handling of any municipal, county, or state
  • Ability to meet and maintain company uniform and grooming standards all through the shift
  • Ability to meet all necessary training requirements and pass required test for the role
  • Ability to work at any assigned schedule, including nights, weekends, and holidays
  • Possess exceptional guest service skills
  • Ability to follow instructions and learn how to perform basis tasks
  • Dependable individual with the ability to communicate in writing and in spoken forms effectively
  • Ability to work effectively with a diverse group of people in a team environment.


If you are an employer looking to hire a cook for a Burger King restaurant, you can easily and quickly create a suitable description for the position by employing the sample job description presented in this post.

With a great work description for the cook position, you will be able to let interested persons understand the kind of duties and responsibilities they will perform if hired for the job. They will therefore be able to decide if they can succeed on the job or not.

This post is also useful to individuals interested in the cook career at Burger King. It will help them to prepare well for the job.