Burger King General Manager Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | October 17, 2023
Burger King General Manager Job Description
Burger King General Managers are responsible for planning restaurant’s promotional and community activities. Image source: forbes.com.

This post provides detailed information on the Burger King general manager job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements that you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the Burger King general manager role.

What Does a Burger King General Manager Do?

The Burger King Restaurant Manager is responsible for managing human and material resources to meet company financial and operational objectives.

His/her job description entails total control of a restaurant consisting of 10-45 employees, and making sure company’s Customer Promise campaign is always delivered to guests.

He/she is also responsible for ensuring improvement in sales and profitability of the restaurant, as well as increasing employee retention.

The Burger King General Manager’s role also involves providing leadership to the management team in ensuring people development, compliance, and customer service operations, and financial control across all shifts within the restaurant,

He/she is to apply a preventive maintenance program in ensuring company standards on facility, ground, and equipment is maintained.

It is also the duty of the general manager to instruct and motivate team members in providing exceptional service, including friendly, fast, and accurate service that exceeds customer expectations.

He/she is expected to serve as a coach to team members and managers, guiding them on restaurant policies and processes, products, and team stations.

To be successful with the restaurant’s profit and loss management drive, the general manager needs to effectively manage labor, initiate and execute marketing strategies, review financial reports, maintain inventory, and adhere to company’ cash control and security processes.

His/her work description also entails leading the recruitment process with the management team in finding, selecting, and hiring the best candidates.

He/she is also responsible for providing necessary training to employees to help them succeed on the job at Burger King, as well as for ensuring that good talents in the restaurant are retained.

He/she provides useful counsel to employees to help them perform better on the job, and also ensure that employees who have gone against the restaurant’s operational procedures are disciplined if necessary.

Burger King General Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

General Managers at Burger King Restaurants perform various functions in ensuring effective management of materials, equipment, and personnel to achieving company’s sales and profitability goals.

The job description commonly assigned to Burger King General Managers consists of the following tasks, duties, and responsibilities:

  • Follow established policies in managing the operations of the restaurant to achieve set objectives
  • Ensure adequate staffing levels at restaurant to achieve efficient operation and delivery of quality service to customers by scheduling work hours of assistant managers, shift supervisors, and crew members, hiring new employees
  • Oversee food preparation and serving by directing and coordinating the process, and sometimes participating in it
  • Ensure food served to guests are of the right quality and quantity
  • Ensure a neat and safe environment by maintaining safety and sanitation standards; ensure proper maintenance of building and equipment
  • Attend swiftly to and resolve all complaint from customers personally or train someone to handle the tasks effectively
  • Responsible for planning and executing restaurant’s community relation and promotional campaigns
  • Responsible for the preparation of the coming fiscal year’s business plan in collaboration with the District Manager or the Above Restaurant Leader (ARL)
  • Perform appraisers on employees and use report in promoting and/or rewarding top performing employers, as well as in sanctioning or termination of employees’ job
  • Responsible for finding the best talents that can achieve company’s objectives; recruit and train them, and if necessary terminate their job
  • Ensure proper documentation and safety of business records so as to have accuracy in inventory orders and sales activity
  • May assist in any duty, or work in any shift to ensure restaurant operations run smoothly
  • May have to make deposits at the bank and balance cash drawers personally.

Requirements – Abilities, Knowledge, and Skills – for Burger King General Manager Role

If you are applying for the job of a general manager at a Burger King restaurant, the skills, knowledge, abilities, and other requirements most employers might ask you to have include the following:

  • High School Diploma or its GED equivalent, or two years of college education, or its equivalent work experience
  • At least four years experience in a management position in restaurant or hospitality, or retail environment
  • Self-motivated individual with excellent customer service skills
  • Strong ability to remain organized and be effective in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong ability to apply Window-based computer packages and math principles
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Proven ability to effectively train, mentor, and motivate a team to achieving top performance
  • Possession of good and reliable means of transportation
  • Strong ability to work on multiple tasks simultaneously without being overwhelmed.


The sample general manager job description provided in this post will be helpful to hiring managers looking to recruit suitable candidates for a Burger King restaurant.

It can be used in making the perfect description for the general manager position in a Burger King store when hiring for the position, for interested individuals to know what the role entails and decide if they are qualified to apply for it or not.

This post also provides individuals interested in a career with Burger King to learn about the duties and responsibilities to expect to perform if hired as a restaurant general manager.